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When to Use Hero Instinct Phrases (And How to Use Them)

by | Love

Aug 13, 2022

Hero instinct phrases are, simply put, a couple of words that bring out the true masculine essence in men. Essentially, most men want to be considered heroes, especially by women they admire—they want to be looked up to as they provide for and protect. Making a man feel like a hero would make him long for you more and develop himself even better so that you continue to consider him reliable. 

This article tells you everything you need to know about when to use hero instinct phrases and how to use them.

1. Use the Hero Instinct Phrase When You Need Help

A man wants to be depended on somehow. So, it is almost always wrong to think you are bugging him when you ask for help. If he truly cares about you, then you can be certain he wants to help you move past anything standing in your way. 

The perfect way to use the hero instinct phrase when you ask for help is by simply acknowledging the fact that he is able to help you. Tell him you know he can help, and that’s just why you are asking for his help. Use your own words, but let the motive be praising him. 

2. Use Hero Instinct Phrases to Praise Him

Hero instinct phrases are also quite effective when you are praising a man. Let’s say that he has been able to help you; what you should do now is offer some praise—it should not be shallow so he doesn’t think you are only praising him so he can be pleased. 

Let the praise come from a place of truth. Tell your man something like: “I had no doubts that you would be able to help me.” 

You can go back to sometime in the past when he helped you as well. “You always help.” 

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3. Hero Instinct Phrases as Compliments

When he rocks his new clothes, or returns from workout sessions looking all big and heavy, then you just know a hero instinct phrase should come in handy. 

Tell him he looks so strong and powerful. 

Tell him the clothes make him look like the newest CEO. Let’s say he has always had a dream of becoming a CEO. Compliment him by somehow bringing that dream in—this spells belief in him. 

It is like you saying: “You look just the man you have always talked about becoming.” 

4. Use Hero Instinct Phrases When You Gift Him

One of the best ways to use hero instinct phrases is by combining the phrase with something more real than words—gifts. 

Do you know how much men value gifts? Well, a lot. They value gifts a lot. When next you get your man a gift, be sure to include some hero instinct phrases somewhere. 

“This is to the man who makes me feel genuinely happy. The man who has been able to love me through my excesses. You make me happy, and I love you.” 

There is really no way a man will read that and not feel the need to love you the more. 

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5. Use Hero Instinct Phrases on His Special Days

We all have special days—our birthday, the day we were able to set up our company, the day we bought our first car, etc. 

It is a perfect practice to use hero instinct on his special days. A special day with special words from a special someone is no doubt going to be a perfect day. 

An anniversary is one of the most special days for any couple, for example, and so it counts as one day to let that hero instinct phrases out. 

Let’s say it is your anniversary. You can say something like: “Today, I am grateful for the fact that we met. You make living so easy.” He will read that and swoon with good feelings.

6. Use Them When You Show Appreciation

Earlier, we talked about praising him on your anniversary. Now, there are times when he does something nice for you, and you should say hero instinct phrases to him on these such days too. 

Appreciate him for being with you this long—tell him how different and a better life has been with him and how you won’t trade his friendship and love for anything. 

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7. Use Hero Instinct Phrases When he is Low

Men are not robots. They feel low once in a while, especially when achieving certain tasks is proving to be quite problematic. This is when you have to step in and cheer him up with special hero instinct phrases. 

How do you use hero instinct phrases when he is feeling low? 

Well, by first acknowledging the fact that he is strong. Let him know that whatever is going on is only for a while and that you trust him to pull himself out of it in no time. 

Tell him that even if things turn out bad, you trust him to continue being the amazing person he has always been. 

8. When you are About to Make a Big Decision

The thing is, when a man loves a woman, he wants to be involved in all her big decisions. This does not mean he wants to control her. On the contrary, he does not—he just wants to be involved. 

You can tell him something like: “Hey, I just got this. What do you think?” When he tells you what he thinks, you can then say something like: “I like how you make the most complex things seem so simple.” It should trigger his hero instinct. 

9. When Introducing Him to Your Friends or Family

When it is time for him to meet your friends or family, be sure that you have a couple of hero instinct phrases handy. 

Now, you aren’t just praising him—you are putting him in a spot where he is admired by everyone. Before your friends, you are acknowledging him as your hero. 

This should make him feel his best.

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10. Use Hero Instinct Phrases in Bed

There are no rules to this. Your bedroom, your rules. Get creative!


Men want to feel like heroes. It brings out their masculine essence and makes them want to protect you the more. Make him feel like a hero, and he will become just that. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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