Queen of the South: Is Teresa Mendoza Really Dead?

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Jun 4, 2021

Queen of the south has confirmed that season 5 of the show will be the last. Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga), the show’s main character, was shot dead by her lover James Valdez (Peter Gadiot) at the end of episode 9, season five. And viewers were left wondering if their leading actor Teresa Mendoza is really dead.

James used to work as a hitman for Camila Vargas (Veronica Falcon) during the beginning of the series. He’s an ex-military guy and a good sniper. He used to serve as a sniper for Camila, but now for Teresa.

James showed how much he loves Teresa in the series. He has been worried for Teresa as she has become relentless and ruthless in her quest for power.

The end of episode 9 is like a replay of the beginning of the series where we see Teresa in white walking towards a big mansion with her bodyguards. She is probably living the American dream and controlling the biggest cartel in the western region.

Queen of the South: Is Teresa Mendoza Really Dead?

Is Teresa Mendoza Really Dead?

Teresa gets shot all of a sudden after taking a sniff of coke by a sniper. Guess who the sniper is—James. Although, the person who took the shot at the beginning of the show wasn’t revealed to us at that time. But now, we know who did. As we all know, Teresa has always been a survivor right from the very first episode of the show. She has survived the worst. So who knows? Your guess is as good as mine.

There are a number of possibilities. Most likely, Teresa is not really dead as they want us to think. here’s why.

First possibility

There is a chance that the end of the episode will be like the end of season five of Game of Thrones when Jon Snow was stabbed and viewers assuming their leading actor had been killed off. And fortunately for viewers, the producers find a way to bring him back to life in the following season. 

Second Possibility

It’s also likely that James decides to follow CIA’s asset Devon Finch orders to kill her since nobody can actually work away. However, the main reason behind the shooting, or if it happened for real, is yet to be revealed.

3rd possibility

Maybe they set Oksana’s daughter up, killed her, and make it look like it was Teresa? Just a thought. Because if you checked the picture of dead Teresa, it doesn’t really look like her, to be honest. The lips seem to be that of Oksana’s daughter, and her eyebrow looks different. If that was the case, then probably, Delvin might buy that. But, remember, the CIA has eyes everywhere. So they will believe Teresa has been killed. Meanwhile, she’s deep underground.

Remember, James told Teresa he loves her right after spending some good time together. So it doesn’t make sense that he will kill Teresa so soon for Delvin. Even James made it clear from his conversation with Delvin that he doesn’t work for him anymore. I may be wrong, but we all know the team is good at making clever plans.

The entire series has been about Teresa’s survival. Now that she is ready to quit and go legit, why killed her off by her own lover? Nevertheless, I still believe someone important is going to die or take the fall. It could either be James or Pote. Maybe Delvin and the CIA later discovered that Teresa isn’t dead, and then they take out James. Who knows? Well, we will find out soon enough.

At the end of episode 9, Teresa killed Kostya (Pasha Lychnikoff), and Pote (Hemky Madera) comes out of nowhere to assist James in rescuing her from the Russians. Afterward, Teresa decided to retire and move to Belize. 

is Teresa Mendoza really dead

Next week is the show’s season 5, episode 10. Of course, and it’s going to be the series finale. It’s been a long ride for Teresa Mendoza, Pote, James, and everyone else in her life, and now we have to wonder who’s going to die next? What’s in store for these amazing characters?

If anything, the show this time around is a bit rushed than it has in years. Many fans were anticipating that the series will end in a more satisfying way but were shocked to find that the ending of the series is taking an unexpected turn.

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Fans reaction to QOTS episode 9, season 5

Episode 9 of Queen of the South has fans feeling a lot of feelings. While there is still one episode left, many fans were upset about what happened in “The ninth episode” and left feeling confused or disappointed.

A fan can’t conceal his emotions as he wrote: “Why kill Theresa! I’m sadden! Every great series that I watch ends with a series finale! Don’t do it! Bring it all back and then some!! Please don’t end the show!!”

Based on the show coming to an end, a fan wrote on Facebook: “I am so nervous for “la familia” there are so many bad variables that I just can’t think ahead of how and what is going to happen, it is just too sad that this amazing show is going to end…………so soon, ugh!!!!!!!!!! The acting is truly amazing and to me regardless of any other character they play, they will always be these characters to me.”

Another fan on Facebook wrote: “Another great episode! Excellent poisoning of the Russo-crook, Pote to the rescue, AND a perfect set-up to confuse everyone by finally having James declare his love for Teresa… and then seemingly killing her. But they are such the Houdini couple with tons of tricks up their sleeves! Cannot wait to find out what really happened!”

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Teresa and hope episode 10 takes an unexpected twist.

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