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10 Things Men Find Beautiful In Women


Do you want every man to consider you as beautiful and appealing? It is easy. Here is a list of ten things men find beautiful in women; these things, men, agree, make women seem gorgeous and appealing.

1. A Bright Smile

Everyone loves a bright smile, and men are not an exception. Joe agrees that a bright smile is the first sign of a welcoming woman. 

“I see a bright smile,” He says, “and I know at once that the woman is welcoming and approachable. It spells confidence and elegance, no matter how you want to look at it.” 

Many men would agree with joe. So, smile more. Practice how to smile the right way. Most men find bright smiles on women beautiful.

2. Jewelry

Have you ever heard the saying that it takes too little to impress men? This is true. Men pay attention to the little things, maybe even more than women. 

By choosing just the right jewelry, you raise your beauty by almost double in the eyes of a man. 

You don’t have to choose anything too shouty, just something that adds more glare to your features. For example, a small nose ring may give your face a perfect look, or maybe a shiny pendant on your neck. 

Everything counts, even bracelets, as long as they augment your looks. 

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3. Creativity

It takes a lot of mental capacity to be creative. And to be fair, men consider creativity one of the most beautiful things a woman can possess. 

If you could open a man’s mind, you would most likely see something along the lines of: “Creativity looks good on women.” It actually does. 

A creative woman lets that creativity show up in every facet of her life; in the way, she appears, in the way she handles difficulty, in the way she speaks even. 

4. A Good Command of The Vocabulary

Many times, men pay attention to the tone of your voice, but even more commonly, they pay attention to how much grip you have on the vocabulary of your language. 

You don’t have to be a fluent speaker if that language is not your first language—you just have to know enough to be able to express yourself. 

Expression, to a man, is one of the most beautiful things ever.

Learn to express yourself clearly; learn the inside jokes of your language. (Every language has an inside joke). Be great at expression. 

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5. Fashion Sense

Fashion is one of the big indicators of a woman’s creativity, and many men find this skill in women beautiful. A creative woman excels at fashion because she is keen and observant enough to choose the right clothes with matching colors. 

She is also confident enough to rock these clothes with just the confidence that pulls any man in.

Someone once said that it is not the clothes that necessarily bring out the beauty, but the attitude with which the wearer of the clothes carries the clothes around. 

Have a great fashion sense, but at the same time, have just the right confidence to rock it. 

6. Humor

Humor looks beautiful on everyone. But when men look at it on women, it does look a bit more beautiful. 

Humor is a pointer toward creativity. The ability to be creative and sarcastic almost always follows the ability to begin and sustain good conversations. 

Find humor all around you. The truth is, there is almost always something to make a joke about if you look deeper. Humor can have any consistency: it can be classic humor, or it can even be dark humor. 


Just makes sure it does not hurt anyone but instead pushes conversations forward and deepens bonds. 

7. Pictures on The Media

Men don’t want to be the only ones who consider you beautiful. They want you to consider yourself beautiful too. In fact, the more beautiful you consider yourself, the more men will think you are attractive. 

So, hype yourself up on your social media. Put up beautiful pictures there and express your feminity boldly.

I like to tell women to put up their wins whenever they want to. It is all shades of confidence, and confidence remains one of the most appealing things a person can pose. Be confident in yourself. 

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8. A Fit Physique

Many men find women with good physiques beautiful. This is not suggesting that you make alterations to your body so that men can consider you as beautiful. We are saying that you should try to be fit as much as you can. 

We asked Gray what he thought made women beautiful, and he said: “I consider a woman beautiful if she is fit and feminine. Fit means that she is in the right, healthy weight range. And feminine being that she has a burst of energy that draws me in.” 


To stay fit, you just have to pay attention to diet and exercise. 

9. An Athletic Body

While some men like Gray are just fine with a fit body, others take it a step further and request that a woman have an athletic body. 

More men than you will think are in this category. They ask that women have just the perfect shape, with round butts and thin waists. 

While some women are naturally this way, it is quite possible to get an athletic body in the gym. You just have to target the right muscle groups by doing the right programs, at the same time paying attention to your diet and routines.

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10. Makeup

Men often like to disagree in public spaces that they do not like makeup, but in private, they often shed this belief. 

Lam says: “Just the right amount of makeup can make the difference. It is almost always surprising what makeup can do to a woman.” 

If you know just how to apply your makeup, most men around you will consider you as beautiful and appealing. Not so much; not so little. The balance should be there. 

Does it add to your confidence level? Then there is a big chance men find it attractive. 

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By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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