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Top 10 Traits of a High-Value Man

by | Ideas

Jul 2, 2023

We have studied high-value males for a while and have come to see that all of them seem to share a striking similarity in personality and style. This article discusses our findings, showing how high-value traits impact relationships. Here are the top 10 traits of a high-value man.

1. Good Hygiene

Every high-value man we observed paid attention to hygiene. I think this is the first sign that a person is disciplined. 

There is a saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. We believe this applies to most high-value men.

If you are seeking to become a high-value man, you have got to pay attention to your body. Be sure that your hair and beard are well-groomed. 

Be sure that your clothes are not only clean but properly ironed. That is how you stand out as being the man every woman wants in her life. 

2. High-Value Men Command Respect Without Even Trying

Respect and admiration come naturally to a man who is high value. 

I think this happens because high-value men are generally hidden from the eyes of the public. It is human nature to either admire or dread things they don’t understand. So the respect accorded high-value men comes from not knowing much about them. 

In general, high-value men are men that younger folks want to be like.

I could list out a hundred high-value men. I bet you will admit that you have wished to be like a number of these men before. 

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3. High-Value Men Are Strong

Strength is one of the fortes of a high-value man. He is strong both mentally and physically and shows this strength by being his true self no matter what. 

The strength of mind comes from gathering information from sources no one bothers to check out. 

The truth is, you will always be mentally stronger than someone who has no access to the information you have. That you are reading this blog right now is enough proof that you are gathering strength. You will be stronger than the man who just waits for information to come his way free of charge.

It is advisable to read as much as you can. Spend some money on books so that you place value on the information contained in these books. Spend some time traveling, seeing the world in all its beauty.

4. High-Value Men Place Value on Their Health

The healthy are stronger than the unhealthy. That is a truth that is bitter but very important. 

You see, in relationships, women will always choose someone who is very healthy. This is because it costs a lot of time and money to take care of a partner who is sick. 

High-value men show value for their health by paying attention to what they eat and the activities they engage in. 

Typically, a high-value man is going to work out a lot and prefers to eat foods that are healthy. 

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5. A High-Value Man does not Have a Scarcity Mindset

A scarcity mindset is a mindset of fear. I have met a number of men who have this mindset and can say that it isn’t something admirable. 

The scarcity mindset drives you into believing that everything you need is going to someday be exhausted, even women. It makes you stifle every desire to reach for more because you are scared you will lose what you already have. 

High-value men run away from this mindset, embracing the abundance mindset instead. 

One with an abundant mindset believes he has just enough in this world to keep him going. He does not struggle because he knows his meets are going to be met, come what may. 

6. High-Value Men Protect

A high-value man is a protector of his family. No matter how macho a man claims to be, if he does not protect his family, he is not a high-value man. 

High-value men protect because they understand that it is what they are wired for. It is what makes them men, and they have to live up to that position as leaders. 

7. Loyalty

Another trait you will find in a high-value man is loyalty. By loyalty, I do not only mean loyalty to his woman. But also loyalty to his state and community. 

A high-value man does not break laws, whether the ones made by the authorities or the ones he makes for himself.

He understands that boundaries are not made to mess up his life or suck up all the fun. They are instead made to help him live in safety. If you have ever thought that boundaries are there to make you miserable, you may have to think again. 

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8. Respect for Mentors

Men who know how to be men learned the precious art of being a man from someone, I am sure. They may have learned by just watching or being told. 

You see, to be a man, you have to be taught. 

A high-value man, more often than not, has someone in his life who teaches him how to be a man. A better man. 

A high-value man respects this person and will almost never do anything to upset this person. 

Do you have anyone in your life who calls you to order when you go wrong? If you don’t, I suggest you become accountable to someone who guides you when you need guidance. 

9. Social Hierarchy and Wealth

A high-value man is usually up there at the top of the social hierarchy. He achieves this by having a commendable amount of wealth.

If you want to be high-value, become more meticulous with handling money. 

Try as much as you can to have your own savings. Save more. Invest more. 

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10. High-Value Men Know When to Ask for Help

Being strong and self-sufficient forever is a myth. No one is ever strong for that long. You will need help every now and then.

Whilst many men find it difficult to ask, fearing that they may be rejected, high-value men know there is strength in asking. So, they ask!

They know when to ask for that raise their bosses had promised. They know when to ask that their spouses stop acting a certain way. It is all wisdom.


High-value men have qualities other men seek to have!

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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