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10 Signs That He Enjoyed the Kiss

by | Love

May 17, 2022

Accept it—it matters to us if he enjoyed the kiss and whether the kiss was great or not. We usually want to know at that point so that we save ourselves minutes of sitting and wondering if the guy we kissed enjoyed it, if our breath stank, or if the awfulness of the kiss is the reason they have not reached out to us since the kiss happened. 

Is this possible? Can you really know at the instant if a guy enjoyed the kiss or not? Well, yes, you can. You can almost always predict if the guy really was into the kiss and if he thinks you are a great kisser and wants to kiss you again.

Here are ten signs that he enjoyed the kiss.

1. He Enjoyed the Kiss if You Enjoyed it

Kissing is sometimes like playing a video game—the intensity and everything. If you enjoyed it, if you considered it intense and tough and would want to replay another match, then you had better believe your opponent enjoyed it too. If you don’t enjoy it, if you think it is boring, then your opponent most likely will think it is boring too. 

If you felt intense pleasure during the kiss, you felt really into it; then it is a sign that the guy you kissed enjoyed it as well. But if for some reason you didn’t—let’s say you thought there were too many pauses or both your teeth knocked countless times—then it is very likely he, too, did not enjoy the kiss. 

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2. There Was Little Awkwardness

Some kisses are quite awkward and feel like two people scratching at imaginary things. I’ll give you a scenario. 

So, you move in to kiss a guy. The kiss starts out pretty well. But for no obvious reason at all, your bag falls to the ground. You both laugh about it as you bend over to pick up the bag. You would set it back atop the table and get back to kissing.

But just then, your phone rings. You silence the phone and get back to kissing. Another thing happens soon: your teeth painfully knock against his or your shoes become spaceships and fly into mars. Do you really think this guy is going to enjoy the kiss you have both had? The answer is no. 

If your kiss with him was clumsy and awkward, if too many things happened, and you felt like you could hear him say under his breath: “Oh, shit.” Then, he didn’t enjoy the kiss. 

On the other hand, if the kiss was pretty gentle and you both felt as though you were in your zone if you both were relaxed and comfortable whilst at it, then he definitely enjoyed it. 

People enjoy stuff when they are relaxed. For this reason, you enjoy your meals more when you are seated in your own safe space, away from everyone’s eyes. One more thing here: if you bit his tongue, forget it, he didn’t enjoy the kiss.

3. He Pulled You into a Hug

Let’s imagine that you both stood by a wall when you kissed. Two minutes into the kiss, did he pull you close? I mean, close-close. The kind of close that has you relaxing into him. If he did, then you can count on this: he enjoyed the kiss. 

Good kisses can be very intense, triggering hormones in our bodies that make us feel turned on, and that makes us crave physical contact and intimacy. Bad kisses, on the other hand, do the very opposite. They make the guy ask himself: “Can’t this just end already.”

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4. He Pulls Back to Compliment Your Lips

Have you ever been handed a drink so good it made you stop drinking for a minute just so you can have a good look at the manufacturer? I have. And I have seen someone do this. 

The other day, I was at the bar with some friends when this lady came around. She sat at the table next to us. When the waitress offered her a drink, I could tell she hadn’t seen or heard about it before. 

She kept looking at the waitress in disapproval as if to say she really didn’t need this. The patient’s waitress explained, gesticulating that she just goes ahead and drinks

Seconds passed, and she finally decided to give it a try. After the first gulp, she brightened, looked around, and then lifted the bottle to check the manufacturer. She really wanted to know who had just done that to her taste buds!

A sign that a guy enjoyed the kiss is if he pulled back to compliment your lips. Some kind of: “Gosh, your lips are so soft.” It means he just couldn’t believe that a person’s lips could be so soft and appealing to kiss. 

Some guys don’t just compliment. They go on to ask questions. “Oh, this is good. Where did you learn how to kiss?” He enjoyed it if he asked you this, believe me. He really did enjoy it. He may not make any comment, but watch how he pauses and look at you in awe. This shows he probably wants more of the kiss.

5. He Kissed the Sides of Your Neck

Traditional and French kisses involve the lips. But when they are so good, they start to get really intense, and the kiss could involve elsewhere. If a guy really enjoys a kiss, he will get carried away and begin to kiss parts of your body that are not just your lips. 

He could bend over and run a tongue behind your ears or kiss the sides of your neck. Have you ever wondered why hickeys are usually around the neck? Well, because most intense kisses drift to the neck.

In a series of studies, Thompson and coauthors reveal that romantic kissing plays a role in relational scripts depicting the expression of love in romantic relationships.

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6. He Was All Over You

A good kiss, I have said, will have a guy carried away. And a guy who is carried away will be all over you. He enjoyed the kiss if he acted this way. If there was a lot of touching. A lot of boob-holding and a lot of butt-grabbing. 

If you were all over him as well, then it’s a plus mark added. Remember that, in number one, I said that if you enjoyed the kiss, then it is most likely that he enjoyed it pretty much too. 

When all over you like this, especially as you must have been touching sensitive spots on his body, some guys get so carried away that they begin to moan a little. Yes. Real moans. Deep moans.

Did he moan when you both were at it? Or did he say any things you did not seem to understand as if he had been whispering into the wind? If he did, then it is true that he enjoyed the kiss.

7. He Took Control

Many guys like to be in control when it comes to romance and intimacy. They seldom want to fall back and let the woman take charge. Since you are seeking to know if he enjoyed the kiss, I am guessing that you were the person who initiated it. 

A sign he enjoyed every bit of the kiss is that he took over at once. Let’s say you walked over to him and kissed him, and all of a sudden, he just took over from you and controlled the pace of the kiss. 

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8. He Went Slow at Some Point

The pace of a kiss can affect its intensity. If a kiss is pretty fast, it is often considered sexier (that is, most likely to lead to sex) than sensual. Slow kisses, on the other hand, are considered sensual. 

So, if he enjoyed the kiss, if it began to mean something to him, it is possible that he at some point reduced the pace. Did he close his eyes? If he did, then it is a sign that he enjoyed the kiss. Closing one’s eyes during a kiss means one is really feeling it.

9. He Didn’t Seem to Care

If someone really is into something, there is the likelihood that he would not care. The other day on the bus, I watched a boy play a game on his phone. I could tell that it was obviously a car racing game because of how he tilted his phone this way and that way. Even though there were several eyes on this kid alongside me, he didn’t notice talk less or care much. 

If a guy enjoyed the kiss with you, he would not care about who was there or who was not, if it was raining outside or if the sun grew new teeth. He would focus on you. 

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10. You Both Had to Stop

We have all been late because of a good movie. Most of us, at least. We just sat there until time elapsed, and then we discovered we were late. This is the reason we learned to stop ourselves from watching an especially good movie. 

If he enjoyed the kiss and considered it really good, he would stop himself. He’d say something like: “We have got to stop.” He is doing this because he enjoys the kiss so much and believes it could become something more intense. 

It’s natural to wonder if a guy enjoys the kiss or not. But the chances are that he likes it and would love to take things to the next level with you. Is there a guy you like and want a romantic relationship with? Check out these 10 Signs He Likes You And Wants To Take Things Further.

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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