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14 Simple Ways To Make Your Man Happy

by | Love

Oct 1, 2019

Looking for ways to keep your man happy? Don’t worry; many women have these worries from time to time. It’s downright normal. It’s one thing to make a man happy, but a whole new thing to keep him happy and like you more. 

Try these steps to make your man happy.

1. Compliment him

Tell him how you feel about him. Men love compliments, even if they don’t always show it, and they feel good when you tell them. 

Say something nice about your man’s clothing or appearance. You know you already find him attractive, so why not let him know? It will make his heart melt. 

He’ll be glad to know his clothing style and appearance haven’t gone unnoticed and that he’s succeeding at making you excited.

2. Get connected with him

While you guys walk on the road, hold hands with him, and make him know how proud you are to be his woman. 

Look into his eyes from time to time and whisper into his ears, telling him how he made you feel when you sit on the sidewalk or someplace else. Rest your head on his shoulder. 

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3. Be understanding and patient with him

See him not just as a partner but also as a human capable of different feelings and emotions. Try to understand his strengths and weakness. 

Patience is fundamental to a successful relationship. Remind yourself that your man is not perfect, including you. So both of you have things to work on and improve.

As a partner, you must take time to get to know your partner better. It might take months or years, but it will all be worth it, especially if you want your relationship to last.

4. Look your best and presentable during outings with him

You can make your man happy by looking great, especially during outings with him. Men like to be seen with a well-dressed lady and someone who is self-confident. So always work on your outward appearance.

5. Surprise him with gifts occasionally

Do not wait for a big occasion first. Just out of the blue, offer your man something nice. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The intention is what matters. 

It can be flowers, chocolates, a small artistry work, etc. This will also show your man that you are grateful to him and value his role in your life.

6. Offer to take him out

Just wake up one day and call your man. Tell him you have a surprise for him. Take him out somewhere nice. Take him to a nice quiet restaurant, park, movie, etc. 

He will feel loved and happy. Gone are the days when people believed only men should take women out—men like it too when women do the same.

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7. Call him for no reason

You don’t need a special reason before calling your man on the phone. Calling your man for no reason will put a smile on his face, and he will be happy. 

Just call him and tell him anything crazy or romantic. This assures him that he is always on your mind.

Trust me; he will keep wondering what’s up. You will stay in his mind, and he will look forward to seeing you.

8. Keep the fire burning

Sometimes surprise him by putting on something very nice, playing cool and romantic music, and dancing for him. Show him different moves. 

Make plans together. Find the time and go for a day trip, dinner, or to the game. This keeps the spark alive in relationships. 

9. Keep communications alive

With technology, we can easily keep in touch with our loved ones. Spending time with each other every day may be challenging, especially if you’re not yet under the same roof.

Communicating with your man can make him happy, and he will look forward to seeing you. So make sure you take advantage of video chats through WhatsApp, Skype, or other social media platforms on your smartphone. Talking on the phone and texting is good for a quick check-in.

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10. Talk About the Little Things

We easily share big moments, not the little things. But the little things are what help us stay connected. 

Tell your man about how you spend your day, the movies you watch, and even the selfies you take.

Also, share funny moments about your day at work or an exciting thing that happened while commuting. Call each other before sleeping if you’re staying apart from each other.

11. Appreciate your man

Appreciating your man is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship. Whether they have made you breakfast, dropped you off at work, took you to an outing, tucked in the kids, or surprised you with something—don’t forget to appreciate him for it.  

He doesn’t have to do something for you before you appreciate it. Tell him when he is not expecting that: “I appreciate you so much or thank you so much for everything.” 

This definitely will make him happy and smile for no reason. He will be looking forward to doing more. He will know all that he is doing is not going unnoticed.

12. Show personal interest in him


Taking a personal interest in your man will achieve considerable success in keeping him. Get to know his thoughts, things he enjoys doing, ambitions, and goals for the future. 

Where does he stand on having kids, marriage, and his career? Show a genuine interest in his family as well. 

These will help in building a successful relationship with him. He will become happy, and his love will grow.

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13. Treat him with respect

Show him respect if you want him to be happy. When a man shows you respect, how does it make you feel? Happy right? 

On the other hand, how do you feel when he doesn’t show you respect? Not good—I guess. 

Respect in relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and well-being. 

14. Tell him you love him

You may sometimes think that when you keep repeating the same word over and over again, the word will lose its meaning. “I LOVE YOU” is not just any word. It is unique. 

It doesn’t lose its meaning or purpose. It keeps refreshing itself like you’re saying it for the first time. That is the power of “I LOVE YOU.”

Also, words like this remind your partner that they are still attractive to you and that you care about and love them. 

Sometimes the small things are what that count. Never get tired of saying those magic words if you really want your man to be happy.

Bottom Line

To make your man feel loved, do things that will ignite the relationship and kick boredom out. If you know how to fill the little needs, it is easy for you to make him happy. 

Doing the following tips outline in this article will give your desired results.

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By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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