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Post-Pregnancy Exercise Tips For New Mums

by | Health & Wellness

Nov 19, 2020

After childbirth, new mothers need to get back in shape. You need to do this so you can get more energy and lose weight. A healthy and balanced diet and exercise help you feel healthy and fit again. Getting back into your pre-pregnancy figure is also one of the reasons to do this. Many new mums try to recover but are unsuccessful because they’re doing it wrong. To get good results, we suggest you follow these recommended post-pregnancy exercise tips for new mums.

1. Wait A While 

After childbirth, most people can’t wait to get in shape again. It’s a good thing because that is pure motivation right there. But it would be best if you waited it out a while before hitting the gym. Your body has gone through a tedious nine months of serious work. 

Don’t put it to work almost immediately after giving birth (1). Wait for at least three weeks before you begin your exercise routine. Allow your body to rest for a while. 

2. Take It Easy 

Few weeks after your bundle of joy arrives, you start adding even more weight. You’ve rested enough; now it’s time to get fit. Take it easy on yourself and resist the temptation of overdoing things. Start with a simple walking or jogging, or even dancing. 

Do small aerobic at home for a few minutes, then continue to improve over time. If you overdo things, you might cause serious issues in your body. Excessive stress might also lead to complications that can affect you and your baby. 

3. Get Professional Advice

Seeing a doctor is one of the best post-pregnancy exercise tips. Before doing anything, make sure you inform your physician. The expert will examine you and provide you with advice based on your medical history. 

Consultation helps you to know what to and what not to do. You’ll avoid certain exercises that may be harmful to you. The doctor may also be able to tell you how long you should exercise to avoid problems. 

4. Choose The Right Postpartum Exercise

The chance of success in your physical training depends on the type of exercise you choose. Some people will have to go walking; others may do deep belly breathing. Experts do advise women to try kegel exercise to relieve pelvic floor problems. 

It will be best to avoid anything that puts much stress on you. Be careful when working at gyms by not going along with everyone. That’s why you need to inform the instructor you’ve just given birth. 

5. Pay Attention To Your Body 

One of the post-pregnancy exercise tips you can’t ignore is paying attention to your body. During workouts, you’re going to experience pain in some parts. When this happens, please don’t ignore it. Stop at once and get it checked by your doctor. 

Most of the time, you might need to take some rest. Your body is still fragile, and too much pressure might lead to problems. 

6. Eat Well 

Physical exercise is going to take so much from you. That is why you will need to replenish your body with nutrients. Ensure you have enough protein in your diet. You also need to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables for all the vitamins and minerals. Beans, lean meat, eggs should also be part of your daily meal. Soy products have plenty of protein in them.

Along with a good amount of daily calcium intake, you will need it for recovery. New mothers who’re doing workouts should aim for at least seven servings every day. Avoid foods that are full of fats and processed sugars, which can make you add weight. Focus on retaining energy and physical capacity to help you improve your performance. 

7. Resist The Temptation To Compete

Healthy competition is good. Have too much of it, and you’re in for trouble. New mums are going to face the temptation to compete. If you’re in the gym, you’re going to see all those slim single ladies with their angelic figures. If you pay too much attention to them, you might get into trouble. Don’t do more than you can afford. 

Have an exercise plan and stick to it. Don’t succumb to any external pressure; stay focused on your goal. Do whatever you want without taking permission from anyone. With gradual progress, you will succeed and have the shape you want. Know that it’s not a sprint but a marathon to get to your goal. 

8. Find A Buddy For Your Workout

No post-pregnancy exercise tips are complete without telling you about a workout buddy. You can’t do this thing alone. Find someone you can derive motivation and capacity to progress. You need a partner who will inspire you to get up when you’re feeling lazy. When you have a buddy, it’s easier to try new things. 

You become more adventurous and consistent in what you’re doing like never before. Your workout partner helps you to follow a structure, and you will have more fun. Make sure you choose someone you know and understand (2). 

Have a common plan, and let them help you when you need support. Your workout partner might be the secret to you getting back to shape. 

9. Choose The Right Bra 

When you’ve just given birth, your breasts are going to be heavy. Getting into exercise, you will need to find the right bra. You will require a bra that can hold your breasts in place and allow you to move with ease. 

During exercise, you’re going to experience so much sweating. Therefore, you will need a bra that will soak up the sweat. The bra can also help prevent serious damage to your breast. 

10. Drink Water 

Dehydration is a problem for anyone who’s working out. One of the post-pregnancy exercise tips you can’t ignore is drinking water. So, anytime you’re going for a jog, have a bottle of water with you. New mums need this more because of their breastfeeding. Breast milk requires water to make, and your body gets it from you. 

Drinking water will also ensure you remain in good shape and improve performance. You also need water for proper joint lubrication during a workout. Your muscles need water, so also does your brain and other parts of your body. Improve your exercise success after childbirth by drinking enough water. 


After birth, many mothers want to lose their pregnancy weight as soon as possible, but if you’re breastfeeding, excessive dieting and accelerated weight loss can be harmful to you and your baby. Losing the weight, you attained during pregnancy may take several months to achieve. (3)

You can reach this goal through exercises, along with eating foods with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, accompanied by enough proteins and carbohydrates. It will also help if you cut down on fatty snacks. Following these tips for post-pregnancy exercise for new mums can help you get back in shape.


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By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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