Mother’s Role—What Makes A Good Mother

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Nov 12, 2020

Many women throughout the world today do their best to earn a living and, at the same time, to care for their family and home, which is not an easy task. Single moms are the most affected by this since they have no spouse to share the economic burden, and many of them need more than one job to provide for themselves and their children.

These women provide money for necessities like food, clothing, and shelter; they also help clean the home, prepare the food, and wash the clothes, among other house chores. Also, they try to teach moral values to their children, doing their best to bring them up as responsible adults. But what is behind mothers’ driving force, and what challenges they face as they try to fulfill these duties.

Although many women do jobs outside the home to boost their sense of self-worth and to gain a measure of financial independence, others do it because it is an absolute necessity. Other reasons could be because of peer pressure from friends and also to pursue luxury lifestyles. (1)

While fathers have the primary responsibility of training their children, Mothers also have a vital role​ in training their children. The children need both of their parents in their life in order to grow into responsible adults.

What makes a good mother

1. Spending quality time with children is very important, especially for their overall growth and development. Sadly today, many women live busy lives, and as a result of that, do not spend or devote time to their kids. To be a good mom, you have to find ways to spend enough time with your kids.

2. A good mother always ensures that she is available for her children whenever they need her. Buying your children all the presents in the world does not make you a good mother. What children need most is your availability, especially when they need it.

Do you make yourself available during teacher parents meetings? How about tucking them into bed? Or be present at their graduation ceremonies or to pick them up from school. For good mothers, your kids should be your number 1 priority.

3. Are you your child’s friend? Do your children confide in you? If your child sees you as a friend, he or she will share anything with you and will be very comfortable with you. Make it a priority to be your child’s closest ally. That way, you can help your child avoid making many mistakes or getting into any problems as he or she will always come to you before making any big decisions. 

4. Do you show love and affection for your kid? There are many stories in the media of mothers or fathers who abuse their kids. A good mother will never do anything to hurt or abuse her child. Just as a gardener prepares the soil, waters, and feeds the plant, and protects it from pests and weeds, a good mother also care for and protect her kids.

They help their children grow in the right direction. And just as a gardener recognizes that a careful combination of various techniques will allow him to produce a healthy plant.

Similarly, parents care for their children in various ways. However, when they give discipline, it must be done carefully, just as a plant can suffer permanent harm; likewise, children can suffer permanent damage when the discipline is not done the right way. Good mothers must administer discipline with loving care.

5. In many homes today, parents yell and fight at each other in the presence of their kids. A good mother ensures that the atmosphere at home is pleasant. Since problems are sometimes unavoidable, it would be best to handle it so that it doesn’t create a negative impression in front of your children.

It would be best to resolve issues behind closed doors and in low voices. The atmosphere at home plays an important role in the growth and development of a child. A happy and pleasant atmosphere gives children a sense of security.


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