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How to Tell a Guy Has a Big Dick

by | Sensual Intimacy

Apr 27, 2023

If size matters to you, then, of course, you love men who are big down there. This means you also struggle with figuring out which guy’s dick is big and which is small. Well, we believe we may have been able to crack that for you. And we would be filling you in on how to tell, at least to a large degree, that a guy has a big dick.

Here are the signs that indicate a man has a big dick.

1. He is Too Sexually Confident

They may not like this one. But guys who have big dicks have quite the ego to match. This is major because they know they are the ones in demand within the sexual market. 

As we discussed in one of our articles, Big Dick Problems Guys with Small Dicks Have No Idea About, guys with big dicks often deal with sexualization. 

Women come around them quite a lot, hoping to have great sex. This makes them feel very confident. 

If a guy who has a big dick approaches you, he would most likely be very cock, as he imagines you to be one of the many women whose sexual fantasies revolve around guys with big dicks. 

2. He Has a Thing For Plus-Sized Women

You can tell the size of a man’s penis by assessing the kind of women he is attracted to. 

While guys who have small penises often avoid women who have too large butts, guys who have big dicks seem to be attracted to these women. 

This is because they have nothing to fear.  

You see, having sex with a woman who has a large butt may require a longer penis. This is because the fatty butt may take (“swallow” is a better word here) a few centimeters of the penis, leaving only just a little to enter into the vagina. 

Guys who have big dicks have enough length!

3. He Takes a Lot of Nudes

Guys who have big dicks will almost always leap at the opportunity to show them off. 

This means they will take a lot of dick pictures and may offer to show them to you. 

If, out of nowhere, during a period of texting, he tells you: “Hey, do you want to see my dick?” It is best to assume he has a big dick. 

Or if he is too protective of his phone gallery. This usually points to the fact that there are dick pictures in there. 

4. He Talks About his Sex Life a Lot

It takes a lot of confidence to talk about one’s sex life. Guys with big dicks sure have a lot of this. 

As I mentioned earlier, this confidence stems from the façt that these men have a lot of women coming after them. 

A guy who has a big dick will almost always tell you about some girl whom he had given multiple orgasms the first time they had sex. 

He will subtly hint that you, too, consider having sex with him.

Many women consider this subtlety very sexy. My guess is you find it sexy too. 

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5. He Spreads his Legs When He Sits

This is not to assume that every guy who spreads his legs has a big dick. 

It is to assume that men who spread their legs do so because they don’t feel comfortable suffocating all that girth and length in a posture that has their legs and inner thighs joined together. 

That could feel too hot or even hurt. 

If he spreads his leg and, for some reason, has his hands on his upper thighs, then it is safe to say that he has a big dick. 

It is a big sign if he is on his own most of the time. 

6. You can See a Dick Print

When a guy has a big dick, he usually turns to tight pants and boxers. But these cannot completely hide the dick prints. In fact, if the pant is too tight, it may even make the dick print more visible.

If you can see a dick print on a guy, it means one of two things: he has a big dick, or he has an erection. 

You can tell the difference by the duration of the dick print. If it is from an erection, the dick print is going to disappear over time. If, on the other hand, it is the fact that he is just big, it is going to stick around for very long, at least until he changes posture. 

7. He Has His Hands in His Pockets Too Often

A guy who has a large penis is going to have hands in his pockets often. This is a very smart way to tell.

They do this because, for some reason, they are pretty conscious of themselves, especially when they wear sweatpants or any other clothing that makes visible dick prints. 

He is going to have his hands in his pockets too often. 

Note, though, that putting one’s hand in one’s pocket can also mean that one is experiencing an erection. 

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8. He Seems Very Uncomfortable

When you sit with a man who has a big dick, expect him to feel very uncomfortable from time to time. 

He will try to shift his belt or turn his trousers. He is only trying to “free the dick.” 

It’s likely that the size has had it trapped in his boxers, and it is starting to hurt him. 

9. He Makes a Joke About It

Guys who have big penis often make jokes about the size of their dicks. 

They could say stuff along the lines of: “It is a large burden carrying the biggest dick in the world.”

You shouldn’t let these jokes slide. There is an element of truth in them. 

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10. You Feel He Does

Sometimes, your gut feeling is right about even the weirdest things. 

If you think he has a big dick, then chances are, he does. 

You can tell to a large degree that a guy has a big dick. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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