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15 Things Women Do But Will Never Admit

by | Ideas

Aug 14, 2022

Ever wondered what women do and will never admit? Getting into a woman’s mind, and finding ways to understand how it works, is vital when trying to keep her attraction.

Below are the 15 most secret things women do but will never admit.

1. Women Wish You Try Again

This seems old-fashioned and like the woman is playing hard to get, but it does happen even now. When a woman next ignores you, or you feel like she isn’t giving you as much attention as you need, she might just be saying: “Try some more.” 

It might be the last try before she eventually gives in. This is usually most true if she had been responsive for a while and then all of a sudden withdrew from you. This might just be a feminine test. 

2. Women Read Old Texts

Women will never really admit this, but they spend a lot of time reading old texts from guys that they consider interesting. 

Have you ever texted a lady, and it seemed as though she reads the text the second you hit the send button? 

Chances are, she really had been reading your old texts. If you are an interesting guy and make her laugh a lot in the DM, then she did read. 

When a woman makes a habit of reading old texts between you both, she is saying that she likes you. Subconsciously, she is starting to crave your time and attention. 

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3. Women Check Guys Out Before Responding to Them

This is for the guys who would rather text a woman on social media than meet one in real life. 

When a woman responds to you on social media for the first time, do not think she just responds for the sake of it. Granted, this can happen a couple of times. But the thing is: women are exceptionally careful about the kind of men they allow into their space. 

Every day, women deal with men who creep them out in some way. So, they have to screen every man they come across thoroughly and be sure he is not some kind of threat to them. 

She goes through your pictures and profiles first. If you look good and safe to be around, she responds. If you don’t, well, you don’t get a response from her. 

4. Women Ask Other Women About Attractive Men

Women also work in groups. Men like to think that only men form taut groups, but women do so too. 

When a woman finds you attractive, she usually seeks the opinion of other women in her group about you. Call this gossip if you want. But I don’t think that is quite the word. The word is close to, but definitely not gossip. 

She puts your picture up on the ladies’ group chat’ and goes: “Hey, what do you think of this guy?” You know what comes next!

5. Fantasize About Attractive Men

Another thing common between men and women is sexual expression. Although some stigma and societal expectations keep that of women in check, sexual expression is not a gender thing. 

You may not believe it, but women often see a hot guy and go: “Damn, I want to sleep with him.” 

It happens! I am telling you: it happens all the time, but women will never admit it. They have their eyes on the bare-chested guy at the gym. They have eyes for the tall, dark one who winked at them earlier. The list goes on and on.

Women want to have sex too. 

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6. Play Attraction Games

Women are not as innocent of games as we men like to think they are. In the masculine community on Twitter and YouTube, there is a lot of attention given to what is described as a “game.” 

‘Game,’ simply put, is a series of attraction games you can pull off so that a woman longs for you the more. 

One of the most common of these games is the hot and cold cycler. Where a man is hot for a moment and, all of a sudden, becomes cold on a woman, making her feel more intensely attracted to him. 

Women play these games too. When they find that they are very attracted to a man, they often pull away so that his desire for them increases. 

7. Women Get Dressed to Lure

Women don’t like to admit this one. They usually say: “I get dressed for myself.” But is this really true? I don’t think so. 

I asked Jane, a fashion enthusiast who has been a runaway model for a while if she ever dressed to kill just to attract a man she likes. 

Her answer was yes, and she agreed to do so on countless occasions. When you notice a coworker being so properly dressed whenever you both are together, then she just might like you. 

8. Women Do Recommend Men

Women are masters of subtlety. When next you get that e-mail which says someone recommended you for a job (quite an exciting role at that), then chances are your woman put in a word for you!

Women absolutely love to put in a word for men they are starting to love and admire, especially if you have expressed some kind of concern in the past about wanting a new job. 

She listens as though she isn’t listening. And when that time comes, she will be there to put in a word for you. 

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9. Women Cry Over Men

Many proud women will deny ever crying over a man. But they do cry over men. It happens all the time, but women will not admit it. 

Women can cry because they miss a man or because they sense him getting cold on them. They can also cry because they have wronged him in some way they can’t express. Whatever it is, Women do cry over men. 

10. Women Do Initiate Sex

Men in the manosphere usually describe women to be the gatekeepers of sex. This may not exactly be far from the truth. Women decide who they will sleep with and who they won’t sleep with. 

So, when next you successfully bed a woman, don’t think it is because you know the game quite a lot; understand that it happened because she wanted it to. She initiated it!

I talked to Natalie, a writer, and editor from Germany, and she told us that a woman usually knows whether or not she will bed a man on the first day that she meets him. 

She agrees that if a man takes too long until he beds a woman who is greatly interested in him, the woman just might go ahead to initiate the sex. 

11. Women Play the Jealousy Card

Remember that earlier; I mentioned that even women play ‘attraction games.’ One of such games is seen in times when she pulls up the jealousy card. 

Typically, this is what it looks like when a woman has pulled the jealousy card on you: out of nowhere; she begins to mention another man. This is usually true if she has noticed that you have pulled away from her. She may even put up his pictures on her social media.

She most likely doesn’t even like the guy in the pictures. She is doing it to trigger your masculine instinct to return and fight for her attention once more.

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12. Women Go Through Their Men’s Phone

Some women are guilty of this. Others are not. But of the ten women I asked questions, eight agreed to have at some point gone through the phones of men they were involved with. 

She will go through your phone when and if she is insecure, just so that gut instinct that something is wrong somewhere dies off. 

How do you know when a woman has gone through your phone? The rule of the thumb is: that she starts to ask direct questions. 

When a woman comes directly and asks you uncomfortable questions, chances are, she already knows the truth. 

13. Women Do Get Men Gifts

All it takes is for a woman to really fall in love with you, and, voila, you will be loved in ways you really didn’t expect. 

Women know how to give gifts. She will gladly get a gift for her man. Even though she will most likely not talk about it, since most women are inclined to surprises, she has in mind to get you that shirt you mentioned in passing the other time. 

14. Read Up Ways to Become “More Attractive.”

What were you thinking? That women have it all figured out? Oh, but they don’t. Just like men, women have to deal with all kinds of insecurities. 

Every day, many women spend time on the internet reading articles like this one but will never admit it.

They want to be better, more attractive, and prettier. And you can use this want of theirs to attract them! It is simple. Make them feel attractive, and they will become attracted to you!

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15. Women Lie

I mean, who doesn’t? 


Women are beautiful! But they sure are like us men in a lot of ways. They do and think things we do and think and feel just the things we feel. The only difference is that there are some things women do but will not admit to. Same as men.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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