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Ten Signs She Just Wants Money

by | Love

Last updated Jul 22, 2021 | Published on Oct 12, 2020

Having a relationship with a woman comes with plenty of benefits. But sometimes, she may not be the person you think she is. Your girl asking for money once in a while is okay. But when it happens too often, then you have to be careful. Here are ten signs she just wants money, and very soon, she will be gone.

Ten Signs She’s In For The Cash


1. She Makes Lots Of Demands

When a woman demands too much, she is there for the money. Every person has needs and wants. But when she asks you almost every day, you know that is all she cares about. She’s not even asking for small things. She’s demanding top-quality stuff you can’t afford. Every guy wants to make his woman happy, satisfied, and pleased with him. Women that want only your money leverage on that weakness and make demands. Such behavior can amount to financial abuse (1).

2. She Has Expensive Taste

A woman having expensive taste is one of the signs she just wants money. That is why finding true love is getting very difficult these days. People go into relationships with fantasies and get frustrated when they meet disappointment.

There is no single person on the planet who doesn’t want to be rich. Most women will get into a relationship with any guy they suspect to be rich. Resist succumbing to her pressures. You have financial responsibilities, and those should be your priority. 

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3. She Cares Less About Your Family

A woman who is after a man’s money always avoids developing an emotional attachment. When a woman makes every effort to avoid conservations about your family, she is not planning to stay. She makes every effort not to meet your family. She gives flimsy excuses for why she is not available or ready. She always avoids everything that will make her seem like a partner.

4. She Is Interested In Your Financial Status

Women that are with you only for your money research your financial status. She wants to know everything about your career and work. She asks questions about your job to know if it is lucrative or not. The woman wants to know your pay-day to calculate the best time for her to make her demand.

She wants to know all your bank details, even to the extent of using your cards to make purchases. She wants you to tell her when you are at your highest point in financial resources. Be careful of any woman who digs deeper into your finance than normal. 

5. She Feels Entitled To Your Property

When a woman feels she is entitled to your property, it is one of the signs she just wants money. A woman that feels entitled to a good life without having to work for it is questionable. She feels she has the right to place any demand on you, and you must fulfill her wishes. If she likes a thing, you must buy it without hesitation. She feels your money is for her. And that she must spend it as she likes. Please pay attention to people with attitudes like these and find the wisdom to put them in their place.

Ten Signs She Just Wants Money

6. She Ignores You When You Are Financially Unstable

A woman that is only interested in a guy’s money will leave when the money stops coming. When a woman is always angry with your inability to meet her needs, be careful. Every man needs a woman that cares for him, money, or no money. A woman who doesn’t want to hear that you are broke is not there for a relationship.

Once in a while, try telling her you don’t have money. Watch her reaction. If she becomes aggressive, then she’s only with you for money. You don’t mean anything to her more than that.

7. She Never Cautions Your Spending

Good women will always caution their men about spending. They think about the future and understand that saving is an integral part of it. A woman that wants to build a genuine relationship with you will never allow you to spend so much.

But a woman who is with you for the money has no concern about the future. She wants you to spend your money now and right there. The thought that you are spending too much never crosses her mind. So she will never caution you when you waste resources. The only time she cautions you are when you spend money on other people. 

8. She Never Pays For Anything

A healthy relationship is when both parties spend their money. When a woman expects only you to spend money, it’s one of those signs she just wants money. Women that will build a relationship with you will partake in everything you do and share the bills.

On the other hand, a woman that wants your money will make sure you pay for everything (2). She doesn’t offer to foot any bills or even buys groceries. She doesn’t want to take up any responsibilities. To her, it’s your job to take care of her. And you must do it. 

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9. She Has No Plans Of The Future With You

A woman that wants a genuine relationship with you will talk to you about the future. But a woman interested in your money cares about what she can get now. She evades every discussion on the future of the relationship. Her goal is to live on you while saving her money for the future. It’s a selfish thing to do, and you must try your best to resist it. 

10. She doesn’t care you’re seeing someone else. 

Women are very jealous of their men seeing another woman. Even the thought of it can make them go crazy. A woman who wants your money doesn’t care at all if you’re seeing someone else. As long as you meet her needs, that is not her business.

Jealousy is part of every relationship, as long as it’s in moderation. It even helps to build trust and connection, with creative ways to show love. But when someone is never jealous of you with someone else, it’s because the money is good.

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By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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