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Why My Parents Won’t Let Me Have Fun?

by | Ideas

Feb 23, 2021

Sometimes, you might feel that you’re at an amusement park filled with amazing and spectacular rides, but you’re not allowed to get on any of them to catch fun. It can be very frustrating if your parents say no to you and won’t let you have fun in some cases. However, understanding why they say no can help you cope with the restrictions. Below are some reasons your parent might not let you have fun.

Reasons Your Parent Might Not Let You Have Fun


1. Their Love for you.

Every parent has a strong desire to protect their child from harm. Because of your parents’ love for you, they may sometimes say yes when they can but no when they have to. 

Always have at the back of your mind that whenever you request something from your parents, The first thing they usually do is ask themselves if they can grant your request and then live with the consequences. They will only say yes to themselves​ and you on the occasion that they are reasonably convinced that you’re entirely safe from any harm that might result from the decision.

2. Too little information.

If your parents don’t fully comprehend what you are asking for or feel that essential facts are missing from your request, the chances of not granting you your request are high. So do not be despair because loving parents will always want to be cautious. 

3. More Knowledgeable and experienced than you.

Your parents’ goal is to help you avoid dangers that could rob you of enjoyment in life. They are not trying to spoil your fun. They have more experience than you, and they might have foreseen some risks associated with what you want to get involved in. Which for you, it’s just a matter of having fun.

How to Make Your Parents Let You Have Fun


1. Your Honesty.

First, you need to honestly ask yourself why you want a particular request to be granted. Is it something you really need, or its something your peers have access to and you just want to feel among them.

Whatever your reasons are, be honest with your parents. Remember that they were once like you, same age, the same energy, and probably experience the same thing that drives you now when they were of the same age as you.

Your parents know you well, so they will likely discern your real motives one way or another. If you’re truthful to your parents about why you need certain things, they’ll appreciate your honesty, and you’ll benefit from their wisdom.

On the other hand, if you’re not honest, you undermine your credibility, and the chances of them saying yes to you will be lessened.

2. Your Timing.

Sometimes, the key to your parents saying yes lies in the time you make your request. It will be best not to bash your parents with requests when they have just arrived home from work, when they are busy, or focusing on other matters. Also, try not to wait until the last minute and then try to pressure them to agree to your demands.

The best time to approach them is when they are more relaxed. And also tell your parents well advance of when you need something. Your parents will not like to make a rushed decision. They will appreciate you telling them early or well in advance. By so doing, you give your parent enough time to consider your request, and the chances of them saying yes is likely.

3. The Content of Your Request.

Do not obscure important information when making requests. Explain exactly why you need certain things or what you want to do. Parents feel uncomfortable with the answers such as “I think the party will take place in the evening”, especially when they asked: “What is the time of the party” or answers like: “Maybe” when they have asked: Will a responsible adult be present at the party?.” Such responses will make them uncomfortable, and they may not agree to your requests.

4. Your Attitude.

Always view your parents as your most close friends and not as your enemies because they are actually part of your team. They want what’s best for you, and because of that, they’re likely to let you have your way instead of trying to be combative with you at every turn. 

If you want to have some fun outside your home with friends and your parents say no, respectfully ask them why. Try to find out the reason why they say no. They could be worried because of several reasons. For example:

  • The kind of people you will keep as company
  • The location
  • The price of the admission
  • The time of the party
  • The performer

Avoid saying these statements in response when if they say no

  • Why don’t you trust me?
  • You don’t love me
  • Everybody else will be there
  • My friends’ parents are letting them go

Show your parents that you’re mature enough to accept their decision and respect it whenever they give you one. They will respect you if you do that, and next time you want to have fun, they may be more inclined to look for ways to say yes. (1)

By Allison E.

Allison E. is the Head and Editor at Whatsdalatest. He enhances brand awareness and the communication process. He enjoys writing useful content and inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves.

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