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10 Signs Your Neighbor Wants to Have Sex With You

by | Sensual Intimacy

Aug 20, 2023

When you have a neighbor, sometimes, there are these subtle signs that they want to do more than share a hallway with you. Do you want to know what those are? Hop on. Here are ten signs your neighbor wants to get down with you.

1. They try to show skin around you

I think this is the ultimate telltale sign. I had this neighbor who worked out a lot and made sure to show me his quite impressive abs at any chance he got. 

When he heard me walk into the hallway, he would come out shirtless to say hello. At first, I thought it was a coincidence until I noticed it was a pattern. 

Chances are they are very confident about their body, and they like you enough to want to show it off. Eventually, I found out that was a sign my neighbor wanted to get down with me. 

2. They are extra kind

This is a sign your neighbor wants to get down with you. I know there are kind people in the world, but no one can be that kind for nothing, right?

Whether we like it or not, except on very rare occasions, humans can be selfish, and if it isn’t benefiting us, we will not go the extra mile for that thing. 

I had this one very mean classmate in the university who would not offer you a finger of help even if you were dying, but this new transfer student she had a massive crush on came along, and she would even wipe his shoes if he asked her to. 

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3. He’s nice to your guests

Your guests, yours alone. If, for some reason, someone begins to act very nice to them, it is possible they like you, and that extreme niceness to your guest is a sign they want to get down with you. 

I feel it is just normal human behavior to try to get the good graces of the friends and family of people we like because somehow, we know that they would say good things about us, and this alone can plant seeds in our minds, and we begin to look at them differently. 

So the next time your mom stays over at yours for the weekend, and your cute neighbor offer to help her go grocery shopping or keeps her company when you are unavailable, know your neighbor likes you and wants to have sex with you. 

4. They invite you over to theirs

What screams romantic interest better? Most people do not like having other people in their spaces. 

Coincidentally, I saw a meme that read, “The reason why I don’t have a welcome mat is that I am not a liar.” So if someone has been inviting you over to their flat, they must really like you a lot for them to want you in there. So if your neighbor always invites you into their apartment, it is a sign they want to sleep with you. They might even nurse lofty thoughts of getting down with you inside their apartment. 

5. Your presence makes your neighbor nervous

While some people are bold with their intentions for you, others are not. If the mere sight of you makes your neighbor nervous, he certainly has something up his sleeves, and he wants to have sex with you. 

It is even found in the behavior of children to be shy and jittery when they come face to face with their crushes. Your neighbor may have a cute five-year-old trapped in him. 

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6. They give you thoughtful gifts

Gifting has been known to be a universal love language. The person sees something you could possibly like while shopping and goes, “Oh. Sara would like that,” and then goes right on to get it for Sara. 

Have you seen the pattern? Why should they know something you could like if they hadn’t been keeping tabs? Of all people to think of, why you? Why did they go on to get it for you? To make you happy, obviously. People try to make the people they like happy. And this is a sign your neighbor wants to get down with you. 

7. They are very interested in your life

I do not know how I could possibly emphasize this enough. It is normal for someone with good neighborliness to want to know about his or her neighbors. 

But when they like you, they begin to ask questions that go beyond what your name and line of work are (wiggles brows).

For instance, he may ask what your favorite meals are or what your destination vacation could be. 

He might even go three steps further to make jokes about how that could be his destination vacation location too! Most times, these conversations may linger for a long time. It is all because he wants to be in your company for longer and eventually get down with you. 

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8. They ask you for stuff

Before most people ask other people for stuff, they must really like them and be comfortable with them. 

We are talking about little they could easily walk into the closest Walmart and grab themselves things like some glue or salt. 

Take a minute and think. If all the neighbors, why does it have to be your door they knock at when their iron goes bad, and they do not want to wear rumpled clothes to work? This is a very glaring sign your neighbor wants to have sex with you. 

9. He intentionally tries to annoy you

This is one very old tactic where people are so conscious of the fact that they like a person, and they try to make the person think they hate them to mask their true feelings of wanting to get down with you. 

So if there is a particular neighbor who always does his best to get on your nerves, chances are he likes you but does not want you to know. So the next time he comes to knock off your flower vase, beat him to his game by accidentally spilling water on his porch first. Yes. Be petty. 

10. They are always there to greet you when you come back from work

It takes a lot of concern to want to know if a person is back from work or wants to be interested in how their day went. If this concern is evident, your neighbor wants to get down with you. 

So someone who is always miraculously outside when you get back from work by 11:00 pm is surely into you.

You have a choice between being into them back or choosing to stay away from them. Personally, relationships with neighbors, I do not recommend. 

They are usually messy and sometimes difficult to handle. But that does not mean we should cancel it totally. Just do you. 

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Does your next-door neighbor want to sleep with you? Look out for the signs that indicate your neighbor wants to get down with you. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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