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5 Ways To Spice Up Action In Your Bedroom

by | Love and Romance

Jan 8, 2022

There are many things that women wish they knew when they were at the age of consent. For instance, sex didn’t just revolve around the very active but had other aspects to maintaining a healthy relationship. 

Whether it is you or your partner avoiding intimate gestures that cater to each other’s love language, one reason sexual relationships turn stagnant is due to the lack of care and consideration outside the bed. 

Keep the romance alive to enjoy each other’s company and improve the quality of your sex life by spicing up action in your bedroom with these five tips.

1. Consent is sexy

Before we talk about the main course, let’s talk about consent. An explicit “YES” is what’s meant by consent, which starts from the point of initiating sex and lasts throughout. 

At any point, if you suddenly don’t feel like it, lose interest, or just aren’t into it anymore, you have the right to say no and have your partner stop. Consent makes sexual intimacy even more attractive.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment

There’s much more to sex than the obvious, and everyone deserves to explore what they like. You can look up ways to enhance pleasure in the bedroom by getting a sucking vibrator, indulging in more foreplay, and other ideas to keep the experience fun. 

Sex doesn’t need to be intense at all times; it’s a bonding experience.

3. Communicate your needs

Don’t be afraid of telling your partner how you need to be pleased. This is a mutual experience that needs to be enjoyable for both. Since all bodies are different, tell your partner what makes you tick. 

Partners are not mind readers, and neither are you! Guide them, and let yourself be guided by them to find a better understanding of each other (as long as you’re comfortable).

4. Aftercare

To avoid the transfer of microbes, as this could cause infection, never ignore aftercare post-coitus. When we say aftercare, we mean hygiene! 

There is no magic trick to having an explosive sex life all the time, but washing up is not an optional step. Make sure you pee post-sex, young ladies. 

This may be a redundant piece of advice, but it helps avoid painful experiences with UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and other infections. Make sure that your partner cleans up as well. 

5. Intimacy outside the bedroom

Yes, this is one of the significant contributors to amping up your chemistry in bed. Sex, where there is no intimacy and bonding outside the bedroom, will eventually run out of steam. 

This may not feel like a big deal, but you will notice when your partner only pays attention to you when between the sheets. If you’ve read any of the posts of therapists and psychologists on Instagram these days, it is a huge red flag waving at you. 

Wrapping Up:

We hope you pay heed to these pieces of advice as they will help you stay healthy emotionally and physically while enjoying healthy relationships

Once again, we’d like to emphasize that the bedroom remains healthy not just because of mind-blowing action but prioritizing your bond.

Featured Image by Cottonbro from Pexels


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