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What Makes a Great Girlfriend?

by | Love

Dec 17, 2022

You have just stumbled on the article that will transform you into a great girlfriend. Your relationship is about to get better and sweeter. Want to be a great girlfriend? Here is how.

1. Be Authentic

This is a rule you cannot miss. If you want to be a great girlfriend to your man, you have to be authentic. There should be no pretense in a bid to impress. Be yourself and stick to your own belief systems. 

It takes a lot of self-worth and self-esteem to be authentic. This is why you must learn to have a sense of self-worth in a new kind of way every day. You must practice being patient with yourself whenever you make mistakes. 

Do stuff you are great at, and maybe get a new hobby if you have the time for it. 

2. Be Affectionate

You cannot be a great girlfriend if you withhold your love and affection. 

We asked ten guys what they thought about girls who were fine with expressing love and affection. All guys agreed that these girls would make great girlfriends. 

Become more affectionate. Hold your boyfriend more. Kiss him more. Just stare at him lovingly for no reason at all. 

Admiration is a great way to show affection. So, admire your man. Let both your words and your actions tell that you admire him, and he will love you in return. 

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3. Be Respectful

And not just to your boyfriend. To everyone. Respect is something every human being deserves, and when you give it to people, you prove that you are a great human being. 

When you respect your boyfriend, you show that you are a great girlfriend. 

Respecting your boyfriend involves putting high regard on his time and effort; it involves acknowledging his boundaries and sticking to them. 

4. Be Fun

Every great girlfriend is fun. Being fun, in clear terms, is being a person whose company is truly enjoyed and loved. 

People consider your company enjoyable when you can make them feel excited. This would mean that you ought to learn how to strike and continue conversations about a variety of topics. 

You should also learn to use humor appropriately. You may already know this, but humor is one of the most potent ways to increase how fun you are. 

I will mention how inside jokes are necessary for a relationship later. But as a great girlfriend to your man, you have to be able to spin humor with him. 

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5. Inside Jokes and Gossips

There is not one great, enjoyable relationship in the world that is bereft of some form of gossiping and inside joking. Not one.

You both will get closer, and weirdly so, when you start to gossip about the most random things and make jokes about these things in a manner, no one else will understand. 

Tell your man about the slightest things that have happened during your day, and listen to his experience. Find things to laugh about and bond over them. Create jokes to ease any underlying stress and resentment. 

In fact, it is a great practice to tease yourself. 

My fiancé is great at teasing me when I am angry. She comes into the room and says: “It is fine if you frown all day. I just know I am sorry, and know that when you are down frowning, you will come back here and love me like you always do.” 

In response to this, I laugh, and the rapport is re-established. 

6. Be Sensitive to Little Changes

If you want to be a great girlfriend, you have to be more sensitive than you are right now to the things that bother your man. 

This is to say you ought to pay attention to him and ask questions when you feel something out of the ordinary.

Let’s say he comes back home wearing a half smile and hanging his shoulders low. This could mean he is hiding some hurt under that smile.

A great girlfriend will walk over to him and try to find out what is wrong. 

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7. Apologize When You are Wrong

No matter how much you love and understand each other, there is going to be a period of misunderstanding in your relationship. This is not a bad thing. In fact, misunderstandings, when approached properly, can deepen bonds shared in relationships. 

When in the heat of understanding, apologize for everything you have done wrong. Apologizing eases things and makes you a great girlfriend to him. 

Let go of the pride that tries to keep you from saying sorry. This pride is harmful, both to you and to your relationship. 

8. Your Boyfriend Cannot Read Minds


Say this to yourself: “My boyfriend cannot read minds.” 

Say it again, and this time, with more passion. Exactly. 

Your boyfriend cannot read minds, and you should not let him spiral into the toxic space of trying to figure out things he would have a tough time figuring out. 

When something he has done bothers you, the best you can do is tell him just what bothers you rather than punish him with silent treatment. 

I once heard someone tell her boyfriend: “Well when you figure out what you have done, we will talk.”

That is amongst the top 10 most toxic things I have ever heard. Don’t be that person. Let your boyfriend know when he has hurt you. 

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9. Create Clear Boundaries with Other Guys

Want to be a great girlfriend? Then be his woman. Be open to just him, both physically and emotionally. Do not let anyone else have access to your secrets that much. 

Let your boundaries with other guys be at arm’s length. 

It helps to tell your boyfriend when other guys are pressuring you a bit too much. You can say: “This guy would not leave me alone.”

10. Be Intimate as often as possible!

Intimacy is vital to a healthy long-term relationship. To be a great girlfriend to your man, maintain intimacy. You can do this by always staying connected with him, touching one another more, going on a date, and being vulnerable. 


Being a good woman to your man involves being vulnerable to him and letting him see that he is loved even when things get hard between you both. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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