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Ways To Make Your Man Crave you – He Will Literally Do Anything!

by | Love and Romance

Last updated Jan 17, 2022 | Published on Nov 29, 2020

Showing yourself off and making him fantasize about you is easy on the first few dates. As the years go by, you feel he is not just giving you enough attention or adoration or pampering. That flame that burned tirelessly is now down to almost a flicker. How can you feel that flame? You are on a whole different level when you finally become his bae. How can you maintain your reputation as the queen of his fantasies? How can you make your man crave you and do literally anything to get you? 

Everybody has a naughty side, and we enjoy exploring this unpopular, thrilling part. You can spark the tension between you two and make your partner wish for what he can only picture in his mind.

Some relationship experts say that some men also believe in a long-lasting love rush. However, put in the needed effort to make the spark roar into an untamed fiery hormone monster. 

Want to know how? Here are a few things that you can do and have proved to work according to relationship and sex experts. I have to warn you though once you use these tips, your man will never leave your side.

1. Tease his senses

It is a straightforward technique, an old trick in the book, but works like a charm and makes the top of my list. 

You want to make him see something unreachable, so wear short, transparent, clingy clothing. Give him mixed signals by seducing his senses with your body while acting innocently indifferent about it.

The vibe you give off is that you are just being your regular self and can’t help being sexy around him. This will drive him nuts; your man will crave you more when he sees you being sexy without trying to do anything more. 

2. No touching

Playing with his senses will make him so imaginative. He will always want to touch you, hold you closer and feel the incomplete sensation you have been giving off. 

Once he gets to this stage, you play hard to get a little, make him work for it. Make it subtly forbidden and it will surprise you the schemes men come up with just to get what they want.

3. Flirty inbox

Catch him off guard when he is working or far away, send him flirty messages that will keep him kneeling to get back home! 

Men love the anticipation, send him texts like, “I had a dream we were sexting, so I woke up and want to make it a reality.” 

If you are out on a date, you can excuse yourself to go to the restroom, take off your underwear and whisper what you just did in his ears. He will be screaming for the bill while the tension will build up into a breathtaking release when he finally has his way with you. 

4. Nude pictures

You can send him provocative pictures too, become his own celebrity. You can tell him you bought a new bra and wanted to see if he likes it. Tell him to imagine taking them off.

Take the effort to take beautiful pictures that will remind him of how sexy you are.

You can also take a photo of yourself in the shower and tell him how much you wish he were in there with you. If he is at work, he will be racing home the second he closes! 

5. Show off fresh looks.

In long-term relationships, partners seem to relax the sexy and default to pyjama clothing most of the period. Greeting him from a horizontal position on the couch with matted hair and yesterday’s pyjamas should not be something you want him to get used to. 

Surprise him, look good when you let him in from work. Wear your sexy gown, apply slight makeup, act normal while looking like the hottest girl trying to seduce the cutest guy. He will never stop grinning for the rest of the night. 

6. Start foreplay, then leave him alone.

This method works like a charm! Make him feel you have given it all to him, like everything he had been expecting has arrived, then leave. 

Casually leave and then do something else, like take a bath or warm the food. He may follow you around but just act like everything is normal. This will make him curious and needy. Your man will crave you so much that he would not be able to concentrate on anything else other than you! 

7. Register your fragrance

Try to remain consistent with your favourite perfume or spray; let it be the same beautiful smell he meets every moment he is up close.

Anytime he is away and smells something that remotely resembles your perfume, it will conjure all those passionate times. If he smells it close to you, he will remember all the things that can happen when you are both wrapped around. Wink! 

You can even take it up a notch by getting him one that smells close to yours. Each moment he uses it, you will remind him of the passionate moments you both shared. 

8. Seduce him in public

You want to make him want to jump on you but would not be able to; he has to be civil and control himself. This makes it all the more fun so he will crave you so much. 

Try grabbing his inner thigh when you have the opportunity, whisper something sexy to him. Take his hand and put it on sensitive places; these will make him go crazy! He will literally beg for more! 

9. Make Him Feel Special With You

The more he feels special around you, the more he craves you and the less attention he gives to other women. When you make him feel special, you make him happy so he will always want to be around you. 

Planning a surprise birthday party, buying him things out of the blue, sending him romantic texts, these are things you can do to make your man feel special. 

It reassures him of your feelings for him and makes him crave you more. He would do anything to make you feel happy too! 

10. Make Eye contact 

Yes! One of the most seductive ways to make your man crave you is to make eye contact with him. Master the art of making eye contact! This does not just involve staring, no! You want to give him a taste of your imagination in your gaze.

Caress his shoulders with your eyes, look down his body and then look back up with an alluring but reserved smile. 

You can play a staring game while on a date. Stare, look away when your man catches your stare and stare back at him again. Let him be conscious of you staring. Let him feel like the object of your imagination.

A woman who keeps eye contact screams boldness and confidence to men. It feels really sexy to a man and can make him crave the woman so much. 

11. Be Independent. Give him enough space.

You do not want your man thinking you do not have a life without him. Show him you love being with him, but that you also have a life to live. Continue with your hobbies, Take on new ones if you can. Go out with your girls and have a great time! 

Being an independent woman would make him feel you can not easily be available for him, and this will make him more attracted to you! He would not help but miss you!

Allow him to be by himself, without you always in his presence, and he will put in more efforts into the relationship.

12. Take a ride back in time

Bring back that new love rush you both felt when you first met. You can do this by adding fun memories of the past in conversations. Talk about how you felt about him when you first met, what you thought about him, how you got attracted to him, things like that. 

When you find out how to make him look back and instantly conjure up those feelings, you will notice how he craves you more. Find out how to make him have experiences that remind him of falling in love with you; these feelings make him desire or crave you more.

You can do things that remind you both of the First Time, visit places that bring up that nostalgic feeling, build the forgotten new-love rush, all these things make him remember the feelings he used to have. He would literally crave you!

13. Give him Compliments 

Men love being flattered. When you compliment your boyfriend or husband, you make him feel loved, appreciated, and it encourages him to please you more. You need to know the right way to compliment your man and make him crave you. He will literally do anything to keep getting those compliments. 

Look, you don’t have to wait till he gets a big acknowledgement to tell him how much you appreciate him. Physical compliments or compliments on the little things he does will make him crave you all the more. He’ll feel special and appreciated whenever he’s with you. You can compliment how he kisses you after he does it. 

Tell him how hot he looked at the bar, how you find him sexy when he washes his car. All these things may seem small, but they’re the ones that really get to his mushy-place. He will not help but feel you’re the best thing that ever happened to him. 

Your man wants to feel that you desire him, complimenting him assures him you’re attracted to him, and this fuels his longing and craving for you!

14. Touch, touch, touuuche…

As if by accident, touch him unexpectedly and in unexpected places. For example, don’t ask him to pass you your phone, smooch up against him and reach for it; making sure that your breasts caress him.

When in a crowded room, don’t walk across from him; press against his front with your rear. Add a bit of that pressure if needed. These surprise attacks prime your man to be clingy to you. 

If you touch and caress your boyfriend while he sleeps, he’ll crave you so much the next day that he’d literally want to rip your clothes off!

Touching your man when he’s not prepared for it will leave him craving for those magic moments when you’re away from him.

Go and look for opportunities for moments like these and watch them work a charm on your man!

15. Use Your Eggs Girl!

According to Business Insider, Scientists have found men are more attracted to women at a certain period of the month. (1)

During this period, your man can literally smell your attraction by just sniffing the underarm patches of your shirt and your blouse because it is that time of the month when you’re most fertile. Your man instinctively picks up on the scent you give off. 

This is one time he will definitely crave you more. Why? Because he seems wired to do so by nature. This period, when a man can’t help being biologically more attracted to a woman, is when she is Ovulating!

Yes, the time of the month where your ovaries release mature eggs ready to get fertilized. The time of the month when you have the highest chance of getting pregnant!

Biologically, reproduction is an essential duty to humanity, which is probably why your man will crave you more at this time of the month. So hey, use this time unsparingly to keep him wanting more!

Unfortunately, women on birth control may not benefit from this charm, as many birth control methods block ovulation from happening! But you will be fine girl. There are so many other ways to make your man crave you!

So, ladies! With these proven ways, you can learn how to make your guy or husband crave you all the time. You can grab hold of his body and mind; He is your man! Seduction is far more than getting a man aroused.

With perfect use of the skill, you can generate a long, satisfying relationship. The fire will always keep burning between you two!

So please, get on with it, he is waiting for you! Wink! 

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By Aleksandra Nico

Dr. Aleksandra Nico is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is in private practice in Brunswick and has experience in a wide variety of areas, including mood-related difficulties, anxiety, psychosis, trauma, addictions, personality disorders, and anger management. Dr. Nico completed a Ph.D. at the University of Nevada. Her goal is not to make very good people out of good, but to get the unique out of them.

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