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How to Kiss Better

by | Love, Sensual Intimacy

Jul 24, 2023

We want to turn you into a good kisser such that your man or woman begins to consider your lips irresistible. Our team knows for sure that this is how you kiss better.

1. Your Lips Are Your Ally

You really don’t have to treat your lips like they are not your ally. 

What differentiates good kisses from bad ones is that good kissers often have soft and very moisturized lips. 

You kiss better when your lips are soft. 

This means you have to pay more attention to how your lips look. 

Apply some gloss on them every now and then when you feel like they are becoming too dry. You may even have to massage the lips sometimes so that blood flow is improved. 

The lips are a mucous membrane and rely heavily on blood supply. So, a great blood supply means great lips. 

2. Practice Oral Hygiene

Good kissers have very clean mouths. When the word ‘clean mouth’ comes on, a lot of people like to think the opposite of it is a bad breath. 

This is not true. Your mouth may be ‘dirty’ even when you do not have bad breath. And this is going to interfere with how well you kiss. 

For example, when kissing a person whose tongue is coated with food debris, it is possible that there will be a change in the taste of their tongue. 

Have you ever kissed someone whose lips tasted a bit metallic? That was because they did not exactly clean their mouths before the kiss. 

An increase in the PH of saliva, due to the presence of microbes, can make the kiss feel weird. The person you kiss may not say it, but they will sure feel a change—something just not right. 

Brush before bed, and be careful to rinse before bedtime. 

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3. Keep Drugs Away a Moment Before the Kiss Happens

Drugs can also change the taste of a person’s lips. And I do not mean hard drugs. I mean prescribed medication. Anti-malarial tablets, for example, can make a person’s mouth feel bitter. 

Bitter mouths do not birth good kisses. 

A good kiss happens as a summation of three factors:

  • The softness of tongue and lips: as I have said earlier, the softer and more moist, the bigger the chances of having a great kiss. 
  • The Taste of your Lips: your lips have a taste, and this taste goes a long way in determining how the kiss will feel. 
  • The emotional depth: kisses ought to have some form of emotional depth. Good kissers are usually able to get into their feelings, pulling the other person in with them so that intensity sparks. 

This means you ought to keep drugs away for a moment before you merge lips with your partner.

4. Set the Mood Right

If you want to truly kiss better, you have to learn to set the mood. Or at least wait for it. 

Do not think that just because you feel it, someone else does. It does not work that way. You may be in your feelings, and all of that, but your partner still needs more time to enter this mood with you. 

Don’t rush them. Give them that time, and when the kiss happens, it is going to feel like a burst of emotions. 

There are many ways you can set the mood right, but one of the most common is talking about how amazing your partner is. Or simply telling them you want a kiss. 

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5. Your First Moves Should be Your Best Moves

When it comes to kisses, just as it is with sex, your first moves should be your best moves. This means they ought to be very calculated and sensual, carrying with them a lot of sensualism. 

One of the best moves I recommend is what I call the triad of sensuality

It involves doing three things: 

  • Looking at your partner’s eyes: this creates a lot of tension. 
  • Holding at their face: gently place your palm on the side of their face, around the face and the mandibular area.
  • Leaning in for that kiss: now, you lean and merge lips. Be sure that before your lips merge with your partner’s, you must have licked them or something to make them dry. 

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6. Don’t be Scared to Explore

Bad kissers almost always have anxiety problems. This is because a kiss in itself is an art that needs one to explore. 

If you are unable to bring yourself to a point where you want to explore, you may not have a good kiss. 

Release your anxiety. Convince yourself that the kiss will be worth it. Put your lips on theirs and begin with slow movements. 

Kisses have to begin slowly and progress into something more serious. Usually, the way to do it is this: 

Pull their lower lip with some suction, and then go on to pull their upper lip. That is, one lip first and then the other.

7. The French Kiss

The French kiss is a kissing technique every great kisser knows. 

It has been around for some time, and it will help you much if you learn how to pull it off. 

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8. Touch More

If you want to be a great kisser, you have got to learn to touch more. 

Don’t just be perched on their lips. Be on their body as well. Rub their face. Give them love bites. Kiss just around their ears. 

Hold at their tummy, rub at their thighs. 

Touching makes the kiss much better. 

Pay attention to how they feel when you kiss certain areas of their body.

Now, concentrate on kissing these areas more. 

You can take breaks every now and then and stare at their eyes. Eye contact makes kisses much better. 


Great kisses are ones who have learned the art of exploring.  

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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