How To Build and Develop Trust In Your Relationship

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Jul 27, 2020

Having experienced the effect of not having trust or breaking the trust your partner has for you, I believe I have eaten enough to feed you on this topic. This article is designed to help you build and develop trust in your relationship.

I once dated a person who had so much trust in me, but I happened to have broken his trust, although I apologized, it kept on affecting everything we did, I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s right for not being able to forgive and move on, that was wrong on his part. But If I had been honest with him, we wouldn’t be in that situation, now would we? I felt that for the fact I apologized, we’d go back to normal. However, I realized that not everyone could forgive and forget that easily. 

Many couples believe that as long as they love each other, everything will be okay, but that isn’t always the case. Love is and would never be enough to sustain a relationship.

Importance Of Trust In A Relationship

Just as important as communication is to your relationship, so is trust. The slightest linger of distrust in a relationship can leave a partner looking over his or her shoulder, because they believe they need to be on alert. Trust them enough to know that they would never do anything to hurt you or jeopardize your relationship.

  • Trusting your partner will make you both feel secure and safe within your relationship.
  • It will allow both parties to overcome any situation, fights, or differences in their relationship or personal life.
  • It will enable you to be able to control your emotions, especially when you’re angry.
  • When you trust your partner, it gives you a sense of reassurance. Reassurance in the sense that you know your partner loves you.

7 Ways To Build And Develop Trust In A Relationship

Trust is definitely something two persons in a relationship can build together if they’re willing to. Like I stated earlier, trust is an essential factor in keeping your relationship afloat. Mind you, building and developing trust in a relationship is a gradual process.

Moreover, trust cannot be built in a relationship; if just one person is willing to do it. It has to be a joint agreement, and both parties must be willing to put in all the effort.

Below are a few things or steps you can take in your relationship to build and develop the trust between you and your partner.

1. Always Be Honest

Honesty is vital in building and developing the trust between you and your partner. Telling lies never made anything better. There is a common saying, “Speak the truth, the truth will always set you free.” Not being honest with your partner will build a bridge of distrust between you both.

No matter how scared or wrong you are, always be honest about it with your partner. When your partner sees that he or she can trust your word over anything, he or she will never have a reason to doubt you.

2. Learn To Have Open Conversations

To build and develop trust in your relationship, you have to learn to have open and transparent conversations with your partner. You should be able to see your partner as your confidant.

Also, being comfortable when you both talk to each other and the ability to share your fears, secrets, and worries will help in building and developing the trust between you both. 

3. Do Not Always Try To Be Right

Whenever any party makes a mistake, it’s always good to admit that mistake instead of looking for a way to cover your mistakes with explanations. Furthermore, realizing your mistake and being honest about them will allow your partner to trust you enough to know that you will be able to make amends for your mistakes when you are wrong. Admitting and acknowledging your mistakes will help to build and develop trust in your relationship.

4. Learn To Forgive

No one is perfect, always have that in mind. People are bound to make mistakes. But what makes them different is when they are bold enough to realized and admit their mistakes. When any party in a relationship makes a mistake, and he or she is humble enough to accept his or her mistakes.

It is good to forgive and move past it. Holding a grudge or keeping your mistakes in mind will make your partner feel scared of opening up to you in the future.

How To Build and Develop Trust In Your Relationship

5. Learn Not To Judge Your Partner

Never judge or criticize your partner when he or she is wrong or has a different view from you. Learn to respect his or her opinions and differences without judging them. Diversity in ideas is healthy. It would be best if you learned to accept or at least first understand where the other person is coming from. Outrightly criticizing them or judging them will only limit the openness he or she will have towards you.

6. Do Not Break Promises

To build and develop trust in your relationship, you must learn to keep or stick to the promises you make to your partner. Be a man or woman of your word. Doing that will allow your partner to know he can always count on you and trust your word.

7. Learn To Give Your Partner The Benefit Of The Doubt

You can never be entirely sure about how a person is bound to react or behave in certain situations. When you’re in a relationship, both of you have to give each other the benefit of the doubt. Also, since you love each other, you have to be able to keep a positive mind about each other. 

Let me give an instance; if you had a partner staying in a different country from yours, it is your responsibility not to quickly judge and decide that he/she won’t be faithful, or would stop caring about you due to the distance. You have to give your partner the benefit of the doubt. When your respective partner sees that you believe that they would do right, this would be a stepping stone to building and developing that perfect bond between you.


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