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How to Perform a Strip Tease That Doesn’t Fail to Seduce Him

by | Sensual Intimacy

Oct 25, 2023

Strip teases should be a part of most sexual routines between couples. It makes things a lot more intense and promises even better and more spontaneous sex. Whilst it is sad that not many women and men know how to perform a strip tease, there’s some bright light: our editors are great at strip teases and are showing you just how to perform one that doesn’t fail to seduce him in this article.

1. Timing

Many strip clubs, you know, don’t offer strip days every day. They know just how to time these sessions. Have you ever wondered why? Why do most strip sessions happen on Friday nights?

It is simple. Friday nights are relief nights. This is when men and women find release from all the stress they have been faced with during the course of their week. 

They are not alone in thinking of anything other than pleasure. I can put it to you that if strip clubs tried to set up sessions on days when one is preoccupied with work, there would be very low turnouts. 

You should learn a thing or two from strip clubs. 

When you seek to seduce your man, you should choose moments when he is not occupied with work or just too stressed to obliged. 

You should perform that strip tease when he is in a mood to let go of all that stored-up stress. I suggest Friday nights or vacations. 

Vacations are a great moment to seduce him. His mind is balanced on pleasure at this moment, so he is going to be embracing all kinds of pleasure. 

You can also seduce during anniversaries. Or at the beginning of his work leave. It’s all up to you. The rule of thumb is if he is too stressed or busy, he is not going to be seduced, and you may not get the desired effect.

2. Mood

Set the mood right, and he is going to be seduced way before the strip tease even begins in earnest. 

The mood should be calming. This means you have to pay attention to lighting. 

Do you know lighting can have an impact on how a person feels? Too bright lighting may be able to trigger some anxiety. 

I’d return to learning from strip clubs here. Why do you think these clubs do not use any forms of bright lighting?

They always seem to use colored lighting instead of natural light. 

These low-intensity lights can make one feel safer by inducing a certain pattern of thought. 

Get your blue lights ready. Or you can even use red ones. 

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3. Be Subtle

He doesn’t have to know you are giving him a strip tease. This is not to say it is utterly ridiculous for him to know. Knowing is not bad, but it can make things less likely to work. 

Let it be as though today is every other day. 

Be in bed with him, snuggled up, having a conversation. 

Let the conversation be neutral. The goal is to catch him by surprise. If you want to, you can offer him some wine. In fact, I recommend this. Give him some wine when you are about to strip-tease him. 

When you want to tease a man, you have to make sure you take away every detail suggesting he is about to be teased. That way, he doesn’t build up his defenses. 

If he is expecting what should happen next, you would have a very high bar to scale. Trust me, it’s better if he doesn’t know. 

4. Excuse Yourself

Yes. You should take a few minutes away from him and go into the bathroom or something. 

This might seem like a very small and not important detail. But trust me, it is. 

Waiting for you, even when he doesn’t know he is about to be teased, does something psychological. 

It makes him anticipate. It makes him wait. 

Whilst he is just waiting for his woman to come back to bed, he will be thrown off his feet when he sees that she is out to make him feel seduced. 

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5. Choose The Perfect Clothes

Your clothes matter so much when you are trying out that strip tease. 

Especially if it is the first one you’re doing.

If you have strip-teased him before, he may overlook your clothing, knowing that you are naturally great at this. 

But if it is your first time, then choose the best. 

Dress up as what he loves. 

In subsequent articles, I will be showing you the best clothing choices for women who want to do the best strip teases

For now, here are your options:

  • Short leather skirts. 
  • Stockings 
  • Panty Hoses 

Choose the best colors. I suggest you go for bright ones. Remember, the room is already dim. You have to be bright so he sees you. 

6. Make Your Grand Entry

Don’t just step into the room. Make your entry grand. Catch him by surprise, and you have already seduced him!

Why do I say so? Of course, I say this knowing that feelings are very similar. One feeling can make one slip into another. 

Surprise makes him want to act. And he is going to tilt towards acting sexually. 

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7. The Tease Itself

Remember what a tease is. The best way to put it is: “A tease is showing him what he has but can’t get just yet.”

If he gets it too quick, then the tease has failed. 

Now, show him. It can be putting your boobs in his face or twerking, moving away when he tries to touch your butt. 

Show him all he has. In another article, I will show you some of the best strip tease moves every woman should know if she is to seduce her man each time. 

8. Know When to End

If it takes too long, the man is going to tire. The tease will fail. 

So, know when to stop. Know when sex is supposed to happen. 

Strip teasing is an art!

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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