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10 Lies Guys Tell Their Girlfriends

by | Love

Sep 16, 2022

Ever wondered what lies your boyfriend tells you? Girls, this one is for you! Here are 10 lies most guys tell their girlfriends.

Yes, yes, he is your sweetheart who can’t do a thing as vile as lying to you. Or at least that is what you want to believe. However, here is the truth; whether or not it feels great, everyone lies, including your boyfriend. Small lies sometimes, and other times, quite big ones. 

The good news is that even though all guys lie unique lies, they barely lie for unique reasons. Ask ten guys why they lied to their girlfriend, and you’ll hear the same reasons at least eight times: “I was trying to protect her.” I didn’t want her to be upset.” The list goes on. 

Judging from these reasons, here are some of the commonest ten lies guys tell their girlfriends.

1. She is Nothing to Worry About

So, there is a co-worker you are concerned about. Why are you so concerned, anyway? Well, because your boyfriend seems to be texting her a lot. You are human—one in love. 

You confront him about this after a couple of days, and he goes: “She is nothing to worry about.” 

Often, this is naught but a classic lie. Notice how he puts your feelings at the forefront of his excuse. He does not deny that there is no co-worker. He is saying: “You should not worry about it.” 

There is something wrong. Look again. 

2. I Wasn’t With my Phone

This is by far the most common lie told in any relationship. Our world is run by the internet these days. So, we are almost always with our cellphones—at work, school, everywhere. So, if your boyfriend REPEATEDLY tells you that he was not with his phone or mobile devices, then chances are, he is lying to you. 

This is especially suspicious if your gut tells you that something is off about your boyfriend lately.

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3. You Look Like a Super Model

As I mentioned in the introduction, most men have a problem with hurting women they love. They will do anything to make sure that woman is not hurt, and that includes even telling a lie. 

Take away lies that are associated with infidelity, and you’ll find that most of the lies boys tell their girlfriends are often associated with how the girl looks and how the clothes fit so badly. 

These lies, though, are never aimed at causing any harm. Although they sure do cause harm eventually. 

4. My Boss Needs Me More at Work

Often, men use work as an excuse to stay away from you for a while. Why? It is believable, and you just have to agree to let them go to work, or you risk being seen as too desperate, doubting, and unsure of yourself. 

Guys like to say: “My boss needs me more at work.” Too often. It is likely a lie if the request came up too sudden; that is if you had to probe before he brought himself to tell you. 

If it isn’t a lie, he will tell you about this supposed need at work without your having to ask. 

5. I Just Don’t Feel Like Visiting My Family

So, your boyfriend, who loves his family much more than anything, suddenly loses interest in going to see them. And when you confront him about it, he says he just doesn’t feel like seeing them anymore because (Insert excuse). 

Chances are, he is lying. It is highly likely he has gotten into a brawl of some sort with his relative and is hiding the details from you, so you don’t ‘judge’ him for it. 

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6. I am a Private Person; We Should Not Go Public Yet

You are, say, four to five months into the relationship. Everything is going smoothly until one day; you jokingly ask your boyfriend to put you both out there for people to see and tell you are together. 

“Babe,” you say. “let us get public.” 

At first, he is taken aback, then he laughs it off and responds: “Let us not go public. I am a private person.”

Chances are, he is lying. You may not believe it, but guys like to show off the women they hold dear. If he isn’t interested in letting people know you both are together, that is a red flag waving in your face.

7. It’ll Be Weird; You Can’t Hang Out With The Boys

Recently, your boyfriend has been hanging out a lot with ‘the boys.’ Two to three nights a week, maybe four on some weeks. He seems to be having fun. Well, until you ask if you can come along one of these days and, you know, hang out too. 

His response to your question is bitter disagreement. He says no. You definitely can hang out with the boys. 

Guess what this means? He is hiding something. 

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8. My Car Broke Down

This is one of those white lies guys tell their girlfriends. This should raise your suspicions more if the car chooses the perfect time in the world to break down. It may not be a lie, but if the timing is too negatively perfect, then he is likely lying.

9. She Reached Out to Me First, Though, But It is Nothing to Worry About

I have come to see that, with guys, the very things that are dismissed as ‘things not to be worried about are the very things that should draw your worry. 

You found that he is texting an old friend—an ex. You confront him, and what does he do? Tell you he didn’t text her first. This sounds like a lie. Granted, the female ex usually initiates contact. But the males do too. 

By telling you he didn’t text her first, he is hoping you don’t see his participation in all this. Sounds like a lie to me. Your boyfriend is an adult and knows exactly what he is doing. 

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10. Everything else your gut disagrees with

Believe your gut. Men are not the saints that love makes you think they are. They are fully human, and they lie too. You just have to pay attention. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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