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How to Better Your Pull-Out Game

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jul 29, 2023

How good is your pull-out game? I am guessing not as good as it should be. It can be pretty annoying for your partner when they have to take pills because you have left a few drops in there. This article is our way of helping you make sure that does not happen again. Here is how to better your pull-out game.

1. Change Your Views About Pulling Out

It all starts with changing how you feel about pulling out. 

Pulling out, you see, is not the enemy. It is for the better good of both you and your partner.

It can help prevent pregnancies, as well as reduce the risk of coming down with STIs like HIV. 

It has been seen that even in people who are taking meds and have achieved a very low viral load, there are copies of HIV in their semen. 

This is interesting, isn’t it? Pulling out is safe. Yes, it may keep you from those minutes of pleasure, but it is the safe thing to do. 

2. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts When You Are About to Pull Out

The mind can work against us when we are having sex. I know this because I have been there a couple of times. 

Think about what went through your mind the last time you were on the verge of cumming. I am guessing it was along the lines of: “Why do you have to cum outside? I mean, just cum inside her already; she is going to take pills.” 

Don’t believe these thoughts. Of course, she will take pills if she does not want children. But do you know that pills are never 100 percent effective? 

Pay attention to the thoughts, and do not be carried away by them if you want to improve your pull-out game.

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3. Let go of Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is the leading cause of premature ejaculation. And the ironic thing about premature ejaculation is that you barely have space to pull out. 

It all just comes pouring out before you are able to gather yourself. 

Let go of performance anxiety by coming to terms with the fact that it is just sex, and no one is going to judge you for how you perform. 

Though it may not seem like it, your partner is rooting for you. And no matter what it is you do to them in bed, they are going to love it because it is you doing it to them.

4. Only Cum in a Comfortable Position

You should cum in a position that is comfortable enough for you to get out of when it is time to pull out.

The cowgirl, for example, is very difficult to break out from. So I will advise you not to have sex in the cowgirl position when you feel yourself cumming. 

The doggy position is a very easy position to cum in. You just need to back away to improve your pull-out game. There is little need to do any pushing. 

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5. Unwrap Her Legs from Your Body

I get it. Sometimes, even the women themselves make pulling out a chore for us. But we cannot blame them, as they sometimes get carried away as well. 

If you have a partner who puts her legs around you when she gets carried away, it is best not to cum in the missionary position when you have sex with her. 

And if you must, be sure that you unwrap her legs from your body. Don’t let her hold you in. 

An unconventional trick I learned was to avoid eye contact with my woman when I was about to cum. This made things very easy for me.

6. Do not Get Carried Away

Not only women get carried away. Men get very carried away too. 

Elizabeth told us: “I know my boyfriend certainly gets carried away. There have been times when he came inside of me without even knowing what was going on. He will usually say something along the lines of: ‘Hey, I am sorry, I didn’t even know I was about to cum’.”

Funny, isn’t it? I know it is, but it does happen.

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7. Finish Off Outside

The best thing to do if you are having doubts about your pull-out game is to finish off outside. This is usually very inconvenient for many guys, but it is worth it. 

You only have to pay attention to what you are feeling around the time you are about to cum. Then, two to five minutes to the time when you will release, pull out, and finish off outside. 

This is some kind of masturbation.

Sometimes, it may take a while before you do cum outside. But it is easy if she helps you. I will be talking about this later.

8. Don’t Cum

Modern problems require modern solutions, they say. So, if you have such a huge problem with pulling out, you may have to whip out the most modern solution ever: not cumming. 

You may be asking: what is the purpose of sex if I don’t cum?

Well, what is the purpose of sex if you cum inside her and get the scolding of your life? Think about it. What is more worth trying? Not cumming, or being scolded.

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9. Cum During a Blow Job

If you have decided not to cum during vaginal sex, cum during a blow job. I know that blowjobs are very hard to cum by (see what I did there?), but they are worth the try. 

A woman who knows how to give perfect blow jobs will usually be able to make you cum in around 30 minutes after you begin having oral sex.

You can send your woman a link to our article: How to give perfect blow jobs and swoon at the improvements you see within such a short time.

10. Wear a Condom

Yeah, if, after all is done, you still have problems with pulling out, you may have to wear a condom. 

Your pull-out game keeps you safe.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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