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How To Look Well Groomed

by | Ideas

May 23, 2023

Looking to be more attractive to your partner? The best way to do that look is to look well-groomed.

They are your partner now, yes. This doesn’t mean you aren’t meant to charm them like you did when you were both still in the seduction phase of your relationship. In fact, you are meant to charm them even more. They are supposed to wake up every morning and feel good for choosing you. 

In your relationship, this is how to look well-groomed for your partner: 

1. It Should Be a Routine

The first thing you should realize is that grooming works best when it is done routinely and not randomly. Routines are easier to stick to when we manage to go past the initial threshold. 

And, even better, they may help improve our self-esteem. Because when we succeed at sticking to a routine, we get a warm feeling about ourselves which translates to confidence. 

2. Down There

Your relationship with your partner is most likely a sexual one. This means you both would go down a whole lot. For this reason, try as much as you can to trim down there. 

True, some partners love it when their lovers are unshaven down there. But some do not. 

It depends on you and your partner’s preference. If you prefer shaving down there, shave in a healthy way. 

If not, women can gently wash their vulva clean with warm water as they spread their legs apart. Men can use only water and very mild soap to wash the tip and underneath the penis.

For guys who prefer shaving, don’t just shave the groin area and neglect other areas—shave the hair along the root of your penis and reach down to your balls. 

Women realize that shaving too hard can leave their vagina bare and make it prone to bumps. Shave using a healthy shaver, and if possible, go for a wax. Waxes are great. You can also decide to have your pubic hair waxed professionally.

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3. Armpits

This is a no-brainer. In a relationship or not, you should shave your armpits. Though people who are not in relationships may get away with not shaving, you who are in a relationship will not. I mean, come on, you’ll most likely be spending hours with your partner every week. What do you think will be the outcome if your armpits are not well shaved?

Well, they may stink badly and make your partner very uncomfortable. You don’t want that. You want to smell as beautifully as possible, making sure your partner loves your scent and wants to be around it all the time. 

4. Facial Hair

While some women love men who breed a lot of facial hair, others do not—as they find facial hair very attractive. So, you have got to be careful here so you don’t get your partner mad and end up drowning their attraction towards you. 

If your partner loves facial hair, don’t take yours off. Instead, make sure it isn’t bushy. Bushy facial hair is facial hair that has been tangled in too many places and now looks spongy. Many times, it also is too brittle and hard. 

Treat your facial hair, and oil it up so that it maintains that soft texture. Also, trim the rough edges and comb them. The goal is to have it look glamorous. 

5. Other Hair

Some individuals have so much hair that hair begins to grow in places that aren’t very appealing to their partners.  

If you are one who grows hair in your nostrils and ears, then you may just have to take it off, especially if your partner is not fine with them. 

Don’t pull the hair off, please. This could hurt. Use a shaver instead. Let this machine help you reach into and pick out all the excess hair in your nostrils and ears. 

6. Oral Hygiene

You can’t neglect oral hygiene if you are in a relationship and want to look well-groomed for your partner. No, you can’t. Every now and then, you will have to kiss your partner. And trust me; you don’t want your partner backing away from your kisses because your mouth does not smell so good. 

Be sure to brush your teeth every morning and at night. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends everyone brush their teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled brush for a healthy mouth and smile.

A great way to brush is to brush up and then down, down and then up, instead of just rubbing the brush all over your teeth. 

Brush your tongue, too. The tongue often gathers plague and will become a breeding ground for bacteria if you do not take the plague off. 

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7. Don’t Like Your Smile? Braces Are Not a Bad Idea

You really can’t overemphasize the importance of a bright smile, you know?  

A smile is one of the most potent forms of non-verbal communication between you and your partner. You smile to let them know you are pleased with them. You smile to offer compliments, etc. 

If you do not like your smile, it means you are going to smile less. And this is going to have an effect on your mood and confidence level. So, do something about it. Go see a dentist. Consider getting braces, too. 

8. Your Hair

Now, we mean the hair on your head. Please, pay attention to it. Stay groomed for your partner by making sure your hair isn’t bushy. 

Men, have a haircut as soon as you notice that your hair is starting to get rough. As mentioned earlier, a routine is great. You can decide that you will be getting a haircut every two weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows, and that is going to turn out just great. 

Women, be sure to treat your hair. Make sure it does smell nice. Good hair ought to smell great. 

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9. Pay Attention to Clothes

Wear only clean clothes to look well-groomed for your mate. This includes even undies. A lot of people neglect their undies because people don’t get to see this. Don’t be one of such people. 

Just like your clothes, your undies have to be clean. They come in direct contact with your genital organ, you know?  

Wear new undies every day. Wash your clothes every day too. 

Have a nice bath twice a day. Know that good cologne is also part of your everyday dressing. Wear nice cologne. Smell good. 

10. Work Out

Working out remains such a good way to look well-groomed for your partner. Regular workouts keep you from gaining any excess weight and help you shed excess weight. 

Work out as often as you can, and even better, do it with your partner. Many couples bond over workouts. You should try it too.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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