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How to Make a Small Dick Hit the G-Spot

by | Sensual Intimacy

Aug 20, 2023

Guys who have small dicks all seem to have one fear: is it possible to hit the G-spot? I have heard this question over and over and read a couple of emails about it. In this article, I will be as expressive as possible as I show you how to make a small dick reach the G-spot.

1. Get as hard as possible

You have got to get as hard as possible if you have it in mind to reach the G-spot with a small dick. 

This is because getting “halfway” hard takes a lot of your length. And you do need all the length you have got.

Men who have small dicks and still struggle with erection issues do not hit the G-spot often. If they manage to, it proves to be a once-in-a-long-time thing.

Here is how you can get harder and appear bigger even when you have a small dick.

– Get as aroused as possible: yes. You have to get as aroused as possible if you want to add some more length and girth to your penis. This means you have to put your mind to the sex. Think about how great it is going to be. You may even have to fondle your extra stimulatory zones, like your nipples and inner thighs. 

– Use a penis pump: penis pumps are great and can help you achieve a full erection that can last a while. There are speculations that penis pumps can increase the size of a man’s penis. Ironically, this is not true. They can only help a man achieve an erection. 

– Use a cock ring: using a cock ring can help you keep an erection for longer periods. They are pretty easy to use, and all you need to do is pull them over the base of your penis and let them remain there. You should, however, not use a cock ring for more than 30 minutes. Refer to this article to learn more about penis pumps and cock rings

2. Choose the right positions

If you must get to her G-spot, you must choose the right positions. While some positions are very shallow, and it seems impossible to make any impact from these positions, others are quite “Invasive,” and when you are in these positions, you can comfortably hit the G spot. 

Some of these positions are:

The Coital Alignment

The coital alignment is one position that allows you deep entry into your woman’s vagina. 

Before I go on with this, I’d like you to know what the G-spot in a woman is. Or rather, where it is. It is on the anterior wall of the woman’s vagina. 

That is, it is a roughed area on the front wall of her vagina, which means reaching it is more a product of angle than it is of depth. This does not mean depth does not have a part to play. It does, and so you have to take advantage of the coital alignment. To do this position, have your partner lay flat on her back with a pillow just underneath her waist. Now, put your penis inside her slowly and gently. 

The Reverse Cowgirl

This is one of the best positions to try out when you want to hit the G spot, even when your dick is small. In the reverse cowgirl position, your dick is in direct contact with her G-spot. 

You should notice that she moans louder or moans more sensually. 

The cowgirl is better when she has her foot flat on the bed. That way, there is enough depth provided. She may feel uncomfortable, though, if you keep slipping out. This is why you have to try not to slip out by making up for the space between you and her when she leaps too high. 

The Doggy

Yes, the doggy position remains one of the very important saviors when it comes to reaching her G-spot, even when you have a small dick. It saves the day and night. 

And the good thing is, not just the classical doggy does this. Almost all variants of the doggy position are able to help her reach orgasm, but helping you hit her G-spot. 

Some of the best variants of the doggy you should try are the collapsed doggy, the speed bump position, and the high doggy with a very deep arch. 

3. Take Advantage of Groin Movements

Yes, groin movements go a long way to help you hit your woman’s G-spot. 

Remember that a woman’s G-spot does not necessarily have to be reached by depth but by ability as well. The G-spot is on the anterior wall of her vagina. 

This means you can take advantage of your groin movements. Some of the best movements to try out are:

The Circle Guy

This just means you get to draw a number of circles with your groin when you get down with her. 

The circles don’t have to be too big. But if you can do big circles, that is surely an added plus. 

The Infinity Guy

This just means you have to draw the infinity sign with your groin over and over. The purpose of this is to make you have a lot of contact with her G-spot. 

To figure out other groin movements and how they can you can use them to your advantage, check out this article: 10 Groin Movements for Better Sex

4. The clitoris can be a G-spot

By definition, a G-spot is any spot on a woman’s body that can help her achieve an orgasm. This means the clitoris can also be a G-spot, as many women have admitted to having orgasms upon stimulation of their clitoris.

Check out this article to figure out some of the best positions for maximum clitoral stimulation

Even guys who have small dicks can hit the G-spot just fine. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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