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10 Things Guys Secretly Love

by | Love

Nov 9, 2022

Guys secretly love a lot of things they will not tell you about because they expect, and rightly so, for you to figure these things out yourself, especially when you both are close friends or in a romantic relationship. Having a hard time figuring out these things? We are here to help. 

How do we know these things? We asked 13 men what they secretly love, and here’s what they had to tell us.

1. Guys Love it When You Contact First

Even though a guy might repeatedly be the first to contact you after dates and hangouts, he would love it so much if you contacted him first. 

This makes him feel loved and appreciated, and that is exactly what makes a guy love you more. A man who his woman appreciates will be the most loving thing she has—he will shower her with affection so much that other people start to envy her.

2. Guys Love it When You Flood Them with Random Texts

Have you ever seen a man pick up his phone after it beeped, only to spread a big smile afterward? Chances are, his woman just texted. 

For some reason, those little random texts mean more to men than you may truly know. 

A guy secretly loves it when you seek him out, even when he is busy, showing him details about your day, your life, anything at all. 

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3. Guys Secretly Love Surprises

Who does not love surprises? Well, not me. Not the thirteen men we interviewed. And chances are: not your guy as well. 

Everyone seems to love surprises because of how loved these make them feel. 

The surprises don’t have to be overly big surprises. They can be anything. Small surprises, big ones, and weirdly, even ‘got ya!’ moments. 

A man loves and desires that you surprise him more. This is a secret desire, though, because too few guys will be willing to tell you about their love for surprises. 

4. Guys Secretly Love When You Show Them Off

This is especially true when you both have defined your relationship. 

The misconception that guys don’t like to be shown off is most often only true when you both have not defined your relationship. Or even more common when you have put him in the friend zone.

A guy who likes you does not want to be shown off as your’ friend.’

He, however, wants to be shown off as your lover. Show him off and watch him become happier, prouder of himself and you, and eventually, the relationship you both share. 

5. Guys Secretly Love It When Women Rock Their Clothes

If you have put on your man’s clothes before, you can agree that he looked at you in a way that made you feel good. That is because most men secretly love it when a woman puts on their clothes.

So, sis, rock his shirt. 

Rock his sweatpants. 

Even better, laugh about it when you do so. 

For example, it is usually the cutest thing to put on your man’s clothes, walk into his room, and say: “How do I look in this?” 

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6. Guys Secretly Love it When Women Rant

This may seem weird and unfair, but somehow, men really love it when their girlfriends rant to them about something that has been bugging them.

Note that this is only true when the men themselves do not constitute part of the rant. 

Men often just love to sit there and listen to their women talk and talk. Often, they will throw jabs at each other and laugh about it. 

Eric told us that most of the bonding between him and his woman happens when she is ranting to him. 

7. Men Secretly Love When Women Ask For Help

A man in a relationship feels good when he has the chance to help his woman with achieving tasks. These usually range from small tasks to bigger ones. 

But merely asking usually triggers a man’s hero instinct. A hero instinct is an inert instinct that has a man wanting to be his woman’s hero. 

A man in love wants to be his woman’s hero. He loves it when she is appreciative of his chivalry and care. 

8. Men Love it When Women Show Some Jealousy

Healthy jealousy can deepen bonds and make relationships seem like more. 

Though some jealousy can be harmful, some jealousy is loving, springing from a place blooming with the healthy desire to protect. 

Your man loves it when your jealousy guards him—from himself and from other women who might constitute a distraction to him. 

He also loves it when you pull him away from work that overwhelms him. He does. 

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9. Men Love When a Woman is Invested in Their Hobbies

Most men are passionate about at least one thing. Often, this passion is blazing and can only be quenched by their woman.

Should you try to quench his person, a man is going to resent you. But if you love his hobbies and pay attention to them, he will love you so much. 

Men secretly love when you speak well of their art as well. For example, if you are dating a writer, just telling him how much you love his work will have him drawn to you more fiercely. 

10. Guys Love When You Ruffle Their Hair

Many guys secretly love it when you ruffle their hair. The men we spoke to agree that it makes them feel ‘babied.’

Yes, almost every guy secretly loves to be babied. He wants to have his mouth on your boobs. He wants you to jump on him randomly, pull his beard, and play chase. 

And, of course, he secretly loves a pillow fight because it is then that he can bring out the child in him. 

Guys almost always love activities and personalities that bring out both the man and the child in them. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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