How You Can Be A Modern Father

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Aug 12, 2020

“My dad was the breadwinner and disciplinarian in our family,” recalls David. “He worked hard to provide for our needs, but he was mostly not around for other fun stuff.” In contrast, Maria has a lot of fond memories of the time she spent with her father while growing up. She would often say of her father, “he was my best friend and confidant, and the person who understood me the most.” Fathers have various roles to play in their kid’s lives, as seen in the above examples. This is very much true in these times as fatherhood has taken more diverse forms and roles. How then can you fulfill your role as a modern father? 

Types of a Modern Father 

The continuous changes in the family structure have resulted in dads taking a more diverse role. For example, a modern father can be single or married, be an adoptive or a step-parent. Besides, some fathers might be externally employed or stay-at-home dads, and many are more than capable caregivers to their children. 

Taking on the challenge of being successful as a modern father with these roles may seem complicated at first. However, many dads have been successful in taking on these duties, so can you. Now let us look at what has influenced modern fatherhood and practical ways to help you be a modern dad. 

Factors That Have Influenced The Roles of A Modern Father 

Evolving Economic Trends

The economic situation around the world is always changing. Therefore, families have had to react and adjust to meet with new demands. Formerly, Fathers’ roles were mainly as breadwinners, disciplinarians, and religious educators to their children. However, the need for two wage earners within the household has made women seek and are more employed than before.

This creates an opportunity for fathers to play more part in caregiving for their kids. Also, reductions in post-birth care for women have made it necessary for fathers to step up. 

Changes in Society and Norms

  • Societies with growing rates of neglect and children born out of wedlock have given rise to single-parent families. 
  • An increase in the financial power of women/wives have resulted in new dynamics in families and society at large.
  • An increase in the acceptance of single-parent families has encouraged more people to engage in adoption and other ways to start a family.
  • The high rate of divorce and separation have resulted in increased numbers of dads co-parenting and acting as primary caregivers.

4 Essential Qualities of A Modern Father


1. Make Out Time For Your Kids

How You Can Be A Modern Father 

Fathers should spend time with their children regularly. During which you create a special bond with your kids. Yes, you sacrifice to provide for your family, which is very important and takes time. However, you should try to spend significant time with them. Without your spending time with them, it will be really difficult to know and understand your kids.

You want to be personally involved in your kids’ training, teach them values and skills that are important to their future. Also, avoid situations that make your kids feel that you care about other things more than them. 

2. Be A Thoughtful Care-giver 

Providing care for your kids can be hard, but it is a delightful privilege to have. Modern dads should see changing a baby’s nappy and making meals for their kids as normal and do it with joy, also, unlike mothers who bond with their kids while in the womb, men have a different route to forming bonds with their kids.

As Dr. Machin states in her book, men can develop close bonds with their kids through interaction. Babbling, laughing, smiling, and playing are ways to interact with your kids, even babies respond to them. Moreover, caring for your kids gives you ample opportunity to display your affection and love. So, make the best of it and create a bond that can last a lifetime. 

3. Have Good Communication With Your Kids

Excellent communication is essential in any relationship if it is successful. So you want to have an open line of communication with your kids. Therefore, you have to be a good listener and avoid reacting too quickly to what your kids tell you. It is important you show genuine interest in your kids and listen to them calmly. As a result, they will, in turn, be more likely to share their precious thoughts and feelings with you.

Make use of tools like social media, texting, and fun times to engage your children. Remember that your goal is for your kids to be able to express their inner feelings to you. 

4. Providing Appropriate Discipline And Commendation

It is not unusual for older folks to describe their fathers as a disciplinarian. However, that term gives only a small view of the role. Discipline should not just mean punishment only. That’s an old fashion view of discipline. It should include advice, correction, education, and reproof when needed.

Moreover, you want your kids to see your discipline as a display of love and concern for their welfare. Giving your children commendation when they deserve it is also crucial for their development. It makes them feel that their work and efforts are appreciated and acknowledged. Furthermore, giving praise to your kids will make it easier for them to accept corrections from you.

In summary

As a modern dad, you want to take more responsibilities in caring for your kids. As new situations arise, you want to find ways to tackle the challenges and exploit the new opportunities they present. You can contribute to your children’s health and well-being by keeping a healthy relationship with them and the other parent. Your love and presence are invaluable to the development of your kids; hence you need to spend time with them. 

The roles you play as a father have a significant effect and are invaluable to your kids’ growth and stability. Being open to and make use of new technology can help you keep in touch and communicate even in your absence. As you continue to care and provide for your kids in different situations, be assured of their love and appreciation.


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