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Should I agree to date him?

by | Love and Romance

Last updated Jul 6, 2022 | Published on Feb 4, 2022

Relationship Help: Should I agree to date him? Dating should have a good purpose—to help you and the guy determine if you want to marry each other.

Why does it Matter?

You’re about to make a big decision and have to be careful about it. 

What Would You Do?

When Prisca first sees Donald, he is seated at the bus station. There is an empty seat behind him. Prisca walks over and asks if she can sit there. He smiles, all his teeth showing, and says a gentle yes. 

Prisca sits, the calming scent of his cologne wafting into her nostrils. 

She would tell him she likes his cologne when they board the bus, and they would spend half the journey talking about the book Prisca is holding. 

Like Prisca, Donald is a lover of literature. He has written many short stories and books and has been published in the New Yorker once. 

Prisca finds him fascinating. They go on dates a couple of times, and it doesn’t take long for her to figure that she may just like him more than ‘just’ a friend.

When he asks her out, she does not know what to say. Stunned, she tells him that she will think about it and get back to him soon. 

Tonight, she spends the night thinking. Should I date him? 

If you were Prisca, what would you do?

Are You Ready For a Relationship? 

While relationships can hold a lot of fun, relationships are also a lot of work sometimes. 

You have to let go of some things you hold dear and give a commitment to your partner

Do you think you’re ready for this? 

Answering this question can be a bit difficult. 

If you are just recovering from heartbreak or if you are just coming out of an abusive relationship, you should not rush into a new relationship. You should let yourself heal very much. 

Do You Like Him? 

It is important that we date people we like and are proud of. You’re going to spend a lot of time with your partner, and so you just have to like him. 

When you think about him, what comes to your mind? 

Would you be fine with spending time with him? 

Do Your Interests Align? 

When your interests align with another person’s, you both will enjoy each other’s company. 

If, for example, you’re a writer and your friend is a writer too, you know that both of you will have a lot to talk about and explore. 

There’ll also be room to grow. 

How Does He Treat People?

Usually, people who treat others badly would also treat you badly at some point. 

Watch how he treats people. Now, ask yourself: Do I want to date him? 

What do Your Friends and Family Say?

Ask your family what they think of him. Do they think he is nice and presentable?


Do they support your wanting to say yes to him? 

If they do, then you should really consider agreeing to date him. 

Action Plan

Dating is a weighty matter. So before you agree to date a particular person, you need to learn how to build friendships. 

For this reason, you’ll be in a better position to build a healthy relationship. After all, a great relationship is a union of two friends compatible with one another.

Questions to Ponder On

How do I know I am ready for a relationship

In search of more relationship resources for advice and tips? Check out Feedspot’s Top Relationship Blog List.



Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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