What to Expect in a Relationship

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Oct 15, 2019

Everyone has expectations in a relationship, whether seeking a life partner or already having a life partner. This blog article will discuss realistic expectations in a relationship. This may apply to everyone who is on their first date, married, living together, or in a long-distance relationship.

Expectations in a relationship form the basis of whether or not the partnership works for both of you. Changing your mindset will help your relationship become happier, more robust, peaceful, and more productive in the long run. 

Challenges to expect in a relationship 

Challenges will definitely come whether you are just dating or you are married. One common form of challenge to expect is having a conflict. Conflicts are inevitable in any relationship. Sometimes you and your partner may say horrible or unpleasant things to each other, which later, both of you will regret saying.

Furthermore, It is important to remember; no two humans are identical. We all have our positive and negative sides, our ups and downs. Rather than trying to avoid all issues and disagreements which are inevitable to happen, you might have the idealistic goal of learning how to settle them when they emerge.

Additionally, another form of challenge to expect in a relationship is disappointments. Today, the entertainment industries worldwide feature the perfect couple, where a girl or a boy finds the ideal partner, and they live happily together ever after without any problems. This is not realistic as it has been depicted in such movies. The real world we live in is very different from what we see on TV shows and movies. 

So for so many people today, when a marriage fails to live up to such standards, both mates may become disillusioned because they thought they met a partner just like in the movies. However, when both partners recognize that no one is perfect, there may likely not be disappointments. Then they will be able to tolerate and work together to make the most out of the relationship. 

The unexpected in a relationship 

Today, many people expect their partners to be physically attractive, have the same goals as them, and like the same recreation activities. Also, there is nothing wrong with wanting a partner who has all these, but one thing to remember is that people change as time goes on even if they meet all your expectations. 

The important thing is to expect the unexpected so that you don’t feel deeply disappointed in the end. Furthermore, it is good to have a realistic view of things. No matter how compatible you and your partner may be, you will not always agree on everything, like the same recreation activities, and have the same priorities.

For a relationship to succeed, it requires more skill and effort to deal with the challenges and the unexpected. If friendship is like flying a kite, dating or marriage is like piloting a plane.  

Benefits to expect in a relationship 

There are many benefits partners can expect from each other in a relationship. It could be intimacy, companionship, and partnership. These include supporting one another in personal goals, dreams, and emotionally, encouraging and helping one another in times of stress.

Furthermore, you can have a sense of being part of something bigger than yourself, a shared sense of meaning and purpose in life—additionally, better physical health and communication. 

Improve your relationship with these steps


1. Working as a team

In successful relationships, working as a team is vital. Both of you involve each other in planning for the future, how to improve the home. You both work hard to know each other. Knowing each other better will help you guys last through tough times or challenges together.

As you and your mate get to know each other more and more, both can anticipate each other’s needs. Furthermore, you also know when your partner needs to be comforted and when he or she needs to be left alone. 

2. Be sensitive to each other’s feelings

Being sensitive to your partner’s feelings helps you possess such high levels of empathy, you will feel these emotions right to your very core. If your partner is sad, you’re distraught. If your partner is happy, you’re delighted.

Furthermore, your being sensitive makes you naturally compassionate and aware of your partner’s feelings. Also, it makes you supportive or loving when your partner needs it. You care very much about your partner’s well-being and want the best for him or her. 

3. Be fully committed

Commitment gives your relationship stability. When the unanticipated occurs, you and your spouse will look for solutions, instead of the nearest exit. To be fully committed means eliminating all temptations and distractions, like letting your mind wander too much on the opposite sex.

Also, being fully committed to your partner involves satisfying their needs. This is achievable when you are:

  • A great listener
  • Always there when you are needed
  • Doing something kind
  • Expressing genuine interest in understanding your spouse point of view
  • Focusing on the things that matter most to both of you. 
  • Making sure your passions and enthusiasm get to come out
  • Patient with your spouse

4. Most important of all is Love

The most important thing to expect in a relationship is love. To be loved is important because you get to feel valued and appreciated. Additionally, you get that unique or special feeling which makes you excited, smile, optimistic, productive, kind to your partner, and love in return. In fact, it is absolutely rewarding. That is love, and it has a lot of benefits.

  • Reduces depression and substance abuse
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Love reduces anxiety
  • Love is a natural pain control
  • It reduces stress
  • You have fewer colds with love
  • Love heals faster

Bottom Line

A relationship supposes to be give and take and not one-sided. One person giving and the other person just taking. Total fairness and equality are expected in a relationship, or you may as well just quit. Many people take their partners for granted. That is not right. Furthermore, If you’re looking for a lasting relationship, there’s nothing wrong with having good expectations. You might even find someone who meets all of them. 

Realistically, though, over time, people change​, and so do circumstances. Remember this—not everyone is perfect. Some people take time to adjust, while some may take forever. Also, it is better to make things perfectly clear from the onset with each other.


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