What Men Consider Good In Bed

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Apr 15, 2021

Even if we only do what we like and turn on between the sheets, of course, we should take a look at the things that men consider good in bed.

When it comes to the most beautiful minor matter in the world, everyone has their own preferences. While some may be particularly affectionate, the other may want their partner to use an extremely nasty technique that might shock the other. Even though tastes are different, we wanted to find an answer to what defines excellent sex for men.

We researched more closely and came across exciting findings that clarify that the definition of what men consider good in bed comes pretty close to our view of things. The five points, in their view, make good sex.

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1. When sex is not an obligation

Men prefer sex to be a desire, not an obligation. That way, they enjoyed it to the fullest and are satisfied when done. Sex should be natural, a way to express your affection to your partner, and not be used to exchange something or award for a good deed.

When a man doesn’t beg or give you something in return for sex, That is good sex. All men want is for women to make them feel wanted without any explicit reason. 

2. When they feel good

It is the be-all and end-all that we feel comfortable when we become intimate with someone, and this is not only our view but also the masters of creation. A woman who can enjoy sex to the fullest and exudes self-confidence takes men’s lust to an entirely different level. Switch off and switch off your head while exchanging tenderness – this is also high on the list for the male sex, which defines a hot lap.

3. When a woman doesn’t hold back

A woman can be full of energy this moment, and the next moment, everything changes abruptly. She will tease and hint at wanting to make love but usually be a bit too reserved when it’s showtime.

A woman may show all the most obvious signs that she wants it right now, but when her man responds in kind, she will become too self-conscious and find excuses to dodge the moment just when it’s about to enter the main phase, and then the vibes go cold or weird.

4. When they feel emotionally connected

Of course, a one-night stand can also be exciting, where feelings don’t play a role at all. However, for men, too, really good sex implies an emotional connection to the partner. The reason: It makes the moment something so special that it becomes incredibly passionate and confidential. With that, we have already reached the third point.

5. When there is a communication

Because those who trust the other and are emotionally connected to them also dare to speak plain text during sex. For many men, this openness also contributes to the fact that the most beautiful thing in the world is only really perfect.

One can adjust to the other’s needs, and the bond is strengthened. What you like, what you don’t like, and what things drive you crazy. When a woman can address such things with her partner, men are blown away too.


Photo by Анна Хазова from Pexels


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