How To Tell If She’s Flirting With You Or Just Being Nice

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Dec 12, 2020

If you usually get confused about making a move and can not tell whether she’s flirting with you or if she is just being nice, then sit back and read through the following signs. According to research, a significant percentage of our communication these days occurs through non-verbal signals. Many evaluations have shown how impossible it is to read the mind of another directly, most especially when it comes to women.

However, you could do this indirectly, but before we get into that, did you know that women are more complicated than men are when it comes to communication? Women tend to look out for the little things men do not seem to want to notice. An act that brings us to know or predict the minds of others indirectly. Now, you can do this by studying the person’s behavior, looking out for little and unconscious actions and body language.

Another thing women tend to do is that they speak less about their feelings until they are 100% certain about yours. And because she is still trying to figure you out, it may not be too apparent that she likes you, but if she’s flirting with you, then that’s a place to start. 

So it won’t be that easy for you to determine if she feels the same way about you. She might, but it could be hard to tell, especially when she’s playing but has something else in mind. 

Stay calm! I am here to give you some enlightenment. These aren’t tricks; neither are they hacks. Nothing far from what you are knowledgeable about already. I’m just going to help you see what you may have ignored for a while. Your lady-to-be might just be waiting for you to see these signals. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Is she flirting or just being her normal self? 8 Signs


1. physical cues

You might be thinking that when a lady flirts, she uses just her hair, but that’s not all true. These physical cues unconsciously show how a lady feels about you. One physical sign you should look out for is if she infiltrates your personal space.

According to research, our space bubble’s size extends from 1.2 feet – 4 feet away from us. If she doesn’t stay within this measure but moves closer, even into the inner space bubble, which extends to only 18 inches away, then, fine gentleman, need I say more? (wink!) 

Another physical cue is her posture when speaking to you. Her pose is proof that flirting involves more than her hair? Does she lean toward you when you both talk? Do her feet face your direction when you’re together or talking to each other? There is a fat chance that she might be telling you that she’s interested. 

Finding these out can let you know whether she is interested in you or not. Sometimes, she might be having a great time with you or be fond of you but may not be teasing you at all.

2. Her level of interest in you.

If she likes you, you will notice a sincere interest in what concerns you. And this interest might be in the form of flirting. Women pay attention to details, so even the seemingly irrelevant information you share with her, she holds on to it.

You do not need to remind her of these things about you as she will easily remember. You will also find out that she does not get scared to express herself when it comes to things that concern you, and she gets vulnerable. 

How To Know If Your Crush Likes You

3. Easy laugh.

Laughter is one way to create a more relaxed atmosphere when you are with the one you like. Do you laugh the same way around everyone? I do not think so. There is a way you laugh around people you just met, people you are comfortable with, and people you like; they all sound nothing alike. If you are with the one you have an interest in, you laugh a little too long and a little too loud. What you will also notice is that she will laugh at your stupid jokes.

If you see this, then it does not mean you have the potential to be the next big stand-up comedian. You know it is a dumb joke as well as she does, but she will laugh so hard at it. You know why? It is because she is flirting with you, man. The Greenlight is blindingly obvious! 

5. The center of the world

When someone you like talks, you drop everything to listen to them. Things like this will keep happening when she likes you. She may not dramatically do this, which would be noticeable to you, but it does happen.

Want to know if it happens? You can’t see it on your own, no matter how much attention you give to your conversations when you’re both with your friends. What you can do is ask people around you. They are in a better position to tell you if this happens.

6. She seems extra playful around you.

It is necessary to notice how jovial she gets around other people or how informal she is around her casual friends. It would be easier for you to tell if she’s not usually flirty with anyone except you, and maybe a few others. This means that you make her feel comfortable and her being like this with you means she’s interested in you.

Does she treat you differently? If she does like you, she’ll give you special treatment. Likewise, noting how playful she is with others, you should also watch out for how she interacts with people; If this isn’t too different, then maybe she isn’t flirting. It’s just her kind of person.

7. Says your name often

How often do you say the name of the person you like? How often does she say your name? We often think about the people we care about, the ones who make us smile. It is no news that saying the name of people you like makes you happy. Doing this makes you call out their name or want to talk about them most of the time.

Speaking about how often she brings up your name, you have to understand that you can’t tell on your own but with your friend’s help or, better still, her friends. If she does this, then maybe she actually likes to flirts with you when you are both together. 

8. she makes out time for you.

Think about asking the girl you like out on a date, and she turns you down. It may not be because she is not interested. Okay, Okay, I know it means she is not interested in most cases, but scratch out cases where she is just busy and can not meet up on that particular date. Of course, there are cases where she will act too busy for you; it means she probably does not like you. But there are also cases where she will try to suggest a later date, thereby trying to make out time to spend it with you. If a girl likes you, she’ll find time for you, even if she is busy.

Bottom Line

According to research, women usually make the first move, although their moves are low-key. I’m aware details aren’t women’s strong suit, but you have to notice the subtle things they do; like flirting with you. All these can tell if a woman likes you or she is just being nice.

You should also map out the next steps already. What is your next move? When will you be sure that the feeling is mutual? If you do not have an answer to this question, what are you waiting for? Start making plans!

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