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10 Irresistible Things That Drive Women Crazy

by | Love

Sep 5, 2022

For the men out there who don’t know what things that drive women crazy, what if we told you it is not as hard as it seems? Driving women crazy by being utterly irresistible, we mean. We’re here to pass on a few tips from relationship experts that will make any woman crave you and can take your relationship life to the next level.

Here are ten irresistible things that drive women crazy.

1. Cologne

You must have heard of this one somewhere. A man’s cologne is what announces him first. 

Good cologne will bring you good attention and make you irresistible to women. When you walk past, women, driven crazy, will have no option other than turn back and look at you. 

If you can say Hi to a woman who is impressed by your cologne, you can definitely get her number and set up a date!

2. Style

Women are crazy about style. Not just their own style, that is, but the style of men. 

You don’t have to wear the most expensive clothes. You only have to style what you wear properly. Match the colors confidently; the shirt should go with the coat, and the coat should go with shoes. All should blend with jewelry. 

Your style should match your occasion. A casual look is just as irresistible as a formal one if the event is right. 

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3. Good Grooming

Your clothes could be perfect, but if you aren’t well groomed, your shine will be dimed, and her admiration for you will start to dwindle. Women love and are absolutely impressed by well-groomed men. 

Staying well-groomed subconsciously communicates that you take yourself and your body seriously. It shows a deep sense of respect for yourself and will make women want to be around you. 

People who leave bushy beards and don’t care whether or not their hair is well taken care of often come off as haphazard. There is nothing to be crazy about in the appearance of someone like this. 

Work on your hair. Wear a hairstyle that brings out the manliness of your facial features. Trim your beards.

4. Confidence

The traditional man is considered very confident. In the 19th century, especially in Europe, men were believed to be confident, prime, and proper. 

Women often gauged a man’s value to her by looking at how confident he seemed. Confidence can show in a number of ways, but it usually shows in how a man carries himself, especially around others. 

A woman will find a man other men respect to be irresistible. And if other women admire him, she will be utterly crazy about such a man. 

Walk confidently. Speak confidently. Let your confidence stem from a deep belief in yourself and your abilities. 

5. Manly Smiles

Do not think that being confident means being mean and unfriendly. Many mistake meanness for manliness. It is a big mistake and will get you nowhere with women. 

The moment a woman senses that you are being mean to her, she will switch on you and become mean as well. 

This is why you should try to be friendly and approachable when around women. It makes them crazy about you. If you are confident and seem approachable, then more often than not, you will be approached. 

Wear a bright smile when you have to. Other times, just put on a half-smile. But, be friendly. 

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6. Respect

The only way to gain a person’s respect or be truly admired by them is to show respect. There is no other way to drive a woman crazy and keep her respect for you than showing her respect. 

We don’t mean that you should let her have her way all the time with you; we mean that you should respect her boundaries and her time. Don’t try to force your values on her. 

Men should respect everyone around them. This makes them admirable and irresistible. 

7. Independence

A man who is independent and able to control himself, go out there and win at whatever he does, will more often than not be looked up to. Other men will respect him, and women will find him irresistible. In other words, he will be thought of as a leader. 

Men who lead well are irresistible to women, and they drive women crazy because women can feel safe around them. People who lead well drive just about anyone crazy!

Be more independent from now on. Develop a strong sense of self-confidence. As much as you can, try not to complain about anything. 

Rather than complaining, solve. Leaders solve problems. They solve their own problems and solve the problems of others. 

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8. A fit Physique

Men with good physiques drive women crazy. No one is saying that you should become a bodybuilder. We are only saying that you should be fit. As mentioned earlier, people often treat you the way you treat yourself. And treating your body properly shows you’re caring for yourself. 

Hit the gym often. If you have got beer belly, work to make it shrink. Check this article to find out how to lose your beer belly. Lose any excess weight that you have. Good physiques are one of those things women do find irresistible and are sure to drive them crazy.

9. Good Storytelling Technique

Have you ever been around someone who literally charmed you with their storytelling technique? I have, and I was absolutely crazy about them throughout the conversation. 

Good storytelling skills are a must for men who must drive women crazy. You must learn to converse in a way that has her staring at you, her breath heaving, to listen to the next thing you say. 

The moment a woman you are just meeting gets bored about listening to you, then it is likely she will not be that crazy about you.

Good storytelling techniques have been seen to help men attract mates. 

10. Humor

Humor is vital because it drives women crazy. With humor, you can easily grab a woman’s attention. A study shows that individuals strongly desire romantic partners with a good sense of humor. When you can make her laugh, you become irresistible. With each moment she spends laughing around you, she seeks to spend even more time with you. 

Make her laugh as often as possible. Can humor be learned? Yes, you can learn it because it is a skill.

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Women find confident and independent men irresistible. If you, as a man, can command respect and admiration from the people around you, women will be drawn to you, and it will drive them crazy. A man’s confidence will make a woman feels safe, and she will not have problems being her true feminine self before his masculinity.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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