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How to Reach Climax Tonight

by | Sensual Intimacy

Aug 10, 2023

What if we told you that you can reach climax tonight and go on to have multiple orgasms whenever you want to? Sounds too good to be true, right? That is because we are used to thinking sexual climaxes are to be experienced once in a while. It is not so. Here is how you can go on to have a sexual climax tonight.

For Those Going Solo

It may be easier or just a bit more difficult for ones who are going solo to have a climax. It all boils down to your technique and your mindset. With climaxes, only techniques and mindset come into play. 

You reach climaxes going solo by: 

1. Getting in the Right Head Space

You can enjoy this. Get in the right head space. Allow yourself to seek this pleasure. It does not make you less of a moral person. 

You may even have to read a romantic book or something; anything to get you aroused. 

2. Rub Your Skin

You don’t go right into solo if you want to climax. You start by touching yourself, by making your body more responsive to pleasure. 

Women can find a lot of pleasure in touching their nipples. Men, on the other hand, can feel as much pleasure by rubbing their inner thighs and their ball area. 

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3. Slow Strokes

You have to begin with slow strokes if you want to climax tonight. Slow strokes are pretty sensual, and they go a long way into ushering you to another kind of pleasure, which comes when you begin to stroke faster and pay more attention to body movements. 

Men should work their way around stroking themselves by alternating between tight and firm grips on their penile shafts. 

Women should start by going in shallow, increasing depth as they begin to feel more pleasure. 

Some techniques women can try out are: 

– The circler: this is when you move your fingers in a circle along the walls of your vagina. Something like rimming the insides of a cup. Only this time, you are rimming the insides of your vagina.

 The knuckle angler: this is a technique to feel the rough area inside your vagina. If you push your finger up your vagina and angle it nicely, you will be able to feel some roughness. 

Stroking, or rather rubbing, this rough area can make you climax. 

4. Leg and Thigh Movements

Moving your thighs and your legs in some sensual way can help you reach climax whenever you decide that you want to go solo. 

How this works is not clearly understood, but it does work. I have a theory that moving your thighs and inner legs can have an effect on recreating an actual sexual experience so that it feels like you are having sex when you are, in fact, masturbating. 

5. Moaning

You can make yourself reach climax tonight by moaning. This is going to send signals to your brain, telling it that pleasure is in the room and more pleasure had better walk in. 

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For Those Getting Down with a Partner

If you are getting down with your partner, this is how you can reach an orgasm tonight: 

1. Get in the Mood

You should, of course, get in the mood if you want to reach a climax. This means getting in the right frame of mind to have the best sex ever. 

You can do so by reading a book or, better still, just watching a sensual movie or listening to a romantic song. 

If you and your partner are in the right mood, you will come to really enjoy the sex. 

2. Foreplay

Foreplay is never a bad idea. If done right, it is possible to even reach climax by just paying attention to foreplay alone!

Miri tells us: “There are times when I have reached climax without even being penetrated. These things happen, and it feels great every single time it happens.”

Foreplay is the magic wand that ushers pleasure in. To get foreplay right, pay attention to kisses. Be sure that all your kisses are perfect and well-timed. 

Pay attention to touches too. Touch your partner where they want to be touched in a way that means you explore their bodies. 

When it is time to give head, be sure to give in your best. Good head is able to make your partner cum quite fast. You don’t have to stress so much about it. 

3. Stroking Right

If you want to reach climax tonight, you have to learn how to stroke right. People who are great at stroking have way better sex than people who are not. 

We have discussed this in detail in our previous articles. When considering strokes, you should focus a lot on stroke depth, stroke length, and stroke angle. 

Here is an article that will help you get your stroke game right. It is called: Groin movements for the best sex.

4. Lasting Longer

This is a tip for men. As much as we try to avoid this, it is true that you will not reach climax in bed if you don’t last long enough. You don’t have to last too long. That is not what I am saying. 

I am saying that you have to last just long enough if you and your partner will both reach climax. 

You may find some help lasting longer by using a penis pump. Check out this article to find out all you need to know about penis pumps and how they work. 

5. Exploring Kinks

Exploring kinks is the best way to have orgasms and fast. You owe it to your partner to find out all their kinks and help them explore them. 

Kinks are what bring us closest to our most desired sexual experience. 

Have that talk with your partner and try to figure out what all her kinks are. This may be somewhat difficult for you, but it is worth it in the end.

The best way to reach climax is to get your mind and body into the sexual activity.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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