The Type Of People You Don’t Need To Invite To Your Wedding

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Oct 27, 2020

Organizing a guest list is an integral part of the wedding planning process. Sometimes, you may run out of ideas when thinking about who exactly to invite to your wedding and who you don’t need to ask. To make the process easy for you, we have come up with six different types of people you don’t need to invite to your wedding and should consider striking off the guest list.

1. You don’t need to invite your ex

Even if you and your ex are on friendly terms, it would be best not to invite your ex to your wedding because it would look odd. You know, your ex standing right there looking at you at every turn, and you too may not be able to resist the urge of throwing some quick glances at your ex.

Your wedding day should be all about yourself and your partner. The ultimate focus should be on both of you. If your ex comes to your wedding, people who knew you guys dated before will start looking at him, trying to watch his or her expressions or react, especially on the point where you guys will be asked to kiss each other.

Furthermore, knowing both of you had something intimate in the past when you guys were still dating. With all these in mind, I think it would be best not to invite your ex.

Also, how would it feel like when it’s time to dance and your ex decide to pull you to the dance floor, wanting to dance with you? Meanwhile, your spouse is there watching, and he or she knows your history with this person.

2. Co-Workers That Are Just Aquaintances

It’s better to invite-only colleagues from your work that you’re friends with. Not the “only, hey, or good morning kind of colleagues.” It’s not necessary because you guys actually do not know each other so well. 

Your wedding shouldn’t be a day for crowd gathering. Ask yourself if these persons will invite you to theirs. It would be better to invite only those colleagues that you’re on the same page with. So all of you guys don’t have to act in a certain way just to please everyone. Make your wedding a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, where everyone can relate to each other. You don’t need to invite people you know only in passing to your wedding.

3. Drama Queens

This set of people are those who often like to exaggerate or overly emotional reactions to events or anywhere they find themselves. Yes, the drama queen loves all the attention. Remember, it’s your wedding, don’t let another person steal the show. 

You and your partner are supposed to be the center of attention. Don’t let the attention which should be reserved for you and your partner alone to be shared with someone else. That is not right.

Though it will be a great idea to have at least one wedding guest who isn’t hesitant to break the ice or ginger everyone and get the twirling and shaking commenced, you must not invite the kind of wedding guest who could cause negative drama off the dance floor. 

Don’t allow anyone to outshine that day. Everyone should show some humility. If anyone must shake the ground, it should be in a positive way and not to draw all the attention to themselves.

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4. People who do not support your marriage

Don’t even think of considering them when making a list of who to invite. If they are not supportive of your marriage, then they won’t be happy with you on that great day. They may even try to disrupt things if care is not taking. 

Also, they will be finding faults in the wedding, something negative to gossip about later. Try not to give them that opportunity. Invite only those you know are happy with you because they will turn everything negative into positive for you because they want you to be happy.

5. Don’t invite distant relatives. 

It would be best to invite only close relatives, especially the ones you have close contact with. Not the distant relatives that you only see once in 10 years. You shouldn’t feel bad about leaving them off the wedding list.

Also, not the type you only see at family gatherings. It’s not necessary. It’s your wedding day, share it with relatives who you really know and not people who are like strangers. You can include your close family members on your wedding list.

6. People you know only on social media.

Just because you like and comment on each other posts doesn’t mean they are real friends. So you don’t know who exactly has your best interest at heart. Not everyone who likes your pictures or comments on your posts really likes you. They are strangers, as long as you have not really met them in real life or do some personal things together.

Bottom Line

From the list of people to invite and those who you don’t need to invite to your wedding, one thing is sure; invite those with who you have a good relationship and have your best interest at heart. It would be best not to invite strangers, attention seekers, and those who may look odd when you’re seen with them. 

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