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Why He Doesn’t Seem Interested Even Though He Is

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Aug 28, 2023

One of the most frustrating people to encounter is a man who is interested in you but isn’t showing it. Often, there are questions. Bitter ones, you end up asking Google. Luckily, you have arrived at the perfect article which provides all your answers. Here is why he does not seem interested, even though he is.

1. You are Giving Him Mixed Signals

Yes, you are giving him mixed signals. 

A man who is confused will always choose the easier route: act like he does not care. It is the safer thing to do, and he will do it just fine. 

The irony of it all is that you may not even know that you are giving him mixed signals. But men are sensitive to these things, especially when they are yet to know whether or not giving you their interest is much of a great idea.  

2. You Are Not Much of a Great Communicator

This means you don’t know what to say most of the time, and you also don’t know what is being said to you. 

I am placing emphasis on “what is being said to you.”

It is possible that the mixed signals are all in your head. This means he may not even be showing you disinterest. It may be you looking in the wrong places.

I have seen this happen many times. I call it the Interest Parallel Effect. Because you are focused on seeing a particular outcome from him, you eventually see it just fine. And guess what? It is not pleasant. 

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3. You Brag

Women who brag are a big red flag for men. Even though this man may have ignored it in the past, allowing romantic interest to slip in, along the line, they get to see a braggadocio woman for what she is and attempt to stifle all that interest. 

It is in the process of stifling that these men appear to be disinterested even when they are. Of course, interest is not something we negotiate or have any control over. One cannot just say; I will be interested in this person.

Trust me on this one: if you cut back on how often you brag and talk less about yourself during conversations, you will be surprised that almost all of the man’s interest is going to return, and he won’t have to leave you in a pool of questions.

4. It is Obvious You are Playing a Power Game

Men are coming to know about the power game women play. 

Even women are coming to admit that they indeed play a game of power sometimes.

If you make it obvious to him that you are playing a power game, he will, of course, join you to play the game. Do you not know that acting as though he is not interested in you, even when he is, is much of a power game?

Stop playing this game, and watch him allow you access to his time and attention without having to pretend.

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5. The Seduction Phase is Taking Too Long

If you have read our blog for a while. That is to say, at least four articles about attraction here; you should know that the seduction phase is one phase that cannot be skipped when men and women come to like each other. 

However, the seduction phase should not take too long. If it does, one or both parties, no matter how interested they are in each other, may become tired. 

A tired man doesn’t seem interested in a woman most of the time, even though she may be the only thing on his mind all day.

As mentioned earlier, it is his way of locking his feelings out. Men are great at this!

6. He is Playing Hard to Get

This one surprises a lot of women. Do you know that even men play hard to get? 

Here are some scenarios when they play this game, even when they are very interested in a woman: 

– The woman is Braggadocios: As said earlier, when a woman brags a lot, it is going to make a man pull away and play the game as well.

– They share a lot of mutual friends: If you and he share a lot of mutual friends, he may act as though he is not interested even when he is as a way to avoid being spotted.

He knows his friends, who are also your friends, may tease him and make him feel less of himself. So, he plays hard to get.

– The woman has a lot of male attention: he will not want to be one of those men going head over heels for you.

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7. He is Scared of Rejection

A man who is scared of being rejected will try all he can to stifle the feelings of attraction he has towards you so he does not get overwhelmed by it. 

Have you made him feel like he is going to be rejected? This is why he may be acting that way.

8. There is Someone Else

If there is someone else in his life who is giving him more attention than you are, he may be more tilted towards this person even when he is interested in you. 

This is usually one of the first things to consider when a man is acting toward you in a way that completely negates what he feels.

It is quite easy to know whether or not there is someone else by asking the right questions and pulling off the right moves.

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9. He Has a Hunch to Stay Away

If he has a hunch to stay away from you, he can and will. 

This haunch can come from a lot of directions. But many times, you will never know. He, too, may not even know. 

This is how paradoxical affection can be.

10. Someone is Peddling Some Lies About You

Yes, it is possible that someone out there is peddling lies about you. It is! If that’s the case, he may not seem interested even though he is.


Men shy away from showing interest when it doesn’t work for their good in the end.

By Whatsdalatest Editors

The Whatsdalatest Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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