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Tubble – The Inflatable Bathtub Solution

by | Health & Wellness

Nov 18, 2020

Looking for ways to unwind after a stressful day? There are, of course, different ways to relax, and we got the perfect solution for you, one that you wouldn’t want to miss—and that’s TUBBLE. The ultimate goal of Tubble is to make you feel comfortable and at peace. Tubble, the inflatable bathtub solution that brings a whole new level of relaxation that you’ll definitely want to try. It’s a stress-free sanctuary.

Tubble is a symbol of creative problem-solving, and it’s inspired by the personal experience and restless drive to innovation, of its founder. The concept emerged out of the desire and necessity to make relaxation more accessible even to people that would not have the right circumstances.

Since the development of the first Tubble design, the model has been tested and improved many numbers of times. At the moment, Tubble is now available in 20 countries worldwide and counting. It’s affordable and costs nothing to maintain.

Tubble - The Inflatable Bath Tub Solution

Only in the Netherlands, about 40% of the people don’t have baths in their apartments, and the trend of replacing bathtubs with showers is growing. As renovating or moving can be expensive and complicated, Tubble remains a simple, straightforward, and hassle-free solution. You can be easily and safely set it up anywhere, and it is suitable for people of all ages or genders. Moreover, it makes luxury and comfort more accessible to the broader audience.

At its core, Tubble is a suitable solution for people that don’t have a fixed bath. Its functionality and design are unique and adapted to the specific customers’ needs:

  • It’s portable and fits in most of the bathrooms;
  • It can also be inflated about 10% less and remains fully functional;
  • It’s suitable both for the indoors and the outdoors;
  • It can be inflated in less than one minute;
  • It’s comfortable due to the integrated headrest and yoga matt;
  • It has a cupholder and zip cover for heat retention;
  • Withstands bath bombs and salts;
  • It comes in different sizes and different colors: the Tubble Royale-Ambient Taupe, the Tubble Royale-Blue Lagoon, the Tubble Compact.
  • It comes with all integrated accessories: drain hose, air pump, auto-inflator, storage bag;
  • Its innovative design and colors can add a plus of personality to any interior.


Disclaimer: Tubble sent me the inflatable Bathtub to try.

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