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15 Ways to Make Your Man Feel Special and Loved

by | Love

Dec 27, 2022

You owe it to your man to make him feel special and loved. To some women, this comes quite easily. But to others, not so easy. And that is why we are here to help. Check out these 15 ways to make your man feel special and loved.

1. Learn His Love Language

Everyone wants to be loved their way. As a great spouse, it is your duty to learn how your man wants to be loved and love him that way. 

It might be a lot of work, but observe him: what makes him happiest? What makes him have the brightest smile? Keep doing what makes him feel those things. 

2. Help, Even When He Doesn’t Ask

A lot of women do not realize that even when men don’t ask for help, they sure do need a helping hand. But you should realize this: he needs help. 

Observe when he feels most burdened by work or chores and silently helps him. 

The help can come in many forms: to some men, fixing a meal is just right. To others, doing the laundry is just perfect. It all depends on you and him. 

Just be sure to make him feel loved by offering to help him even when he doesn’t ask for it. 

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3. Apologize When You are Wrong

What does it take to apologize? I will say it takes a detachment from the ego, and men know we only detach from our ego when we are truly in love. 

So, when a woman apologizes for doing her man wrong, he looks at her and says: “This woman loves me to the point where she let her ego down.”

It may even make forgiving you easier.

But you should not feel that it is rather annoying to apologize for the same thing over and over. The best apologies will always remain a change in attitude. 

4. Keep Other Men Away

People feel special, especially men, when you show them over, and over that, you didn’t just settle for them but instead chose them willingly. 

This is exactly what you do when you put other men away. You show your man that you do not care about whoever puts himself in your face. You say: “Hey, I will always choose you no matter what.”

And even though your man may not show it, deep down, he will feel quite loved and special.

This attitude of yours may even encourage him to set boundaries in dealings with other women. 

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5. Show Healthy Jealousy

This seems like bad advice, but trust me, it is not. Jealousy is such an important element of good love when it is in its healthy state. 

By healthy jealousy, I mean to show him that you are not fine with sharing his attention with anyone or anything. 

Do not do it in a way that seems problematic. Instead, do it in a very loving way that you both may even be able to laugh about. 

You can say: “Hey, babe, you know I don’t like it much when you use the phone instead of looking me in the eye and telling me I am the prettiest woman you have met.”

To most men, the default reaction will be a gentle laugh that ends with them leaning in for a kiss or something. 

6. Show Him that You Trust Him

Even when you are loving and healthily possessive towards him, you should never question your man’s trust. Men take such things to heart, as a person’s trustworthiness can point towards their character. 

A person who feels trusted feels like he is worthy of respect and, eventually, love.

He will feel proud every day he wakes up, knowing that his woman feels safe and that she does not feel the need to check his phone or constantly monitor his whereabouts. 

If you are one who likes to monitor her man’s whereabouts, it is time to stop. If he gets to find out, he might take things more personally than you had hoped. 

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7. Respect Him

Dan Bacon, a relationship expert and influencer has countlessly spoken about how men often equate respect to love. 

As a man, I am inclined to agree with him. 

When a woman respects me, my instincts immediately interpret it as love. When she doesn’t, I interpret it as her not loving me so much anymore. 

Respect your man. This does not mean letting him walk all over you; it means being aware of his boundaries and making just the right effort not to cross them. 

8. Encourage Him to Go Ahead with his Deepest Dreams


If you have been with your man long enough, you can agree with me that there is that one dream he does not fail to mention whenever you both hang out. 

It may be the dream to return to school or quit his job and become a CEO. It may even be the dream to get a new house and move out of town. 

Whatever it is, as long as it means something to him, you are obligated to encourage him to go ahead with his dreams. Encouraging him in this regard will make him feel loved.

Tell him you believe in him as often as possible. I will talk about this later, but it is great to say these sorts of things to your man. 

9. Use Hero Instinct Phrases

We have spoken a lot about hero instinct phrases on our blog. You can check them out by following these links: 

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Hero instinct phrases, simply put, are a couple of phrases and words that can trigger the part of your man that wants to be your hero.

Every man in a relationship wants to be his woman’s hero. This is why they go the extra mile just to see their women happy. 

Saying these phrases to him is a sure way to make him feel loved and appreciated. 

You can lean into him and say: “Hey, I keep thinking about how amazing you have been. You are such a powerful man I look up to.”

10. Praise Him in Public

Praise your man as often as possible when you both hang out with friends. Want to see a man blush? Tell people how amazing he has been to you. 

Say it while wearing a smile. 

He is sure going to feel loved and special. And even better, his friends will respect him more, respecting the relationship you both share. 

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11. Be Nice to People He Loves

A person can tell how much you love him by looking at how well you treat the people he loves. 

One morning, my father, after a heated argument with my sister, said: “If you love me, you will nurture the things I nurture and love the things that I love.” 

These have remained some of the truest words I have ever heard. 

If you love your man and you want to make him feel loved, you will have nothing but love for the people and things that he holds dear: his family and his friends. 

12. Get Him Gifts

Everyone loves to be surprised. When you surprise someone, mentally, they go: “Wow, did she just think about me long enough she had to get me a gift?”

Gift your man as often as you can, and he will indeed feel special. On his special occasion, when he sees that big win, he had been hoping for. 

You can gift him anything; it doesn’t have to be that large game console. It can be anything at all, even a shirt. 

My fiancé is in the habit of getting me gifts, and I always feel loved and special every single time. I like how she does it. “Hey, I got you this because you are an amazing man.” 

I think you should try this out. 

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13. Take Him Out

No love in the world should be one-sided. Do not feel like he is the one constantly mandated to take you out. No. You both are in love, and anyone of you should take each other out when you want to go out. 

Tell him you will handle the bills the next time he tries to pull his wallet out. Press his hand down, smile, and say: “Honey, I have got this.” 

It takes love to acknowledge your man’s financial problems. Trust me; they’ll be times when he isn’t that heavy with money. In such times, be there for him: love him. 

Be sensitive. Make him feel loved.

14. Be Intimate

Men love to get down with their women.

And, of course, they feel loved when their women show as much interest in making the bedroom fun. 

Make the bedroom your special place. Let it be where most of the bonding happens in your relationship. 

Cuddle more. Get down more. 

15. Make Time for Him

No matter how busy you are, you should make time for your man. 

He will feel loved by just knowing you will be willing to cancel certain plans if he really needs you to. 

You should make your man feel loved every single day so your relationship deepens more and more. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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