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Ten Signs Of A Manipulative Partner

by | Love

Oct 16, 2020

Sometimes being in a relationship can be complicated. There are different types of people with different personalities. It is necessary as well as important that you study the person you want to date. That is why you should go on a couple of outings before starting a relationship. Some people hide their true colors in a relationship. But there are always ways to show who they are. Here are signs of a manipulative partner and how you can handle them.

1. They Are Liars.

Telling lies is one of the obvious signs of a manipulative partner. A manipulator will always lie to get out of trouble or to prevent scrutinizing. When you ask them questions about themselves, they will lie. Dating a person who lies all the time is hazardous and can put you in trouble. 

When you have a partner who lies, it proves that you are dating a manipulator. You can handle a liar by always calling them out or asking them to show evidence. 

2. They Play The Victim In Every Situation.

A shred of evidence that you are dating a manipulator is that they always play the victim. They refuse to take responsibility for their action. When anything goes wrong with them, they blamed you. If you catch them cheating, they say it is your fault. It makes you wonder if you are doing the right thing in the relationship (1). 

If you get into a fight, even though they are at fault, they act heartbroken. And make you feel like you are not a good partner. When someone plays a victim, make them aware you know their tricks.

3. They Always Dismiss Important Things.

A manipulative partner will never want to deal with important issues. When you find a fault in their action, they do not want to talk about it. Anything you want to talk about is not pleasing to them. 

These people are never willing to listen or deal with important issues. When you are dating a master at dismissing delicate events, you are dating a manipulator.

4. They Only Care About Themselves

Signs of a manipulative partner include the traits of caring only about themselves. They will force you to make choices and decisions that favor them alone. A manipulative person doesn’t care about your feelings as far as what you do pleases them. 

Also, they even go to the aspect of making you feel guilty because you did not grant their heart desire. Some will cry; some will claim you do not love them, all because you refuse to do what they like. 

Ways To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship

In a relationship, both parties should care for each other. When you are dating a person who doesn’t care about you are dating a manipulator. 

5. They Are Never Serious.

When your partner uses the phrase ‘I am just joking’ often, it shows they’re a manipulator. The person can say hurtful things that tamper with your emotions and affects you. And when you act, they say they were kidding. It is a great form of manipulation. 

They can also say hurtful things about you or make fun of you in public. And when you react, they say you are ruining the fun and that it was just a joke. Manipulative partners make use of different methods to take advantage of you without being too obvious.

6. They Always Want To Know What You’re Doing.

At first, when your partner calls you, you feel satisfied. But once it becomes frequent, then there is a problem. When someone wants to know where you are at all times, that person is a manipulator. The person is trying to control you and determine your movement every time (2). 

When you are dating someone who behaves in this manner, it is evidence that you are dating a manipulator.

7. They Judge You Every time

A manipulator is good at bringing down your self-esteem. When you make decisions and choices, they will always judge you. It could come in the form of a snide comment based on what you do every day. It could even be by giving you dirty looks in public. 

Your partner should always be supportive of you and not judge or condemn you. When you are dating someone who judges your appearance, you are with a manipulator. Resist them in any way you can, but in a polite manner.

8. They Use Your Weakness Against You

Your partner knows a lot of things about you, including your weaknesses. Signs of a manipulative partner include using your weakness to get you to commit. Something that they know you don’t like or things they know embarrass you. Such a thing is not good for any relationship. 

Don’t allow people to use your weakness against you. Always try to read between the lines and call them out of their atrocities. Become the master of your character and personality.

9. They Flatter You To Get What They Want

When you have a too charming partner that flatters you a lot, they could be manipulative. Because they know when they tell you that you are gorgeous or beautiful, you get flattered, so they use it as an avenue to ask you for things that will benefit them.

How To Tell If It Is Real Love Or Infatuation

It might not be very obvious that they are manipulating you through flattery. But one should look behind the motive of that flattery to see the true nature of that partner. Don’t always fall for flattering; instead, use your imagination to judge your partner’s intent. 

10. They Prevent You From Meeting Your Friends

A manipulative person will always want you to do what they say and go where they want. They don’t want you to interact with your other friends. Because they feel you might have a friend who can see through their façade. 

Also, a manipulative person will try to prevent you from hanging out with those who will see through them. If you see signs of a manipulative partner like these, you need to address it fast. Such people can make you lose very valuable friends. They always want to be the controlling force in your life. Sometimes, they even play the ‘if you love me’ card to get you to stay with them only.


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By Allison E.

Allison E. is the Head and Editor at Whatsdalatest. He enhances brand awareness and the communication process. He enjoys writing useful content and inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves.

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