Ladies would you like your man to fall in love with you and put a ring on your finger? Here are some ways to get that done. He will want to show you how much he loves and appreciates you faster than you think.


10 Ways To Get The Ring On Your Finger


1. Be Natural

Don’t try to be what you are not because one day, he will still definitely find out. And when he does, forget it. Be as real as you can be to him, let him see you for who you are. Men appreciate the real self, not the acting one. Beauty may draw him to you but when he finds out he has been deceived, the love will fade away easily. Always be comfortable in your own skin. 


2. Don’t Be Desperate

Don’t move faster than him in the relationship, take it slow. It matures with time. Furthermore, if he thinks you are desperate for the ring, he may not want to make the move, thinking something is not right. Also, putting him on edge won’t put the ring on your finger. Be patient with him. By being patient, you also show your man that you value him and your relationship.


3. Don’t Try To Change Him

You can’t force your man to accept what you want. For example, if he is someone who likes watching football or likes travelling. Do not try to change him, if possible learn to like what he likes, so both of you can be on the same page. A man likes it when his woman shares the same interest as him. (in a positive way).


4. Be Appreciative

Be thankful for whatever he does for you no matter how big or small. Men like it when women are very appreciative. In Fact, they will like doing more. Show him how much you appreciate and he will do the same. Not only the big things, including the small things. Appreciating your man makes him feel good about what he’s doing. Also, it makes him feel better about himself. Every man would want to put the ring on the finger of a woman who shows gratitude.


5. Be Loyal To Him

Another way to get the ring on your finger is to show him you are devoted even if he is not perfect. You have to be committed to him as well and don’t let him fee you chose him by category. For example, don’t love him only because he is tall, or has six packs or looks handsome. No man wants to feel that you chose to be with him just because he satisfies a need of yours.


6. Introduce Him To Your Family

Another important aspect is to introduce him to your family members, including your mom, dad and siblings. This will make him feel welcome. You should also meet his family and be comfortable with each other’s family. Introduce him to your family after you guys have understood each other very well. If everything is going smoothly. If his family likes you, they might even put pressure on him to marry you.


7. Be Someone To Confide In

Make him feel he can talk to you anytime he wants to talk. In other words, try to be understanding and don’t try to get upset if he says something insensitive. But if he hurts your feelings, don’t be aggressive about it, let him know. Don’t judge him for telling you the truth about something. This makes him build trust and confidence in you. This will make him always open up to you all the time.


8. Look Good At All Times

You need to maintain yourself to keep the attraction last forever if possible. A man wants her woman to be confident and good looking. So do not neglect yourself, always take care of yourself. Pursue your career goals and keep looking for ways to improve yourself. Furthermore, looking good includes everything from good hygiene, your dressing, make-up and how you take care of yourself.


9. Show Personal Interest

Always strive to know about his welfare and life in general. Ask him questions such as: about his job, if he is facing any stress, what are his plans for the future, etc. If you don’t ask him these questions, he wouldn’t want to bother you with them. He would want to solve his problems himself. Showing interest means you are really interested in him personally.


10. Let Him Miss You

Try not to be present 24/7 with him. Taking time apart is healthy for you guys so that both of you can also concentrate on other stuff. This makes both of you miss each other and wanting to be together again. So it brings balance to the relationship and respect. Furthermore, another way to make him miss you is to be independent. He is not going to miss you if you are constantly available to him. Give him space and create your own space also. Also, try not to overdo it. Be very calculative. Trust me, he will definitely want to put the ring on your finger.


Bottom Line

Everyone of us wants a long lasting relationship. If possible, one that leads to a successful marriage life. As long as you and your man communicate well, appreciate each other, and can grow together, there’s no reason he wouldn’t want to engage you.


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