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How To Do The Amazon Sex Positions

by | Sensual Intimacy

Sep 9, 2023

Sometimes, the usual, everyday sex positions like missionary and doggy get boring. The time is 9 PM, your normal sex time, and your eyes roll subconsciously because you know it is going to be the same three tricks from the day before yesterday. You need some spice once in a while, and that is why I am recommending the Amazon sex position to blow up your sex life. You can thank me later. 

At first, you may wonder what the Amazon sex position is and how to do it. This sex position is quite similar to the missionary, but here, the partner being penetrated has to straddle the other one, whose knees would be pulled to their chest. It is quite simple to visualize. Imagine you are doing a cowgirl, but you are straddling the back of his legs instead of the direct front. You got that, right? Good. 

The whole idea behind the Amazon sex position is putting the rider, which is usually the woman, in control. This sex position, which has a very self-explanatory name, had been named after the Amazonian women in Greek myths. These women are known for their strength, stamina, and pride. 

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You can follow these simple steps to properly do this position and become an Amazonian! 

  1. The person getting straddled should lay flat on their back. 
  2. While on their back, they should pull their knees to their chest, pretending they are doing a back-fixing exercise.
  3. While facing them, pull them between your legs. 
  4. Slide your hips in and get firm while squatting with them in between your legs. 
  5. The penetration and rocking can start. 

One thing that is worthy of note is that this position is really energy-demanding. The position could cause joint or muscle aches. So, to do this position, you may really consider working out and doing yoga so you may become more flexible and even stable like the Amazonian. 

And yes, you would need a longer sex toy or penis. If it is not that long, a penis extender would do just fine. This is because the thighs of the partner with the penis are always in the way, and for you to successfully achieve this position, you need to get past that to ride. 

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If your man has a short penis, no offense intended, and he does not want to use a penis extender, then this position is not just for you. 

You could keep doing missionary and cowgirl. This is totally fine because there is no logical reason why you should have sex you would not enjoy. It would be more of a workout and sweat session than the sex you are supposed to relish. 

Why you should do the Amazon sex position?

Before you are convinced to do something new, you should know why, yeah?

Do you not get tired of getting subdued all the time? Is someone telling you what to do and how to do it simply because you are the receiver?  

One major reason why I recommend the Amazon sex position is because it puts control right where it belongs. Your hands. While up there, whatever happens, is totally up to you. The speed, rhythm, and depth are in your control. 

Have you ever had sex while maintaining eye contact with your partner? How did that feel? Great, right? With the Amazon sex position, you can always lock eyes with your partner, further exercising your dominance. 

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And the fact that you can touch any part of your partner’s body while in this position just does it for me. Just lean over, and their nipples are in your hands. 

Do you know what stimulating nipples do during sex? It makes things go wild. What better way is there for you both to achieve an orgasm together? They can touch yours, too! 

If you are into touching yourself while having sex, this position is definitely for you. This position is the perfect way you can twerk while riding. 

Unlike many sex positions with just one way of doing them, the Amazon sex position has three different types of positions you can do. This means it never gets boring. 

If you are tired of one way of doing it, simply do another or the other one. I do not see why you cannot do all three! The three styles of the Amazon sex position are:

1. The Standard Amazon

If you can remember, much earlier in this article, I had emphasized how the Amazon position gives you control and dominance. 

The standard Amazon is the full package because you get to determine the pace and speed. 

All you need do is have the person lay on the back, pull up their knees until they almost touch the chest, then you get in between their legs and slide in your torso and do your thing. This one is also referred to as the Classic Missionary Position. 

2. Reverse Amazon

If you are into anal sex, this one is for you. In the reverse Amazon, you straddle like you are getting into the cowgirl position, but it is reversed. 

So, your back and ass face your partner. You can rest on your partner in this position, making it way easier for you to bop up and down. It may sound difficult, but it definitely is not once you get the hang of it. 

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3. The Kneeling Amazon Position

If you are tired of all the standing and extreme poses, I must recommend the most comfortable of the lot. Instead of standing, you kneel on the bed while their back is on the bed and their knees are on their chest. Some people tend to agree you can get more feeling in the kneeling Amazon position. I just think you should do all three and find out what really works for you. 


The Amazon sex positions are amazing. There is no harm in trying something new. You might just get to love it. Win-win situation. You enjoy it; your sex life improves for the better.  

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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