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The Secret Formula to Make Your Child Study and Do Homework

by | Parenting

Mar 26, 2021

The secret formula to make your child do homework is to motivate and let them understand the importance as well as helping them to see homework and study time as a time of fun and not hard work. Homework, the word itself, carries a lot of pressure in mind. Most of the children, as well as parents, get anxious when they hear about homework. Instead, homework can be an opportunity to teach your children to be more responsible and dedicated.

Mainly, parents misunderstand homework to be work, but it is the way of learning not working. Work denotes lots of pressure, while learning is a calm process. 

Almost all the parents and students in the world are worried because of homework. Students don’t want to study, and parents are always stressed about making their children study and do homework. 

Reasons for children to study and do homework:   

Studying and doing homework is an important part of students’ lives. No one can stay away from the fact that the only way to learn something new from school is to recite the schoolwork and practice it more.

Some reasons why homework and studying are important for your child are shown below:

  • Children get a chance to revise what they already studied at school. Practicing the same things repeatedly enhances their memory power. 
  • Doing homework regularly on time teaches your children to be responsible and punctual towards any other work.
  • Homework helps children to be more independent.
  • Performing homework by themselves helps research capabilities in your children.
  • Parents can see self-discipline abilities in children who perform studying and doing homework every day.
  • Mostly, the children who tend to complete homework on time are more focused, smart thinkers, and intelligent than others.

Tips to make your child study and do homework regularly:

Managing children to study and do homework is the toughest task for most parents around the world. Parents are worried about children’s habit of running away from school tasks.

If parents try to make homework interesting and fun, maybe, children start enjoying them. Trying something new and different doesn’t hurt. So, why not try some useful tips? 

Let’s discuss some formulas that might help your child study and do homework easily and happily. Some tips are discussed below:

1. Motivate your child:

Children may feel lazy and uninterested in doing homework. Lack of motivation also makes children dull and bored. Children’s minds get excited only by motivating and praising them.

Motivation must be intrinsic, not extrinsic. The enjoyment must come within them. Engaging them in activities that bring psychological satisfaction is necessary, helping them enjoy them without materialistic things.

Praising and encouraging your children might help. Act like there is nothing your child can’t do. Teach them not to give up on anything easily and complete the task in time properly.

2. Let kids understand responsibility towards homework:

Kids should realize that homework is their responsibility. They have to perform it no matter what. Do not make homework your responsibility; let children realize it by themselves.

Parents can help them by supporting them instead of sitting and doing the child’s homework themselves. Children are supposed to do their tasks on their own. You can try such homework differently on another sheet of paper.

While your kids do their tasks, you can complete your household chores and show your children that you are also busy and doing your own task. Children will learn to value responsibility, watching you. Be an idol your child always seeks for.

3. Make your kids bear the consequences of ignoring homework:

Stop nagging and worrying your kids about homework and schoolwork. This will create disturbance in children’s minds, and they lack interest in school work.

In fact, let your child not complete their homework and go to school without it. Ensure your children do not get tough punishment but realize the consequences of not doing homework and not studying.

Watching other students completing the task and only one of your children not completing it might realize the study’s importance. Your child will come home directly and will start doing homework on their own.

4. Make homework and study time a fun time:

Children’s minds catch fun activities really soon. This interests them in doing any work; homework and study can be one. Parents may find this idea confusing. 

Can fun and study come together? Why not? You need to research and apply them. Gifting exciting tables, good stationery, art items, dictionaries, or table clocks might strike their minds. You can give them a calculator if required.

Teaching your children cutting-pasting, printing, doing paper works, and other fun activities may create interests in children’s study. You can ask your children to perform it by themselves next time to enjoy every part of those activities.

5. Do not bribe or force: 

Children learn from their parents. They imitate parents and make parents idols. So, parents should be careful before taking any actions towards children. Start teaching positive behaviors and good moral habits to children.

Bribing and forcing should be strictly neglected. Once you bribe your children, it becomes a habit and way of living. Bribe spoils your children’s mentality and way of seeing things around.

Instead of showing greed for materialistic stuff, teach your children to remain happy and motivated through good moral behaviors like praising, motivating, believing, and pushing them to become better people each passing day.

6. Set doing homework as a reward:

Stop making your children think of homework as a burden. In fact, make them feel homework is a reward. Making homework feel like a win for children is very necessary for parents to understand the value of homework in educational life.

Tell your children that homework is a precious gift which is better not only for good academic results but also for their future development. Train children in such a way that they start seeing homework positively and do not fear studying.

If children start doing homework and study, thinking of them as a reward, no one will stop them from running after studies. Children start accepting homework and study instead of discarding and avoiding them.

7. Start from a simpler and easier one:

The best way to let your children do homework is to start from an easy one. Easier homework will take less time to complete, and it also freshens up minds. This will create interest in children to do homework and study.

When easier works are done initially, the joy of finishing at least one work appears, and children could start a difficult one at last. Studying easy ones first boosts their confidence, and they could generate interest in studying more.

Starting from simpler ones helps fight boredom and makes children more active. This builds self-confidence and motivation in children. Children adjust to such a comfortable environment more easily.

8. Appreciate and praise children more often:

Children understand the language of love and appreciation. To ensure your children to be a better person every day and enjoy every beat of life, start appreciating and praising them. Clapping, even on their small effort, makes them glad.

Appreciate them regarding study-related affairs and when they learn some new magic tricks, sports, dance steps, songs, and so on. Frequently use words such as “I’m proud of you, Good job, well done, I believe in you” and more.

Using such words motivates the children and helps develop positivity in children, and a positive mind is a key to satisfaction. By applying these tricks, your children will do their work with dedication, interest, and joy.

9. Make kids realize grades are something but not everything:

Most of the parents are more concerned about grades rather than appreciating children for their abilities and capabilities. Indeed grades are necessary but not compulsory. Both parents and children must understand this fact.

Parents should understand grades are not the end of the world and teach their children to learn and explore more rather than worry about grades. Because of pressure on grades, many children are compelled to spend their childhood in pressurized, stressed, and anxious conditions.

The innocent childhood phase gets ruined only because of grades that are not good for children’s minds and physical health. Judging the fish by the ability to climb a tree is as senseless as judging the kids by grades. Here, both the fish and children row on the same boat.

10. Remove all sources of distractions:

Distractions are most common when you leave your kids to study and do homework. Kids have thousands of excuses not to study. Parents should, first of all, figure out the sources of distractions in children.

Children mostly get distracted by mobile phones, tablets, video games, storybooks, toys, hunger, etc. Before your kids start studying, check if your children are satisfied fully or not. 

Remember to provide light snacks to your children before doing homework. Keep gadgets away from them. Create a peaceful and learning environment for your children. Make sure they stay hydrated during the study process.


Parents should handle children very carefully. Not all children are similar. First, you should understand the abilities and capabilities of children and take action accordingly. Make your children do homework so that they could learn and explore, not for grades or duty. Let children value the importance of the study.

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