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How to Be Happy Even When Something is Wrong

by | Ideas

Feb 25, 2023

There is almost always a reason to feel sad. Feeling down? This article shows you how to be happy even when something is wrong.

Nothing makes Gianluca happy anymore. He used to be a model student, but now his grades are plummeting. He avoids people and barely eats. He has no energy to do the things he once loved and enjoyed. He gets weaker by the day. Gianluca wonders: ‘Will I ever be happy again?’

Do you often feel like Gianluca? If so, what can you do to be happy? You could try these ten options:

1. Try not to focus on what is wrong

When you’re sad, all you may mostly see is the source of your sadness. And it’s normal. You’re human, and it is to be expected. But try not to do it. Try to focus on something else: something more worthwhile. 

I say “try” because it is almost impossible not to let sadness holds you in its grip when you’re sad. Do what you can to focus on something else.

2. Distract yourself with a hobby

Creating a distraction is something that really works. It might not, though, if you do not put your mind to it. My friend Stefan, for example, starts big projects when he is sad. He buries himself in this project, channeling all the negative energy into it. In the end, he comes out strong. Happy.

You can get a hobby, too, some kind of distraction, and fill your thinking and moping time with its activities. 

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3. Write about it

Put your thoughts on paper. Writing about how you feel can help you to organize the mental clutter from sadness. Expressing your feelings in written words and sorting them out can help make the sadness less overwhelming.

“On some mornings,” says Taran, “I find it easier that after writing my thoughts down, I could focus on other things during the day.” 

4. See a movie

Movies are, in a word, fun. Whilst it is advisable to see a movie when you are sad, do not see one that would only make you sadder than you already are. Look out for movie thrillers on the internet. Comedies are your best bet. You deserve a good laugh.

I recommend going to a cinema because there, you would enjoy the company of other people. If you can’t afford one, just call your friends over for Netflix and chill. 

5. Talk about it

There is a saying that goes, “A problem shared is half solved.” Speak about your problem with a trustworthy person who is willing to give you listening ears and confidence. 

You get a special kind of relief after talking to someone about how you feel. It works every time. It is comforting when someone gets to know what you go through. 

Just listening to you can make a lot of positive changes. They can also give you some forms of support to lessen the pain.

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6. Spread the love to others

We feel the love we give. We can’t change the whole world, but we can try by changing our little corners.

You can spread “love” by offering voluntary services; help others not get into situations that would make them face the same problems you’re facing. Treat people kindly and, by all means, give.

7. Keep a journal

Just like writing about your thought, as discussed in number 3, You may also find it helpful to keep a journal. It can help stabilize your emotions. 

Write down your feelings, healing goals, setbacks, and successes in the journal.

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8. Visit someone

Don’t stay indoors, where you have the freedom to mope all alone. Go out and visit someone. Is there a friend you haven’t seen in ages? Go for it. Visit your parents if you have any. Visit your loved ones.

Orphans and the elderly crave company. You can put yours to good use by going to their homes. That way, you would make more people smile.

9. Walk

Taking walks is therapeutic—especially long ones in the evenings. Just walk. You needn’t have a destination in mind. 

Feel the breeze ripple through your clothes and onto your skin. Look at the beautiful world around you. Listen to the sounds of the bustling traffic and that of birds. Just breathe as you walk. Don’t think. 

10. Cook yourself a meal

Cooking doesn’t always have to be a chore. Make yourself a nice meal out of your own kitchen—scout for the ingredients. Don’t eat junk. The food doesn’t have to taste amazing or be picture-perfect for Instagram.  

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By Whatsdalatest Editors

The Whatsdalatest Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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