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How to Gently Pop Her Cherry

by | Sensual Intimacy

Apr 23, 2023

It is so great to pop her cherry right because first sex, even though it may not be the best sex, is the one sexual encounter a woman will not forget. We are here to help you get it right. 

Here is how you gently pop her cherry so that she almost doesn’t feel any pain.

1. Know What the Hymen Is

When you pop a woman’s cherry, you pop her hymen. A hymen is a very soft tissue that sort of covers a virgin woman’s vagina. 

It is so soft that repeatedly poking at it can cause it to break, granting access. Yes, the hymen may bleed when popped. This is to be expected. But if she doesn’t bleed, there is no reason to make her feel weird. 

Not all women who are virgins will bleed the first time they have sex. 

2. Get Her in The Mood

Yes, do get her in the mood. That is to say: make her very horny. This is important because arousal is necessary to get her wet. 

When popping the cherry, you need all the wetness you can get. So, she has to be aroused to the point where you can almost feel the wet, warmness on her when you touch her. 

There are many ways to get her in the mood. But some of the few we have spoken about in preceding articles are: getting her in the mood with books, with sensual music, and with movies

3. Kiss Her, and Mean It

First sex is so important to most women that they will most likely hate it if there is no form of connection. 

Bani, a 21-year-old, told us: “He kissed me a lot. And I loved it. I think the kisses sure helped the sex feel better because now, when I think about it, even though it did hurt somewhat, I did enjoy it.”

Kiss her. Don’t just kiss her. Move your hands along her body. Touch her in her pressure zones. You may be new to pleasure zones on a woman’s body if you are a new reader of our magazine. This is fine. 

You can check out this article to learn more about these secret hotspots and their role in helping women reach arousal and, subsequently, orgasm. 

Don’t just pop her cherry. Make love to her. She deserves to be made love to. 

4. You Really Don’t Have to Rush

Nothing is going to make her feel tensed up and uncomfortable than rushing her. Allow her to take her time and embrace the action in her mind. 

This is not to say you are not supposed to go for it. Not going for it can sure make her change her mind. Just bear in mind that you should lead her but not rush her. 

Notice when she gets uncomfortable, if she even gets uncomfortable, and back away for a while. Then return to touching her when she has again gotten into it. ‘

You just have to understand that she may be feeling a rush of unclear emotions. Let her feel them. 

5. Get Her in a Comfortable Mental Space

Sex feels better, even for people who have had sex, when they are in a comfortable mental space. Get her in a comfortable mental space before you reach to pop her cherry. 

This may require that you speak to her, even. You might want to tell her to relax a bit. Or convince her that it is not going to hurt much. And you wouldn’t be lying. If you do it right, as I would show you how to, she will not hurt so much. 

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6. Touch Her Vagina

Fondling her vagina for a while should make her very, very wet. Like men, women need time to be perfectly aroused. 

Play around the outside of her vagina: her vulva and her clitoris. A woman’s clitoris has so many nerve endings that just fondling it for a couple of minutes can have her screaming your name. Pay attention to her labia majora and labia minora as well. 

If she is comfortable with it, you may even want to give her head. We have an article up to guide you through giving her head she will never forget

7. Finger Her

This is when popping the cherry really begins. With women who have very tight vaginas, just one finger may hurt her. So, be careful. Play around the outside, and then go in real slowly. 

Imagine moving your fingers along the sides of a cup’s mouth. This is just what should be done to her. 

Withdraw when she complains about any hurt, get back to fondling the outer areas, and then begin to fondle her insides all over. 

Over time, the hymen may begin to weaken. And this is when you would have to penetrate. 

8. Use Lube

Of course, her natural lubrication might have helped you finger her just right. But she is surely going to be needing assistance from lube to take your penis. 

You should never pop her cherry, no matter how gentle you promise to be if you do not have lube around you. 

Put some lube over your penis and some over her vagina. Use a finger to spread the lube about, making sure her insides are lubricated just fine. 

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9. The Perfect Position

Not all positions work when you are popping the cherry. Positions to avoid, especially, are ones that have her vagina somewhat tightened, like the collapsed doggy position.

Go old school, and stick to the missionary. 

Her legs should be perfectly stretched out. Encourage her not to tense the muscles of her legs, as this may mean she is also tensing the muscles of her pelvis, hence, tightening her already tight vagina. 

10. Stick It In

Of course, not all the way. But do stick it in, paying attention to what she feels. Don’t go in forcefully, but rather slowly, until it is in. Lean over and kiss her then. A kiss helps the pain. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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