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The Speed Bump Position: How to Do It?

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jul 16, 2023

Few sex positions raise as many questions as the speed bomb position. Our editors have read your questions and will now be showing you everything you need to know about the speed bump position.

What is the Speed Bump Position? 

The speed bump position is something like the doggy position, the major difference being that there is little to no arching and no space between the tummy and the bed. 

Eugene S. describes it as the doggy that makes one go nuts. 

The speed bump position is the position you opt-in for when you feel as though the doggy position will not do.

Does it Feel Any Different from Regular Sex Positions?

Of course, yes, it does. For one, a woman may not feel any burning or pressure along her thighs as she would in the doggy position because all her weight is on her tummy. 

For the man, it may feel a bit laborious as he has to reach down. But it helps place his palms on the woman’s lower back, but not so much for it to hurt.

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Can it Make Women or Men Cum Faster?

Yes, it can. 

Andrey K., a man in his twenties whom we spoke to, tells us that the speed bump position is one of the positions he goes into whenever he has a bit of a hard time cumming. 

“The feel from there is just perfect.” He says. “I know there is no way to do it better than the speed bump. It is my personal favorite.” 

In the same vein, Elena B., a woman in her mid-thirties, tells us that the speed bump position makes her feel a lot fuller and so makes her cum faster.

“I feel so full in that position, and before I know it, I am jerking all over.”

How to Do the Speed Bump Position


No sex position can exist without the necessary foreplay. So, spend some time kissing your partner and getting them aroused. 

You may even have to go on and give them head. 

We have articles up about kissing right and giving head the way you should. You may have to check them out by following the links. 

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2. Get Into position

Getting into position for the speed bump is as easy as getting in the doggy position In fact, you have to first get in the doggy position and then lower the more until you have your tummy on the bed. 

Put a pillow underneath your thighs so that your arse now slopes upward. 

The sloping of your arse, when the pillow is underneath your thighs, looks something like a speed bump, just where this position gets its name.

3. Slow Strokes

Whatever sex position you go for, it is best to begin slow, as slowness brings in the mood you want. 

Slow strokes with more focus on angles are just perfect.

Angle your penis in a way that makes your woman feel full. There is a big chance she is going to feel much fuller if she puts her legs together rather than spread them. 

So, at the beginning of the sex, ask that she puts her legs together. 

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4. Faster Strokes

As things get more intense, there is going to be the need for her to spread her legs farther apart. 

This will make it easier to grab at her waist. 

Grab gently at her waist and increase the pace of your strokes so that every stroke feels like she has not even got the time to breathe. 

Please note that you really don’t have to make your strokes faster if you do not plan or do not know how to give rhythm to your strokes. 

Your strokes need rhythm. This gives a sense of direction to the sex. 

5. Hair Pulling

If you are on about having very wild sex, then pulling her hair is very recommended. 

You just have to do it right. When it comes to hair pulling, too many men get it wrong. 

You are to pull at her hair in a way that does not hurt her from the hair root. This will mean taking fistfuls of her hair rather than just a few strands. 

Pull gently so that her back arches.

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6. Thumb In

Put your thumb into her arse if you both are just as nasty. 

Women have described a thumb in their arse as being very intense. If you are not fine with putting your thumb into her ass, you can opt to use anal plugs. 

Be sure that these plugs are well-lubricated. And be careful not to hit them so they don’t go deeper than you want. 

Anal plugs can help your woman cum a lot faster. 

7. Spanks

Yes, every woman I have met loves to be spanked. Especially ones who love BDSM. This is why that conversation with your partner about their sexual preferences is a very valid one. 

You should know what your partner likes. If they love to be spanked, then by all means, spank them. Show them how willing you are to slut them out. 

I will tell you a secret: many women like to be slutted out. So, do what you must to bring out that wild side of hers. 

8. Clit Rubbing

Rubbing her clit when you get down with her is surely going to make her feel things you want her to feel. 

Here is something you should never do: you should not rub at her clit or go anywhere near her vagina just after you put a hand in her ass.

Rub at her clit only if you have to. 

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9. Alternating Between Doggy and the Speed Bump

Since the doggy and the speed bump position are very related, it adds more spice to the sex when you alternate between these positions. 

Do both the doggy and the speed bump. It makes things very intense.

10. Being You

You just have to be yourself. Be creative. Enjoy sex the way you and your partner see fittest.

The speed bump position is very intense.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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