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10 Ways to Be The Sexy Wife of Your Husband’s Dream

by | Love

Apr 26, 2023

Have you ever experienced periods when your husband became surprisingly touchy and loving? If yes, then you should know that these are the very periods when you become the sexy wife he fantasizes about. 

Some women have these periods fairly often, others rarely, while others have it constantly. What woman will you want to be? Shush. I can tell. I will help. This is how to be the sexy wife of your husband’s dream.

1. Bring Out His Hero Instinct

A lot of women think that sexiness is all about fashion style and body shape. It can be, but it is not always that. 

One of our editors defines sexiness as the ability of a woman to bring a man to a spot where he feels most masculine, willing to embrace his sexual desire. 

Nothing makes a man, especially a married one, feel more masculine than making him feel like a hero. Men do not lie when they say they want to be your hero. 

Let him feel like one. Ask him for help. Tell him that he makes you feel great. Show him that you trust his leadership. Over time, you will notice that his attraction towards you starts to spike. You would then be able to tell that you are becoming the sexy wife of your husband’s dream. 

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2. Smile More

Nothing exudes feminity as much as smiling. No fashion style is complete without a smile. 

If you want to become the sexy wife of your husband’s dream:

  • Smile more.
  • Smile at him when he says your name.
  • Smile when he makes jokes, sometimes, even when this joke may not be so funny. 

Your smile must not be forced if this is to work. It has to be genuine.

3. Become Touchier

A lot of wives do not touch their husbands enough. Do not be deceived by how strong they look or how independent they project themselves to be. Men love to be touched randomly, even when these touches do not have a sexual undertone. 

Touch your man randomly. You walk into the kitchen and see him there, doing the dishes. What do you do? Of course, you touch him, rubbing your palm along his skin. 

You can round this up by giving him a peck on the chin or even on his lips. 

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4. Compliment Him More, and Add Some Sexual Undertone

Men love to be complimented. And they consider Compliments that have a sexual undertone so sexy.

Marc told us: “When she compliments me and adds some bit of sexy to it, I feel like I have to rush over there and grab her.” 

Compliments that have a sexual undertone are strange when you first try them out, but over time you will get used to them.

Some examples of compliments with sexual undertones are: 

  • You look so good today; I almost want to have my way with you. 
  • Somehow, I am so proud of you. My vagina is, too. 

He may not know it, but his subconscious mind will, of course, be drawn to you more. 

5. Work On Your Body

Men are drawn to what they see. This is not to deny the fact that what they hear can, of course, alter their attraction toward what they see. It is rather to enforce the truth that if you are to be a sexy wife to him, you will have to work on your body a bit. 

Not just your body size and shape, which can be done through exercise, but work on your posture as well. If you used to slouch, for example, you should walk on that so that your posture makes him view you as sexy. 

Take long strides and avoid looking down to help you project confidence as you walk.

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6. Walk Like a Lady

A woman’s gait can no doubt make a man feel drawn to her. Ever wondered why female models walk that way? Of course, it is because they know that posture and gait make a woman look more or less feminine and sexy. 

You should walk like a lady. Make your shoulders and back as straight as possible. When you walk, he should be able to look at you and have a: “Damn, that is my wife” Moment. Sit like a lady too. 

Always exude confidence while walking. Try taking purposeful steps and keeping your gaze forward instead of looking down.

7. Talk In a More Feminine Way

Even when you may not mean it that way, a man may consider your speaking to him in a non-feminine way to mean agitation or antagonism. 

On the contrary, they will consider it utterly sexy if you speak to them in a feminine way. True feminine speech is very graceful. A man listens to it and feels very sexual towards his wife. 

To speak in a more feminine way:

  • Try using softer tones, inflections, and a higher pitch.
  • Practice speaking slowly and enunciating clearly.
  • Try to avoid raising your voice and instead opt for more gentle, nurturing, and empathetic words and phrases.

8. Put On Sexy Clothes

Don’t be boring. And by this, I mean a bit too traditional. Don’t be the woman who dresses in a way that makes her husband feel very weird and uncomfortable. 

Especially when you are alone at home with him, dress in a very sexy way. Get yourself some sexy panties and pantyhoses. Get yourself to look like someone he will turn to and sigh or smile at in lust. 

9. Get Him to Touch You

Physical touch can make a man feel very drawn to you sexually. I bet you, when you dress up in those sexy clothes, he wishes he would be invited to touch. Invite him. 

Get him to help you scratch an invisible itch or rub cream on your arse. Get him to give you a massage. Entice him. 

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10. Become Open to Having More Sex

When you become the sexy wife he dreams about having; you will have to be open to having sex more. 

When he initiates it, do not push him away or make him feel as though he has just done something wrong. 

Initiate sex yourself as well, sometimes. Enjoy what you two have. 

You sure can tick all his boxes.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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