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How to Swallow Cum I Everything About Swallowing Semen

by | Sensual Intimacy

Apr 10, 2023

There are a lot of misconceptions about swallowing cum. A lot of questions, too, from people seeking to know the right way to swallow cum. Being a blog that is out to discuss even those areas about sex that do not get so much attention, we have decided to put up this article, which is the perfect guide to all your questions about swallowing cum.

What is Cum?

Cum is biologically known as semen. It is a mixture of sperm cells and fluid from the prostate gland and the Cowper’s gland, both of which sit in the peritoneal cavity of men. The fluid from the Cowper’s and Prostate glands helps keep the sperm within cum alive. 

What is Cum Made Of? 

Asides from the sperms, the fluid in cum is worth studying because it is such a rich fluid. 

Cum contains sugars, salts, and proteins. 

The sugar contained in cum is needed by the sperm cells when they travel up a woman’s cervix and into her fallopian tubes, where fertilization takes place. 

The proteins in cum are enzymes that can break down the covering of the egg cells so that the sperm can enter the egg to cause fertilization. 

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How Does Cum Taste

This is one of the biggest questions about swallowing cum on the internet. And the answer is this: cum tastes like the perfect blend of sugary and salty, a bit tilted to the salty side. 

Cum tastes this way because of the sugars and proteins contained in the fluid from the Cowper’s and prostate glands. 

What Volume Do I Expect When I Swallow Cum? 

Well, this depends on a lot of factors, such as: 

  • How Hydrated the Man is: if he is hydrated, you can expect to swallow a mouth full of cum. 
  • How Long He Has Stayed Away From Sexual Activity: men who have stayed away from sexual activity for a long time may ejaculate more cum than others. This is why the cum that a man ejaculates during the second or maybe third round of sex is usually much less than the cum he ejaculates during the first round. 
  • Individual Differences: some men are biologically more predisposed to produce more semen than others. So, there is really no telling or predicting how much cum you are going to have in your mouth when the sex is done. 

Is Swallowing Cum Healthy? 

The answer is: yes, and no. It is the same answer to the question: is sex healthy? 

It can be, and at the same time, it cannot. Like with regular sex, there are risks involved in oral sex. 

The mouth is a mucous membrane, which means it can be injured easily, and with blood vessels and cells exposed, there is a risk that you may be at risk of infection.

There is a risk of being infected with gonorrhea of the throat if you swallow cum from men who have gonorrhea. 

Gonorrhea of the throat is a very painful condition that can cause the lymph nodes in your neck to swell up—a condition called cervical lymph adenopathy.

There are questions about whether or not HIV can be gotten from swallowing cum. These questions are quite difficult to answer, as a lot of factors come into play. Like, the viral load of the person whose cum you are swallowing. 

Viral load is a term that describes the number of viral copies per cubic millimeter of blood or any other body fluid known to contain the HIV virus. And according to the CDC, The greater a person’s viral load, the higher the likelihood of them transmitting HIV.” 

It has been seen that even though a low viral load in men might reduce the risk of transmission of HIV, there seems to still be a number of viral copies in the semen of men who have low viral loads.

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Does the Color of Cum Matter? 

Yes, it does. The color of a man’s cum can give you some information about how healthy that man is. 

In a healthy man, cum is usually white and a bit thick. If it changes color to anything darker than white, then that can be considered an indication that he has an STI. 

Gonorrhea is known to make a man’s cum look very yellow.

Does Cum Have a Smell? 

Yes, but it is often too mild to be noticed. 

How to Swallow Cum — In 5 Simple Steps

1. Stay Safe

Before you even consider swallowing cum, be sure that you are safe. I mentioned earlier that safe oral sex is a thing and should be taken seriously, as oral sex poses quite the risk of getting infected. 

Before giving a man a blowjob, request an STD report. And even when he provides it, be sure to examine his penis before putting it in your mouth. Look out for any skin projections that do not quite look normal to you. 

If you do not find any, then you can go ahead with the blowjob

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2. Suck Him Until He Reaches Climax

You can help him reach climax by either sucking him or giving him vaginal sex. 

Whichever way you choose, you must pay attention to when he is about to ejaculate and reach for his penis. 

Usually, when men are about to ejaculate, their penises become harder and may feel even bigger. This is because blood flow to the penis is a bit more when one is about to achieve orgasm. 

When you feel that hardness, it is time to stick him in your mouth. ‘

3. Hold the Shaft of his Penis and Stick it in Your Mouth

It is important to hold the shaft of his penis when you suck him because if you do not, his penis is going to throb and throb, and a bulk of the cum is going to be spilled either on your face, the bedding, or the floor. 

Hold his shaft, and stick the head of his penis into your mouth.

4. Swallow

Now, stroking at his dick, swallow the cum. Seeing that this might be new to you, changes are: your gag reflex is going to kick in, and you will think about spitting out the cum. 

Don’t do it. Swallow 

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5. Stroke Him

As you swallow, keep stroking him. He may be open to going one more round!


Just as it is with regular sex, there are risks involved in oral sex. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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