Just the buzz of insects near your ear will make you land a hard slap on yourself unknowingly. Sometimes, we are caught in the act of something that was not premeditated. Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality explains how the unconscious aspect of our mind works of its own volition. It is believed that the unconscious mind controls the behavior of a person without being aware of it.

These are some of what we do unconsciously every day:

1. Sleep talking: a lot of us must have done this quirk act while snoozing for reasons that are not so far fetched. Sleep talking might look very weird to the observers around. First time I experienced someone sleep talking. I was shaken on my bed like a leaf.

2. Laughing: Our minds can take us back to something that happened in the past that were amusing. Before you know it, you are rolling on the floor laughing. This certainly, is one of the things we do unconsciously every day.

3. Crying: what would you do if pepper gets into your eyes? Crying, of course. No matter how hard you try not to cry. Tears will continue to pour down like raindrops from the sky. Additionally, you could cry for no apparent reason while watching a movie scene. Crying is not a sign of sadness but also happiness. We do this unconsciously or unknowingly when we are overwhelmed.

4. Sneezing: this can occur at any place without any warning. Some people see it as a cold symptom. On the contrary, that is necessarily not so true. We can sneeze whether from being cold or not. Has someone sneezed on you accidentally before?

5. Shouting: Shouting while making phone calls or when putting an earphone on. Trying to talk to someone from a distance-we shout. Even though nobody is deaf. We do this without our knowledge. Research has shown that most people speaking at the top of their voices are unaware of doing so. Shouting is part of the things we do unconsciously every day.

6. Screaming: We become so charged up that we do not know we are screaming out already. Screaming is one thing we do unconsciously every day out of fear, anger, or excitement.

What We Do Unconsciously Every Day

7. Blinking: awwwh… this is one cute thing we do unknowingly or unconsciously every day. We, humans, blink at a minimum of 15 times daily. It is a very natural process that is healthy for you and me.

8. Clenching fists: Even babies do this without being taught boxing. Subsequently, our hands are just being held in this position without our knowledge of it. Clenching our fists is obviously another thing many of us do unconsciously every day.

9. Dressing up: This is what we do unconsciously after dashing out of the bathroom. We begin to dress up. Wear this on that. You can even find your way to your wardrobe to dress yourself up with your eyes closed. Try it.

10. Stopping to look at the mirror: mirror, mirror, mirror! Who is looking this great today? Lol. We quickly stand in front of the mirror to see our reflections.

  • Brushing your teeth? Mirror. 
  • Apply makeup? Mirror.
  • Are you trying a new outfit? Mirror. 
  • Even when you put on that your old favorite outfit? Mirror. 
  • After using the convenience? Mirror.
  • A parked car? Mirror.

As long as there is a visible mirror somewhere, we will definitely stop and admire ourselves.

11. Eating with a drink: 70% of the time we eat in a day. A drink usually accompanies it. Water, juice, or carbonated drinks. This is just something we do unconsciously, even when we are indoors or outdoors. For instance, you are binge eating while watching your favorite Netflix movies. Also, you are gulping some liquid down your esophagus.

12. Staring at others: your mind can unintentionally drift you into a state of looking at people. To the extent that the other person begins to wonder why you are staring at them. Also, many people have fallen into gutters while staring at someone; they just can not get their eyes off.

13. Daydreaming: we do this when we go about our everyday routine. Before you know it, our minds have even left the vicinity we are to some Disneyland. At this point, we are oblivious to what is really happening around us immediately.

14. Dancing: one music just swept you off your feet, and the next thing you begin to wriggle and wriggle your body. It is still possible that the music we are dancing to is just being played in our heads. Subsequently, we begin to respond to it by dancing.

15. Always checking the mobile phone: in this present generation of technology. One thing we do unconsciously every day is checking our phone. Even when we are not chatting or on calls. Also, our phones are always handy with our fingers ready to touch the screen and keypad.

What We Do Unconsciously Every Day

16. Bending when entering a car: whenever we are boarding a vehicle, we do this unconsciously. We try to bend our bodies to enter without banging our heads on the roof.

17. Frowning: this is common when we see something or experience something unpleasant. The next minute, our faces become frowned if possible till the next day. Therefore, concerned individuals begin to ask what the matter is with us.

18. Putting your best foot forward: we are all guilty of trying to create a strong, lasting impression of ourselves on someone. So we begin to tell them about our achievements and contributions.

19. Goofing: no matter how serious-minded you think you are. In a moment, you will find yourself goofing to the amazement of all. You did not plan to be playful. It just happened on the spur of the moment.

20. Pointing: Without hesitation, we are likely to do this when talking to others, even though not planning to offend anyone. Especially when making statements with “you.” Moreover, when trying to show where someone is our finger, the great pointer becomes activated automatically. Furthermore, we could point to objects. Even more, we point to give commands or orders.

21. Checking for safety: being in an unfamiliar environment can make you check how safe you are. Our adrenaline becomes kinetic. Thus, we are quick to jump or run into safety in the face of any threat around us.

22. Going home: we return home eventually after all our hustling and bustling daily, even we do not know where we are going. Naturally, the first place we think of is home. We can never miss our way to this safe harbor.

23. Rolling your eyes: this is another thing we do unconsciously with our eyes. Our eyeballs just keep rolling to the left, right, up, or down. We do not need any rehearsal to do this.

24. Pouting: it sounds feminine to you. But we all do it without notice when we are trying to be sexy. Plus, we pout when someone has stepped on our foot.

Unconscious habit

25. Looking at the time: we do look at the time every now and then. Not as if we are trying to get somewhere early or do something quickly. Somehow we are just curious to know what the time is.

26. Asking questions: now are doing some searching to find out if you have done this today. Yes, you did. If you have said anything involving the words at the beginning of each of these sentences today.

  • How are you?
  • Is that it?
  • Where is the key?
  • Who took the milk?
  • Have you gone?
  • When will covid19 end?
  • Do/did …..?
  • Why?
  • May/can/could …?
  • Shall/ should/will/would …?

You are smiling now because you know. I caught you on this. Asking questions is one of the things we do unconsciously every day. We are inquisitive. However, some of our questions are rhetorical.

In conclusion,

All that has been listed above happens naturally. Do not fret over it at all.

Stay safe!

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