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10 Inspirational Movies To Watch When You Need Motivation

by | Ideas

Mar 4, 2023

Movies are made to mirror real-life situations, and so can be the needed motivation you are looking for on dark days. Here are some of the 10 best inspirational movies to watch when you need to be motivated. Heads up. There are going to be some spoilers. I’ll try not to spoil too much—pinky promise. 

Here are the top 10 movies to give you all the inspiration you need right now.

1. Let it Shine

Let it Shine is a Disney Young adult classic movie released in 2012. I strongly recommend it if you love movies with lots of romance and music. 

It features the struggles of Cyrus, the protagonist, as he seeks to get acceptance from his family, which happens to be quite conservative. 

Though his father, a church pastor, looks upon rap music as ungodly and unacceptable, Cyrus is not deterred. He sneaks out of home at night to attend rap shows and karaoke. 

On one of those nights, he meets a singer called Roxie. 

The movie takes a spin as Cyrus tries ceaselessly to impress Roxie. He even goes as far as pretending to be someone he is not. 

Even though this movie gets 87 percent likes from Google users, I will place it up there at 95 percent. It’s a good movie and can give you the needed motivation to want, especially if you struggle with being accepted by your parents. 

2. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is a British drama directed by the Oscar Nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor. Released in 2019, it remains one of my favorites on screen. 

Like Let it Shine, it also explores a boy’s struggle to gain family acceptance. 

The protagonist, William Kamkwamba, is inspired by a science text which he loves and decides to build a turbine. 

His dream is, of course, laughed at by even his parents. They describe it as too far-fetched and outrageous. But William is undeterred. At the end of the movie, he succeeds in building a large turbine that provides water for his village. 

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is based on a true-life story. 

I’ll describe the screenplay as a 10/10. The emotions are clear and deep. Don’t be surprised if you shed a tear or two whilst watching. 

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3. The Pursuit of Happyness

Also, one of the most inspiring movies I have ever watched, The Pursuit of Happyness, released in 2006, is a carefully written movie that does more than just motivate you. It also helps you tap into your emotions and seek to repair bonds that were severed. 

It explores the loving relationship between a boy and his struggling father. 

The protagonist, Chris, battles it all but does not take his eyes off the goal. His wife leaves him at the point where he feels most broken, leaving the child in his custody. 

He eventually achieves this goal and goes on to find the happiness he truly seeks. 

4. Think Like a Man

If you have read Steve Harvey’s book Act Like a Woman Think Like a Man, you must be wondering why this movie makes it to this list. 

I’ll tell you why. 

Think Like a Man, even though a romantic comedic movie, explores the struggles couples have to face to become better people. 

It’s the perfect movie to inspire you if you are struggling with finances in your relationship, like one of the characters in Think Like a Man did.

This character, who is of special interest to me, fell in love with a far richer woman who made him feel small. 

But he would not accept his status as small. Driven by hurt, he took a bold step and established his business, making him a better man. 

5. The King’s Speech

Released in 2010, The King’s Speech is an academy award winner and one inspirational movie you just have to see. 

It depicts the struggles of King VI of England as he reached to become a better public speaker. It also shows how much the king dedicated himself to learning. 

From this movie, you get inspired to learn from everything—your mistakes, your rejections, etc. 

Everything life throws at you is an opportunity to learn, evolve, and become better. 

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6. Lion King

Lion King was a Disney Cartoon released in 1999. It can be an amazing source of inspiration for younger people—and even older ones like me who still love to see cartoons. 


The Lion King explores a loving relationship between Simba, a young cub, and his father, Mufasa. 

When Mufasa is killed by a treacherous brother, Scar, Simba loses all motivation to become better and so is forced to run away. 

He runs far away from his pride and settles with living in the company of a pig and his friend. 

Eventually, Simba finds the motivation to return home. 

His home is in Shambles by the time Simba returns there. But Simba knows what must be done. He fights and overthrows Scar, who had assumed forceful rulership over the pride, and Simba returns peace to his home. 

The Lion King teaches you to remember who you really are. It is possible that people have taken too much from you, cheated, and made you feel small. 

But the truth remains that, like Simba, you sure can return home. You can go back to wherever you had been abandoned, face your fears, and win at life. 

All that you have to do is remember. Remember who you are. 

7. Wild

Wild is a story about wild perseverance, grit, and motivation. Released in 2014, it explores a story most of us, especially ones who have dealt with grief are familiar with. 

Following the death of her mother, the main character of the movie is thrown into a spiral of grief and rage, which makes her self-destruct. 

One day, she decides that she is going to trek the Pacific Crest Trail, which is 1000 miles. 

During the quest, she is face to face with all sorts of danger. Some wild animals to predatory men, to hunger, as her supplies start to dwindle. 

At the end of the day, the protagonist finds her needed closure and gets on to become better. 

You should see Wild if you are dealing with any kind of grief.

But before you go on to see the movie, our writers want to tell you that you are strong and enough. We know exactly what grief feels like and how it can make a person a shadow of themselves. We encourage you to keep going: it gets better, and I mean much better in the end. 

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8. Coda

Yet another Academy Award winner on this list, Coda, released in 2021, is an inspiring movie that has to be seen by anyone who considers themselves different in any way. If you have struggled with being accepted, you should see Coda. 

Even though most of the movie is delivered in sign language, as three of its main actors are deaf, it remains one to inspire. 

Emilia Jones, the fourth actor, who is played as Ruby, is the only one who speaks in the Rossi family. Ruby struggles to help her family fend for itself, working as a fisher girl, but soon develops a special love for singing. 

She joins a choir and is torn between choosing to pursue her own dream, which is to become a singer or remain the family’s fisher girl. 

Like, Let it Shine movie, is a movie that helps you see that you are the most important in your life. You have to come first, not abandon your dreams. 

9. Hidden Figures

Released in 2016, Hidden figures is one of the most outstanding movies I have ever seen in terms of storytelling. The acting is just as good, and its message is clear: you are enough. 

The 1962 space launch was made possible by three black women whose story is told in Hidden Figures.

They have to struggle with a lot of skepticism, sexism, and fear, all the while keeping their heads high. 

When eventually the project sees fruition, they are praised for being the heroes they are. 

I will especially recommend this movie for women who have, for some reason, felt marginalized and looked down upon. 

You have to see that you are enough. Beyond the color of your skin and the form of your body, you are enough. 

10. The Woman King

The Woman King was one of the most anticipated movies of 2022. It makes it to this list because it explores the sheer grit of a group of women fighters called Ajogie. 

From a young age, these women dedicate their lives to fighting for their kingdom. 

They have to fight slavers to ensure the safety of their community. 

The Woman King is an inspirational movie for all women who are fighting to be more, to be better. 

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Final Thoughts

These 10 movies are surely going to inspire you, even on your darkest days, motivating you to be more. Better. 

Movies can be a powerful source of inspiration and motivation when we need an extra push to pursue our goals and overcome obstacles. The inspirational movies listed in the blog post provide examples of characters who persevere through adversity, follow their passions, and overcome their fears, inspiring viewers to do the same.

Whether you’re facing a difficult challenge or simply in need of a boost of inspiration, these movies offer valuable life lessons and encourage us to never give up on our dreams.

By Whatsdalatest Editors

The Whatsdalatest Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. And their team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics.

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