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10 Signs of Snapchat Cheating in Relationships

by | Love

Aug 29, 2023

Do you think there is a thing going on over there on your partner’s Snapchat? Chances are, there really is. But you will never know until you read this article. It is one of the most useful tools to sniff out something out of the ordinary with your partner. Here are the signs your partner is guilty of Snapchat cheating.

1. They post less on other channels

When your partner begins to do some funny business on Snapchat, the first thing you will see will be unavailability on other social media channels. 

They may have even hated Snapchat from the start, preferring Facebook. But this cheating is going to make them like Snapchat more. 

They will post less on their Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram. Putting up more posts on their Snapchat. 

It will become as though they are nonexistent on other platforms.  

2. Their post on their Instagram or Facebook story always has Snapchat filters

Even when they make posts on other channels like Facebook or Instagram, you will notice a pattern with these posts. 

They will have Snapchat filters. What does this tell you? Well, it does tell me that they are spending more time on their Snapchat, and so are taking more pictures. 

This is a bigger sign when there is a man involved. Many men do not like Snapchat. This is because other men have a bad feeling about Snapchat filters. If your man suddenly falls in love with Snapchat filters, then there is a big chance he is guilty of Snapchat cheating.

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3. Their Snapscore Increase

A person’s Snapscore increases as they continue to interact with their friends. Usually, the Snapscore increases when you send a snap or receive one. 

For example, if your Snapscore increases by ten, then it means you sent ten snaps. If it increases by twenty, it means you sent twenty snaps.

When your partner’s Snapscore increases that big even when they are not sending you any snaps, you can confirm your doubts that they are guilty of Snapchat cheating. 

I know it is hard to admit, but they are cheating on you.

4. They post more snaps

Why do you think people make posts? And I mean posts about themselves. The truth is, they do it as a means to get validation. The question is: validation from whom? 

Usually, when your partner is that into you and is not guilty of cheating, they will be all about getting validation from you. 

They will not want that validation from someone else. This changes when they start to cheat on you or have it in mind to cheat on you. They will immediately start to seek validation from someone. Someone on their Snapchat friend list. 

They will chase after this validation by making posts and all of that.  

5. They stay on Snapchat more and late into the night

What does it mean when someone starts being more available to others but never to you? I will tell you what it means: it means they are cheating on Snapchat. 

I know this is pretty hard to admit, but it is true. 

The earlier you come to accept it, the better life is going to turn out for you. You may, in that realization, find the strength to move on or confront them. 

What seems to hurt the most about being cheated on is the unwillingness to do everything. 

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6. They respond slow

Not only do they stay up late Snapchatting in the night, but they start to reply to you late. Now, the question is: what do you think they are doing? 

I will tell you what: They are talking to someone else, ignoring you in the process. This just tells you that you are no longer that much of a priority: the priority is that new someone with whom they are guilty of Snapchat cheating.

You may doubt this, but eventually, you will come to see how true it is. It is the truth, and you will come to see it one day for sure.

7. They become more guarding of their phone

Cheating is never something to be proud of. So, people who cheat feel some sort of shame towards themselves. Deep down, they know that they are being dishonest. 

This will drive them into guard mode. They will be guarding themselves from two things: from shame and from confrontation. 

In the guard mode, a person who is guilty of Snapchat cheating becomes more glued to their phone.

They cling to it without ever letting go. It is in their hands when they go to bed; it is there when they want to take a dump. 

And lastly, the password changes. 

A password change that happens abruptly is never a good sign. It is a sign that there is something new to hide. And guess what this new thing is going to be? Of course, They are Snapchat cheating on you.

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8. Their “my eyes only” folder becomes more erotic

The My Eyes Only folder on your partner’s Snapchat is going to tell you a lot about what your partner is doing. 

Jokingly ask that you both go through it together sometime. What you see there is going to tell a lot about whether or not your partner is guilty of Snapchat cheating.

If you see a lot of nude pictures and videos, then it is safe to assume that your partner is sending them to someone. What does this mean? It means they are guilty of Snapchat cheating. Sad, I know. But that is just the way it is.

9. They get random calls from Snapchat contacts

If their phones are almost always buzzing, and when you look down, there is the picture or avatar of a Snapchat contact, then it is likely your partner is Snapchat cheating on you or is about to. 

You see, the signs of Snapchat cheating and the signs that the cheating is about to happen are almost always the same.

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10. You feel it in your gut

Don’t joke with your gut feeling. If you think it, then it is likely true your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating using the Snapchat app.


The signs of Snapchat cheating are always there.

By Whatsdalatest Editors

The Whatsdalatest Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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