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20 Signs Your Coworker is Sexually Attracted to You

by | Love

Published on May 18, 2022

There is a coworker you think is sexually attracted to you, but you can’t fully understand what exactly their intentions are, so you would like to know. It’s always a good idea to clear this continuous thought up in your head.

Relationships between coworkers aren’t new, and they definitely aren’t uncommon. One-third of women who live in the US said that they have at some point or the other dated a coworker. So, if you think your coworker likes you, you are probably right. Check out these certain 20 signs your coworker is sexually attracted to you and wants to date you: 

10 Signs Your Female Coworker Likes You

Men and women approach attraction differently. So, if a female coworker likes you, you’ve got to be able to look into her feminine schemes and sniff it out. These are ten signs to look out for in a female coworker you think has a crush on you: 

1. She Antagonizes You

A lot of times, this comes off as really annoying. But if you are patient and sensitive enough to look past the surface, you’ll see that it is only a sign that she likes you. 

People antagonize others for many reasons. One of such reasons is that they want to be noticed. 

If a female coworker likes you, she’ll try her best to have you notice her. She’ll poke holes in your presentation; she’ll make it seem like you will have to need her help all the time. 

2. She Supports You

Some women don’t antagonize. Instead, they show support. And I mean, a lot of support. 

When you begin to find that you can do no wrong in her eyes, when everything you do is met with a lot of support, then you have to know your coworker is sexually attracted to you. 

She’s supporting you because she likes you. 

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3. Other Coworkers Think She Treats You “Too Specially”

This is going to happen soon after you first notice that she is being too nice and too supportive towards you. 

The coworkers will start to sniff something. They’ll ask what’s going on and may even start teasing you both during break hours. This can happen even before you notice her niceness, though. 

4. She Stares, A Lot

It is going to be something like the moments captured in movies. You are working at your desk. A slight move of your head and, right there, are eyes staring at you. She smiles and then looks away. 

If this happens more than once, then it is certain that your coworker has a crush on you. It may just be a crush at this point, but it is going to grow into something more if you let it.

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5. She is Happier Around You 

And I mean visibly happier. She could have been having the messiest day, then boom, you walk in, and she is all smiles. 

This sign shows she loves your company and craves more of it. 

What do you say? Would you give it to her, or would you let it slide? 

6. She Asks for Help and Wants to Watch You do It

A female coworker can ask any coworker for help. But when she insists that she has to watch you do it, then something is definitely up, especially if she keeps making remarks on how effective you are as she watches. 

It’s all a way of telling you: “Hey, I think you are cool. Can you help me with other stuff completely not part of office work?” 

7. She Finds a Way to Maintain Body Contact

No, she isn’t going to be all extra about it. At least not yet. But there is going to be body contact and a lot of it at that.

  • She’ll insist on hugs. 
  • She’ll want to pick a pimple from your face. 
  • She’ll want to help fasten your necktie properly. 

You know, anything to initiate body contact. 

This is she telling you that she is comfortable enough with touching you. Meaning she is very sexually attracted to you and wants to date you.


8. She Wants to Hang Out Outside the Work Environment

If your female coworker asks to hang out with you outside the work environment, she is simply saying that she wants to take her flirting and displays to an area that is more comfortable. 

She wants to be able to express herself to you, and she wants you to do the same. 

9. She Begins ‘Personal’ Conversations

Sure, when a female coworker likes you, she begins personal conversations such as these ones:

  • She is going to try to establish a rapport. 
  • She’ll attempt to start conversations with you. Personal ones. 
  • She’ll tell you how her day went, and how she plans to spend the rest of her week. 
  • She’ll try to make you ask questions, too, and hint that she is free to hang out. 

10. She Seeks your Compliments

A coworker who wants to date you will seek your compliments. Or validation. It is feminine nature to seek some kind of validation from the masculine. 

She is going to ask what you think of her dress. If you think her new shoes look nice. 

10 signs Your Male Coworker Likes You

Men are a bit different from women when it comes to displaying attraction. When your coworker likes you, you have to watch out for behaviors that hint at ‘dominance .’Look out for these ten signs that your male coworker has a crush on you: 

1. He Wants to Be a Hero

By being a hero, we mean he wants to undertake most of your tasks. 


Express any difficulty, and he is already offering to help. This is a big sign that your male coworker likes you. 

2. Tries to Boss You Around

A coworker who makes himself your ‘boss’ most likely has a crush on you.

He tries to control you and how your work is. 

A lot similar to a female coworker antagonizing you, but different in that this one antagonizes you so that he can help. 

Helping means he has to spend some more time around you, and that is exactly what he wants. 

3. Jealousy? Green Flag

Men are essentially jealous people when they are around people they feel attracted to. When your male coworker starts to show jealousy, especially over another male coworker, when he asks what is up with you both, then that’s a big green flag that he is into you and wants to date you. 

If you doubt that his display is jealousy, how about you try to make him jealous and see how it turns out? 

4. He Compliments You

Women may seek compliments, but men would most times want to be the ones who give it. If your coworker compliments you a lot, then it is a sign that he’s attracted to you sexually, especially if his compliments are precise. 

Something like: “I loved that dark pink dress you wore earlier.”

If he asks about a particular dress and suggests that you wear it more often, it is an indicator that he is sexually attracted to you. 

5. He Wants to Be Part of Your Social Media

One morning, you are scrolling through Facebook, and, boom, there is a friend request from your coworker. 

He wants to connect with you, and not just on Facebook. He wants you on all his social media. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Everywhere. 

Big green flag. He has sent those requests because he is thinking about you a lot. 

6. Dresses Prime and Proper

When a male coworker into you, you should be able to notice a change in his dressing and probably his physique. 

He is going to dress a lot more properly and may even start hitting the gym. All these he does so you can notice him and, most likely, be attracted to him as well. 

7. He Tries to Make You Jealous

There are times when men play the jealousy card too. 

The jealousy card looks something like this: your coworker, sensing resistance from you, takes his attention from you and begins to display attachment towards other coworkers. 


He does this in an obvious way, so you notice it. If you notice this, then it is an indication that he likes you. 

8. Body Language

If your coworker likes you, his body language will sell him out

  • He’ll want to have contact with you at any opportunity. 
  • He will hug you. 
  • He will hold your hands. 
  • He will smile at you for no reason
  • He wants to go home at the same time as you
  • He throws flirting glances from across the office every now and then
  • He offers to make coffee for you

Anything just to make sure his hands are on yours and to get your attention. 

Asides from that, your colleague will display some possessive body language like walking confidently, etc. 

9. He is The First to Notice Something is Wrong

When you walk into the office with a gloomy face, he is the first to notice and asks what is wrong. 

It is as though he notices everything and wants to find out what. He is sensitive, in a nutshell. He likes you, and he is sexually attracted to you. 

10. He wants to Hang Out

When a coworker is sexually attracted to you, he is going to try to hang out with you a lot. 

To hang out, he is going to have to talk. 

So, he is going to talk to you a lot, and then he is going to try to hang out with you more. 

He will set dates and invite you over. He may even want you to come to know where his house is.

Photo by TheStandingDesk on Unsplash

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By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works of short fiction have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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