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10 Simple Ways to Make Sex More Interesting


Often, probably as a result of work-related stress or emotional disconnect, many couples experience what I describe as boredom in the bedroom. In this state, consummating becomes less interesting, and there is almost always nothing to look forward to when it is time to copulate. It all becomes a monotonous routine that deteriorates with each day. If you are here in your relationship, then these are some of the best tips every couple should try to make sex more enjoyable.

Here are 10 ways to make sex more interesting.

1. Get Your Mind and Body in Shape

As mentioned in the introduction, work-related stress and emotional disconnect are two common reasons people get to the point of boredom in the bedroom. 

This can usually be fixed by dealing with stress and the many issues related to it, such as weight gain, irritability, and anxiety. 

Do this by working out as well as by taking some time out to rest and recuperate. You always need your mind in perfect shape, and just the right amount of rest will do that for you. 

For dealing with stress, a practice called mindfulness can be of help. Mindfulness involves finding a way to live in the present moment always.

2. Get Your Libido Up

A decrease in libido can also affect not just the rate at which you get down with your partner but the quality of the sex as well. In fact, there is such a high chance that the boredom you are experiencing during copulation is a product of libido changes in you or your partner. 

Libido typically drops when we are stressed and anxious, and dealing with these two problems can usually have it raging back up. So, as mentioned earlier, work out. For men, working out increases testosterone levels and can fire up libido. It also has the same effect on women. Getting both your libido up will make sex interesting.

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3. Spend More Time with Your Partner

Let’s face the fact at this point. The reason sex is less interesting is probably that you and your partner have gotten less excited about each other. 

The bedroom is usually the cinema where the state of your relationship plays out. If something goes wrong in there, it only indicates that something has already gone wrong in your relationship. 

Find ways to fix it. Becoming closer to each other and spending time with each other in good company can make copulating fun. 

4. Flirt Via Texts

When you both are at work, the best you can do is flirt with each other via text. Send your husband a text telling him you have planned a surprise affair for him when he gets home. 

Be big on making him want to have you. 

Depending on the kind of person you and your husband are, you might even want to send him nudes as well. Tell him it is his body and that you can’t wait to have him return and do to it the things he has planned in his head. 

5. See Romantic Movies Together

It doesn’t have to be erotica films. It just has to be a movie that can arouse you both and have you trying out new things. 

As I will mention in the following paragraphs, excitement always comes from trying out new things. So, the more new things you are willing to try in your bedroom, the more interesting sex will be. 

Be careful not to expect your bedroom to magically transform into an erotic movie scene. Understand that those actors are trained professionals, whereas you and your partner are not. 

But do keep an open mind to try out new things. 

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6. Timing is Everything

We understand that you both are together and can get down at anytime you both please. But here is the thing, the timing of it can either see to it that sex gets interesting or can see to it that the act of consummation proves to be the most boring you have had. 

Typically, choose to consummate when you both are not stressed out in any way, mentally or emotionally. Also, get down when you don’t need to rush things. Exciting sex usually requires some calculated carefulness and time. You shouldn’t have to rush things if you want to make sex more interesting. 

7. Keep an Open Mind

This is usually the first step in making sex more fun because when you keep your mind open and are willing to try out new stuff, you give yourself more room to enjoy copulation. 

Understand that this is your moment with your partner, and the only thing keeping it from being the best moment of your life is how you both approach it. If you approach it with an open mind that is willing to try out new stuff, you will have an extraordinarily pleasure during copulation. 


What happens, though, when your partner isn’t as willing as you are to try out new stuff? Well, then, you should find ways to make them willing. 

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8. Try Sex Games

A number of games can be brought into the bedroom to spice up things a bit. They make sex more enjoyable by bringing teamwork in and increasing the thrill. 

One of my most preferred sex games is the sex card. 

Sex cards assign tasks to each person who holds a special kind of card. For example, someone who holds a red card can be told to give a blow job and maybe a hand job, while one who holds a blue card can be told to strip. 

The list goes on and on. 

9. Pay Attention to Foreplay

Sex is sure going to get more interesting if you give more attention to foreplay. You really don’t have to jump right into the sex; spend some time getting your partner prepared to be the lover you want them to be in bed with you. 


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10. Copulate Outside the Bedroom

To make sex more fun, you and your partner can explore other places outside the bedroom to have sex. You can try it out in the shower, bathtub, sitting room, or even the kitchen. These locations are an excellent alternative to the bedroom, as the feel and vibe are out of this world.

In summary, keeping an open mind with your spouse and trying out new things will surely bring excitement into your sex lives.

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By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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