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How to Make Your Man Reach High Levels of Pleasure

by | Sensual Intimacy

Aug 1, 2023

Do men seek to reach higher levels of pleasure? From all we have gathered before putting up this article, yes—they do. More than half the men we asked agreed that they hope to taste a better kind of sex to reach a higher level of pleasure. In this article, we show you just how to take your man there. 

1. Have Less Sex

This might seem very ironic. But here is the thing: the more you have sex, the more it begins to feel like one of those things that just have to be done. Sex should never feel that way for you and your partner. 

You both have to enjoy it: love it, and find pleasure in it every time it happens. Sadly, this comes at a price. And the price is staying away from time to time every now and then. 

Of course, you don’t have to go on sex fasting. Just don’t have sex too often.

2. More Stress, No Sex

One of the best times to avoid sex with a man is when he is stressed out. It is true that men love to have sex; and that staying away from sex can be difficult for them. 

However, he will almost not want to have sex when he is stressed. And even if he consents to it, which is a rather uncommon occurrence, he is going to find it quite hard to reach high levels of pleasure. 

It may even make him feel more annoyed than pleasured. Trust me; you do not want that. 

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3. The Magic of Performing

I have seen that most men like some kind of sexual performance that arouses them before the sex happens. It is why they like to go to parties or spend all day watching twerk videos on TikTok. 

Bring the party home. Let the tweaking be done whilst he watches. Bring him to that point where he is just unable to avoid your hotness, where he looks at you and feels as though he is in a movie. 

Men generally consider a loosely dressed woman sexier than one who is completely naked. So, when you twerk for him, be sure that you are in revealing clothes. 

Get yourself some fishnets and some lingerie. Get yourself bras that make your breasts look fuller and more beautiful. If you want to, you can even give him a strip tease. 

Every man deserves at least one strip tease in his life. Give him one.

4. Exploring Kinks

Your boyfriend has kinks. Men usually keep these sorts of stuff to themselves. But trust me on this; he sure has kinks. And the sooner you start exploring them, the better it is going to be for your sex lives. 

The faster you will be able to make him reach high levels of pleasure. 

You should know something about pleasure: it is not generic. It is very specific from person to person. Do not think that because it feels good to one person, it is going to feel good to the other. It does not work that way.

Find what feels good to your boyfriend and what stays on his mind, and explore it. 

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5. The Nastier the Foreplay, the Better

Almost every man I have met likes it nasty. And by nasty, I mean very unconventional in an arousing way. 

A man wants to feel things he has not felt before each time he has sex: he wants to have things done to him that are not done often. 

This desire to explore, to feel, and to see is one that goes beyond just the bedroom. Men like to explore everything, even their women. 

So, make the foreplay good. Make it nasty. Let it be that one thing he has not felt before. 

6. Don’t Let Him Do All the Work, Please

When asked what the most annoying thing in bed was to men, 80 percent of the bed agreed that it was a woman who made them do all the work. 

We will be discussing this more in the coming days when we put up an article titled: “The Big Bedroom No’s for Women.” 

But in the meantime, know that it is such a no for a woman to let her man do all the work. He is going to give up on the sex before it even nears its end.

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7. Moan; Please Moan

Even men need some kind of assurance. They need it in all facets of the relationship, including in bed. 

He wants to know that he is doing the right things to your body. In your pleasure, he is going to find his. 

Imagine pleasure as you both fly together. You cannot fly higher than your partner. If he must reach high points of pleasure, he must do so with you. 

8. Play with my Balls

You can have him reach certain levels of pleasure by playing with his balls. This does not mean squeezing them or anything. Just rub and lick, and that is it.

The balls contain a number of nerve endings and may even help keep him from cumming too fast. 

Many men have agreed that holding at their balls for some time makes it much easier to hold back cum.

Play with his balls tenderly and lovingly, looking up at his face while at is.

9. Have you ever Heard About Rimming?

A lot of men do not like this. But there are some who do. Ask your man what he feels about rimming. If he says it is fine, then you may go on to give him some of that arse eating. 

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10. Touch His Pleasure Zones

Touch his pleasure zones whilst at sex: that is to say, play with his nipples. Rub his inner thighs. Be there, all over his body. 

Tip: Talk Nasty! It is true. Men reach certain heights of pleasure when you talk nasty to them.

By Whatsdalatest Editors

The Whatsdalatest Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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